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The TI-84 Plus was released in 2004 as a predecessor to the TI-83 Plus. It included more RAM, ROM, and a higher clocked CPU than the TI-83 Plus. The TI-84 Plus was also the first TI-8x type calculator to be equipped with a mini USB connector along with the standard 2.5mm I/O port. An interesting note about the naming: Texas Instruments started the TI-84 family with the TI-84 Plus; there is no TI-84 non-Plus version. The TI-84 Plus was succeeded by the TI-84 Plus Color Silver Edition in 2014.


  • CPU: z80, 15 MHz (can underclock to 6MHz)
  • RAM: 24KB user-accessible
  • Flash (ROM): 480KB user-accessible for Apps out of 1MB
  • LCD: 96x64 pixels, 16x8 homescreen text
  • Ports: 2.5mm I/O, USB-on-the-Go (mini-USB)
  • Power: 4 AAA batteries


  • Operating System (OS): 2.xx MP (latest 2.55)
  • Programming: TI-BASIC, z80 ASM


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지난 24시간: 1

지난 7일: 11

지난 30일: 61

전체 시간: 2,130