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Not the most difficult repair but beginners beware

Sam -

iPhone 5

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How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Issue I had was erratic battery life. The battery would be at 100 percent then 10 minutes later with minimal use it would be at 80 percent and continue to drop dramatically over the next couple hours. Another symptom was that it would be at 30 or 40 or even 50 percent then the phone would die and would not turn on until you plug it in, when it was plugged in, it would immediately jump up to 40 or 50 percent again. The age of my phone is about year and a half and a couple of other people I know who have had the phone that long have also reported spotty battery life as well, while some others have not, so if you're having erratic battery life like what I described above a battery replacement may be for you.

나의 수리

Repair went well, managed to replace the battery with no issues to the casing or any of the other components inside. The phone feels solid like it always did and after testing for several days, happy to report the battery is like when I first bought the phone.

내 조언

That hardest parts for me were removing the screen and removing the old battery. The videos don't give it justice on how hard it can be to remove the screen and battery and most videos glaze over it.

First the screen, It will require a surprising amount of force to get that lip up where you can push in a tool so you can pry up the rest of the screen. When you pull up you'll see a small gap appear right near the headphone jack where you can place your tool into. Once you see the gap and place the tool in, release all pressure on the suction cup. Do not just yank or apply sudden pressure on the suction cup, use steady even pressure, ramping up the pressure steadily as needed, you want to pull up just enough to push the tool in, not to pull the entire screen off, it might help to have a friend help here.

Secondly, if your battery is like mine, it was heavily glued in, the pull tab was useless. I had to literally pry the battery out. When prying make sure you don't pry against the casing or any component or board in the phone. I started near the top and worked my way down the left side, being careful not to touch or pry against a component or the casing. I wound up using a long screw driver placed across the device for leverage to help pry the battery out which worked well for me. If you hear crackling stop and check but it may just be the battery coming off the casing. My battery was not perfect after I removed it, the top and left ends were bent a bit and there was no way I would ever use it again, so contrary to the instructions my battery was slightly deformed when I got it out. Applying some directed heat may have helped, but enough heat to melt the glue and not affect the components may be tricky.

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iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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