Dell Optiplex 745 Ultra Small Form Factor Troubleshooting

The OptiPlex 745 offers energy-efficient performance, stability and choice in a mainstream business desktop. Troubleshooting this device in generally straight forward.

Overheating ¶ 

While you are working, your computer randomly shuts off without warning.

Dust in Vents or Fans ¶ 

Computers can overheat due to excessive dust build up. To address this problem, use compressed air to carefully blow the dust off the vent and fans.

Insufficient thermal paste ¶ 

Inadequate contact between the processor and heat sink can cause overheating. To remedy this issue simply remove the CPU heat sink, completely clean off any old thermal paste,apply a bead of thermal paste directly in the center of the processor, and re-install the CPU heat sink.

Audio Distortion ¶ 

The sounds on your computer are not clear.

Faulty Headphone Jack ¶ 

Try playing your audio through headphones, and then through speakers. If the audio is only distorted while listening via headphones, then the headphones could be defective. Verify the headphone jack is fully inserted into the computer.

Bad Drivers ¶ 

If the audio is distorted on multiple devices the the audio driver could be corrupt or outdated. Navigate to the Dell "support and drivers" page, search for Dell Optiplex 745, select audio drivers. Once the download is complete go to Control Panel -> Device Manager-> Sound Controllers. Click on the sound card and click "Update driver". Select your updated driver and then restart the computer.

Failure to read CD's and DVD's ¶ 

Your Optiplex 745 is unable to read DVD's and CD's.

Optical drive not responding ¶ 

If your optical drive is not opening or is unable to read DVD's or CD's, it may be broken and needs to be replaced.

Video Distortion ¶ 

The monitor powers on but the image is not clear.

Faulty Connection ¶ 

Verify that the connection between monitor and computer are secure tighten any thumbscrews that may be loose. Inspect the connecting wire for any visual abnormalities, if necessary replace the wire.

Faulty Integrated Graphics Port ¶ 

If the connection is reliable, and the display is still unclear this could indicate a defective integrated graphics port. This component can not be repaired, the motherboard must be replaced.

Computer wont boot ¶ 

The computer does not load the operating system.

Bad RAM ¶ 

If your computer crashes during normal operation, or during memory testing this could mean you have bad RAM. Replace current RAM sticks.

Hard Drive Errors ¶ 

To determine if your Optiplex had a HDD error locate your Windows DVD. Boot the computer from the DVD and choose "Repair your computer" then click next. On this screen, select start up repair. If your computer still doesn't boot correctly you may need to replace your hard drive.

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