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Food being prepared is cooking unevenly due to temperature differences of the heating surfaces.

You must ensure that the cooking plates are making contact with the heating coils. If they are not there could be two reasons: (1) It may be that the cooking surfaces are not properly secured and they may have moved during use. This will be an easy fix. Just remove the surfaces and reattach them correctly; make sure that the heating plates are secured by a metal clip on either side of the device. (2) If the problem persists, check that the heating plates are not visibly warped; if so, they must be replaced. Refer to repair guide on the device page to ensure proper replacement.

If plates are making contact with coils and the plates are not visibly warped, heating coils will need to be replaced. Refer to repair guide on the device page.

Certain pieces have broken and are no longer attached to the correct spots on the griddler.

Check that the pieces are re-attachable. If it was one or both of the cooking surfaces that fell off see if it was just a case of them not being secured properly. If not, refer to repair guide on the device page.

The griddler turns off unexpectedly while in use.

Check that the power cord is plugged into a working outlet. Also, make sure that the device has a polarized plug, meaning it will only fit in the outlet one way. You should try to flip the plug and see if flipping it works while ensuring that you are using a working outlet. If this does not fix the problem it must be a problem listed below.

If the device shut off during use the griddler may have overheated. Allow the griddler to cool down and try turning on unit again. The unit should then be able to be used normally.

Check for damage to power cord; if damage is apparent the power cord will need replacing. If it is the wall plug that is broken, refer to this guide! Otherwise, refer to iFixit guide to fix a power cord damaged in another area.

The cooking surface has been damaged and is chipping or peeling.

Cooking surfaces are peeling off and cannot be used. Luckily, because these plates are removable, you can easily replace them here!

The indication light does not turn on even when the griddler is being used.

Check power cord is plugged in to a working outlet and griddler is actually on. Also, try flipping the plug because it is a polarized plug and will only work when plugged in the correct manner. If not it must be issue listed below.

The light bulb has burnt out and needs replacing. Refer to repair guide on the device page.

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all lights on but does not heat up

hpattyshado - 답글

Same as hpattyshado above.... all switches and indicator lights operate normally but there's no heat, top or bottom. I've tried to troubleshoot but Cuisinart doesn't make it easy. It's almost as if there's a problem with a fuse or overload cut off switch but I can't find one. I paid full exorbitant price for this appliance instead of the far less expensive competing brands... sometimes you don't get what you pay for!

Richard Earl - 답글

Mine starts out fine - then I turn back a few minutes later and it is off. I can get the lights/unit to start heatings gain if I turn the knobs just right - any idea if it would be the knob springs or something else?

Stacy - 답글

My grill light comes on but never the panini light.

What's up with that

Knob turned to pannini

Donna Spronk - 답글

I seem to have an issue with my griddle, it keeps tripping the rcd, I wondered if this is maybe a faulty circuit board. Does anyone know how long the warranty is for, I have only used this thing 4-5 times at the most

John - 답글

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