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Please see the Troubleshooting Page for additional support for juicer problems.

Background and Identification

This juicer is the first of its kind. It commonly goes by the name of JE2200 if searched on the internet. The device is user friendly and cost effective and has many features to it. The features include, a fruit/vegetable feeder, removable pulp container, juice container, safety locking latches, stainless steel cutter, clear cover, and pulp separator. The device is black and clear in color and under the juice spout there is the Black and Decker emblem. The body of the juicer is mainly black where as a number of the removable parts are clear.

One crucial part of this juicer is the fruit feeder site. The feeder site is located on top of the juicer. It is small, so fruit must be trimmed down to the appropriate dimensions. This ensures quality juice will be produced.

Many users give the juicer positive reviews, however some negative comments have been reported. Users say that the juicer wears down in a few months and is of poor quality.

Additional Information

The following are pages that will assist all users on the journey of fixing their Black & Decker JE2200B!

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