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When the power button is pushed, the camera does not respond.

Remove the battery pack and make sure the terminals go in first. Once inserted properly, the battery lock will click into place.

Place the battery pack in the charger. Once it is charged, put the batter pack back into the camera and press the power button.

When taking a picture the flash does not go off.

Access the flash settings via the menu button on the camera. Check to see if the flash is on.

The flash will need to be replaced. In order to change the flash, follow this guide.

Despite charging your battery endlessly, it only works for a short amount of time or not at all.

Battery performance decreases at low temperatures. Try warming the battery by putting it in your pocket. The battery can be more effectively heated with a terminal cover on.

If this attempt fails and the battery is still depleted soon after charging, it has reached the end of its life. Purchase a new battery.

When trying to take a picture “Lens Error” is displayed on the screen and the screen is black.

Take a lens cleaning cloth and gently wipe the lens to remove the object causing the problem.

If there is a gap between the lens and where to lens retracts into the camera, correct the lens by carefully rotating the lens by applying light pressure in that area until you hear a click.

If the lens error persists, this may indicate that the camera lens is broken. A replacement lens must be purchased to replace the broken lens.

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Lens Error

Will shut down automatically

Restart camera

This is what is displayed when we push the power button.

Deborah Sherrill - 답글

The camera turns on but, the whole screen is just black !

There's no image

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