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Identify a variety of problems with the Canon Power Shot A2200 Troubleshooting Page.

Background and Identification

The Canon Power Shot A2200 was released in 2011. Since then, there have been no known recalls or failure modes.

This point and shoot camera comes in a variety of colors and can be identified by the item code 4942B001. The dimensions of this model are 93.2 mm x 57.2 mm x 23.6 mm.

This device looks similar to later models, the PowerShot A2300 and the PowerShot A2400. The best way to distinguish the PowerShot A2200 is by looking at the color surrounding the lens. On the A2200 there is a black ring surrounding lens with a thin silver lens surrounding the black ring. On the A2300 and A2400 models, there is only silver surrounding the lens, and there is no black ring. This is the easiest way to tell the A2200 apart from the newer models.

The camera has a front cover, a back cover with a button control pad , a digital display screen, a trigger button, and a lens . The camera takes 720p HD photos and videos.

Additional Information

Amazon Product Page

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