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For more information about troubleshooting or issues with the device, check out the troubleshooting page for the iHome at Troubleshooting the iHome iH5

Background and Identification

The iHome iH5 was released July 1, 2005. It is an innovative product combining a clock/radio with the capability of docking an iPod for playback and charging. It was originally available in two color options, a glossy white and glossy black. It comes with a small credit card sized remote and multiple interchangeable docking cradles to support the use of different iPod models. There are two free spinning dials on the top of the iH5 to set the volume and the radio frequency. The model number can be located on the bottom of the iHome iH5.

The iHome iH5 was replaced by the iHome iH9 model which offers more features and capabilities as well as an updated design.

Additional Information

iHome iH5 user manual

eHow: How to Get an iPod Touch to Play in an iHome iH5

iHome iH5 dock repair guide

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