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Screen Won’t Rotate In Tablet Mode after installing Windows 7 Home Premium. ¶ 

After installing Windows 7 Home Premium, the "screen flip" button doesn't work.

Drivers are too old for Windows 7 Home Premium. ¶ 

Contact Asus support for the correct drivers that will enable the button once again. In the mean time you can press Ctrl +Alt and press the arrow buttons until the screen is in the correct orientation. If that doesn't work you can right click on your desktop, select screen resolution and change the orientation from landscape to portrait.

Unresponsive Touch Pad. ¶ 

Pointer doesn't move when you use the touch pad, unable to click on anything.

Accidentally turned off the touch pad. ¶ 

The most common cause of this issue is that the touch pad has been turned off automatically. To correct this, press the function (Fn) and F3 buttons and try to use the touch pad again.

Drivers are outdated. ¶ 

It could be possible that the touch pad drivers are outdated. Go here to download the latest drivers for your touch pad.

Faulty touch pad. ¶ 

If the above trouble shooting steps don't work your touch pad may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Please contact Asus Support for service.

Everything On The Screen Looks “Too Big”. ¶ 

Things look "stretched" on the screen.

The resolution settings are incorrect. ¶ 

It's possible that your screen resolution isn't set to it's native resolution. To correct this, right click on the desktop, select screen resolution, set it to 1024x600 which is the resolution recommended by the manufacturer .

Drivers are outdated. ¶ 

If changing the screen resolution doesn't work. Go here to download the latest video drivers for your display.

Device Won’t Turn On. ¶ 

No matter how many times or how long you press the power button, it won't turn on.

Battery is dead. ¶ 

It is possible that your battery is not charged. Connect the power adapter and let it charge for the manufacturer's recommended amount of time. If the device powers on after charging you're good to go!

Faulty power adapter. ¶ 

If the charging indicator doesn't come on after connecting the power adapter it may be faulty. Please contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Battery needs to be replaced. ¶ 

If your tablet doesn't power on after charging connect the power adapter. If it powers on after connecting the adapter, you could have a faulty battery. Please refer to this guide for instructions on replacement.

Can't connect to an external display. ¶ 

Screen isn't showing on a connected monitor or projector

Function is not enabled. ¶ 

The most common reason for this is because the function hasn't been enabled on the computer. Press the function (Fn) and F8 buttons to enable the function.

Faulty Cable ¶ 

If enabling the function doesn't fix the issue, it could be possible that the cable connecting the device and the projector is faulty. Replace the cable and see if that fixes the issue.

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