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My computer won't turn on! ¶ 

When you press the power button and expect it to hear the fans whirl up, but nothing happens.

Connections are not secure ¶ 

Sometimes somebody (obviously not you) bumps the computer and knocks a cable out just enough for it to look like it's plugged in, but in reality is not. Take some time and gently push the power cord into the power supply and check to see if the power switch was flipped off.

Bad memory modules ¶ 

You may have a faulty memory module, try removing one module at a time, booting with one in at a time. If the computer boots with one module you have to replace the other module.

Faulty power supply ¶ 

Sometimes power supplies go bad. You may have too little voltage running to your computer and you must replace it. Luckily for you we have a guide on how to replace it.

Please do not try to disassemble the power supply unit in an attempt to fix it, doing so may seriously harm or even kill you.

Sound Issues ¶ 

Some things to check before throwing out your speakers

No sound at all ¶ 

Unmute ¶ 

Check to see if your volume is muted through the task bar.

Secure your connections ¶ 

  • Are you speakers plugged in and turned on?
  • Is the audio jack plugged into the back of the computer?
  • Remember to make sure all connections are secure.

Update your drivers ¶ 

Head to the Dell website and locate the "refine your results" group, click the categories dropdown box and select audio. Scroll down until you find your results and download the installer.

Keyboard troubles ¶ 

My keys sometimes stick, or my keyboard isn't recognized.

My keys stick and I have to manually pull them back up ¶ 

More often than not, you have something sticky under the keys. The best thing you should do is pull the key off and clean underneath the key. Don't worry, they snap back into place when you're done.

Nothing happens when I strike a key ¶ 

  • If you are using a wireless keyboard check to see if the batteries are dead.
  • If you are using a wired keyboard check to see if the connection is secure.

I can see my optical/floppy drive, but my computer doesn't ¶ 

I can't get my computer to recognize my optical drive or floppy drive.

Check your BIOS settings ¶ 

You may need to go into your bios (by holding F2 at system boot) and enable your onboard SATA devices.

Faulty optical/floppy drive ¶ 

You may have a faulty optical or floppy drive and you might need to replace it.

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