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AmazonBasics BTV1 Troubleshooting

The AmazonBasics BTV1 is a portable Bluetooth speaker released by Amazon in 2013.

Speaker Will Not Pair With Device ¶ 

No matter what I try I can't pair my device with the speaker.

Speaker Is Not Turned On ¶ 

The speaker turns off automatically if it is not paired in 5 minutes. Turn the speaker off, then back on to re-enter pairing mode. A tone sounds and the LED blinks quickly. If your speaker does not enter pairing mode, press and hold the function (center button on the top of the device) for 1 to 3 seconds to put your speaker in pairing mode.

Device Is Out of Range ¶ 

Your AmazonBasics BTV1 has a range of 30 feet (9.1m), make sure you are within this range.

Device Does Not Support Bluetooth 4.0 ¶ 

Make sure your device is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.

Speaker Will Not Turn On ¶ 

When I try to turn my speaker on, nothing happens.

Device Needs to be Charged ¶ 

To charge the speaker, connect the USB charging cable to the charging port and an available USB port.

Charging Cable Defective ¶ 

Your charge cable may be defective, try using a different charge cord.

Battery Is Defective ¶ 

If none of the above solve your issue, your battery might be defective. Refer to the AmazonBasics BTV1 Battery Replacement guide.

Poor Sound Quality ¶ 

When playing my music, crackling noises come through the speakers.

Aux Cord Not Fully Connected ¶ 

If you are using an aux cable to connect your device, make sure the cable is fully plugged into the speakers and there is no debris in the aux port.

Device Is Out of Range ¶ 

If you are connecting with bluetooth, make sure you are within the device's range, 30 feet (9.1m).

Speakers Damaged ¶ 

If you've tried all of the above, your speakers might be damaged. Check out our AmazonBasics BTV1 Speaker Replacement guide.

Buttons Do Not Work ¶ 

I can't change the volume on my speaker.

Device Is Out of Range ¶ 

If you are connecting with bluetooth, make sure you are within the device's range, 30 feet (9.1m).

Restricted Functions ¶ 

If the device is connected to the AUX-in jack, you're going to have to use your device to control the volume.

Sticky Buttons ¶ 

Use slightly dampened toothbrush or cotton swab to gently clean buttons. Make sure that the toothbrush or swab is not dripping with water. Wipe down area with a dry cloth after you have cleaned it.

Microphone Does Not Work ¶ 

When I speak into the microphone it doesn't pick up my voice.

Microphone Facing Wrong Direction ¶ 

Make sure your speaker is powered on, then turn the speaker so that the LED light on the top is on the side closest to you.

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My speaker, which worked fine for 4 months, will no longer pair with my phone. I tried the troubleshooting to no avail.

Jill Jordan - 답글

me too it worked until i had to remove the device for another device now i can not get it to pair up

episcoluth -

My speaker, which paired fine and worked perfectly for 4 months, no longer works. Tried the off/on 3 second thing to no avail.

Jill Jordan - 답글

My speaker has worked fine for one year but now when i turn it on, the sound no longer will come out of my speaker

Irene Bowser - 답글

Same thing, my speaker won't pair anymore. The button is blue but it won't show up as an available peer for pairing…. Have anyone has succeed in pairing?

Jaime Blanco - 답글

My speaker stopped working last week. I have tried everything. I even bought a new dongle, even that did not work. Will not be buying this speaker again.

beadmaine - 답글

I'm not sure what caused the problem. But, I can't turn on the speaker. I press the power button and the blue light appears for five seconds amd them just goes off and then nothing. I suspect there might be a problem with the battery.

I tried turning on the speaker while it was plugged in but then, the blue light didn't even come on.

Rahul Bansal - 답글

Same here man..

Have you found out what is the problem..

Did that problem solve???

Priyesh Hanumanth -

I was having the same problem some of you were, so I had my phone forget the device and reconnected and it seems fine now!

Nick Lowe - 답글

Thanks…tried your fix and it worked!



get some screwdrivers. Open it and remove it battery connecter from the board! wait 10 seconds and reconnect, fixed!

Have fun

Tempoman Namopmet - 답글

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