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Link to device troubleshooting page:

Philips DS3000 Troubleshooting

How to identify the device:

-2 colors

-Grey front facia, white backing

-Black front facia, black backing

-Front facing Philips logo with - and + volume buttons

-Power button located on top with red power symbol on it

-30 Pin Apple dock connector in front

-Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 210 x 150 x 135 mm

-Weight: 0.96 kg

-Comes with white USB cord

-On backside there are inputs for Auxiliary in, PC sync, and a 9V AC Power Supply

Background Information:

Device Name: Philips DS3000 Audio Dock

Model Number: DS3000/37

Release Date: July 6, 2010

Distinguishing Features: Is either black or white, has a hole in the center, has a 30 pin Apple dock connector

Number of Devices Sold: N/A

Major Facts: 8W RMS output power, iPhone compatibility, has an auxiliary input, battery or AC powered, 8 hour battery life, various equalizer settings

Important News: Philips Corporation is a private company that does not currently trade on the stock market

Device Recalls: No device recalls can be found at this time

Additional Information:

Other like models: DS1110/37, SBD7500/37, DS7550/37, DS7650/37, DS3600/37, DS6100/37, DS7700/37

조회 통계:

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지난 7일: 8

지난 30일: 31

전체 시간: 2,847