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Camera will not turn on ¶ 

Despite your best efforts, your camera will not turn on.

Camera's Power Button ¶ 

When you turn on your camera, check that the red light next to the power button illuminates. The rid light should be lit when the camera is on. If the red light is not illuminated, a faulty battery may be the cause of the problem.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If you camera will not turn on, check that the battery is charged. Try replacing the batteries. If the battery is unable to charge, order a replacement battery.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

Your camera may actually be on, but the screen may be not displaying correctly. If the batteries are not the problem, your screen might be at fault. Try replacing the screen: Canon PowerShot A2200 LCD Screen Replacement

Zoom lens will not extend/retract ¶ 

Camera has power but the zoom lens will not extend out of the body.

Camera was interrupted while zoom lens was extending ¶ 

If your zoom lens was interrupted while extending, possibly by a finger or a camera case, power off your camera and power it on again.

Lens is jammed due to sand or dirt ¶ 

The camera lens may not extend/retract due to dirt. Use compressed air to blow away any sand or dirt around the outside of the lens. To access the inside of the camera lens for cleaning, consult this guide: Canon PowerShot A2200 Lens Assembly Replacement

Lens is faulty ¶ 

Due to impact or mechanical issues, the lens may be broken. Try replacing the lens. Canon PowerShot A2200 Lens Assembly Replacement

Camera does not take pictures ¶ 

The camera is on, but it will not take pictures and store them to the memory card.

Locked Memory Card ¶ 

Memory cards have a physical lock switch. Remove the memory card and double check that the switch is in the unlocked position.

Full Memory Card ¶ 

Your memory card may be full and has no more room to store pictures. Make sure that your memory card has memory left over for new pictures.

Video Mode ¶ 

Your camera may be on video mode and therefore unable to take pictures. Change your shooting setting to a picture mode and see if the camera will take pictures.

Malfunctioning Trigger Button ¶ 

If it is obvious that the camera is not taking pictures because of one of the previous issues, your trigger button may be damaged. Follow this guide to check for dust or dirt under the trigger button, or to replace it: Canon PowerShot A2200 Button Assembly Replacement

Flash does not work ¶ 

When you take a picture the flash will not discharge

Flash isn't turned on ¶ 

The most common reason for the flash not discharging is that the flash is not turned on. The flash settings are located in the menu. For more detailed instructions for turning on the flash, consult the instruction manual.

LCD screen is not working ¶ 

The camera has power but the LCD screen is black or improperly displaying images.

Broken Screen ¶ 

Your screen may be damaged due to impact or mechanical issues. Follow this guide to replace the LCD screen: Canon PowerShot A2200 Lens Assembly Replacement

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Dear Sir My Camera New Battery Volts All so Measured 3.7 V Is Sowing.But Camera Not Getting On. LED All So Not ON Please Help Me What is the problem.

Radhakrishnan - 답글

When someone says “the flash is not working,” they usually mean “it doesn’t work”! If they didn’t know how to turn it on, they would say so. So it is not helpful to suggest turning on the flash in response to that problem; in fact, it is worse than not helpful, it is downright stupid.

slkramer - 답글

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