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Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder

Background and Identification

The Zoom Q8 3.0 MP Camcorder was released in January of 2015. This model differs from previous models, the Q4 and Q4n, in various ways. This model of the Zoom Camcorder has a thicker microphone foundation, more detailed audio block, rounder screen area, and a thicker body. Specifically, this model differs from the Q4 by having interchangeable microphones, tripod with adapter, and 3M HD video format. It differs from the Q4n model by having interchangeable microphones and x/y stereo microphones.

The Zoom Q8 Camcorder’s major components include detachable stereo microphones, video recorder, zoom, full color LCD touchscreen, self timer, rechargeable battery, and a tripod with a three-prong converter. Unfortunately, there are some known failures of this device. They include distortion caused by the fish eye lens, grainy video on close up zooms, a zoom that doesn’t work to full capacity, and a battery that crashes after roughly 2.5 hours.

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