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DeWalt DW660 Troubleshooting

My tool will not turn on ¶ 

Flipping the switch on the tool does not turn it on.

Power cord is broken ¶ 

Working in an environment with power tools could result in the accidental cutting of the power cord. Luckily the power cord and Cord Protector are an easy fix. To learn how to replace the power cord go to our power cord replacement guide here.

Not plugged in ¶ 

Make sure the power cord is properly plugged into a working outlet.

Faulty on/off switch ¶ 

The switch may need to be cleaned out thoroughly. If that does not work out, then the part may need to be replaced. For more guidance in replacing the switch, follow the replacement guide here.

Excessive heat ¶ 

The tool can get pretty hot.

Clogged motor ¶ 

The motor may have a lot of dust/ debris inside. It would create excess friction and reduced airflow. To clean the motor, follow the motor replacement guide.

Strange noises ¶ 

You may encounter strange noises while using the tool.

Bearings ¶ 

Bearings can end up being worn out or dirty, causing a lot of noise. First, try to clean the bearings. Refer to the bearing replacement guide.

Bit issues ¶ 

There could be a bit of an issue while using the tool.

Loose bits ¶ 

Not properly securing the bit results in unwanted cutting results. First, place the drill bit into the open bit slot at the top of the drill. Then press the lock 1 button and hold it down while holding on to the lock 2 button. Turn lock 2 clockwise to tighten it. Make sure that the bit is completely vertical and should not be able to move at all.

Wrong Collet ¶ 

If the bit does not fit into the bit slot properly, it may be too big or too small. Swap out the collet with the alternate collet that came with the drill. Find out how to swap out the collet here.

Sparking ¶ 

Sparks may be flying from the tool or the cord.

Short Circuit ¶ 

It can be difficult to locate where a short circuit has happened in the device. The easiest one to locate would be if the short circuit has occurred in the cord. If you plug the device into the wall and there is a spark before the tool's switch is turned on then it is an issue with the cord and you must replace it. The guide can be found here.

Worn out Brushes ¶ 

The brushes are the two carbon rectangles that make contact with the bottom of the motor. They provide a current to the motor. Over time, the brushes inevitably wear down to nothing and must be replaced. If the brushes are fully worn down it would cause wires to grind against the motor and sparking would happen. To find out how to access the brushes and replace them, refer to our replacement guide here.

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