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The vacuum is working normally then suddenly shuts off!

It sounds simple but a dead battery is the most common cause of the vacuum powering down while in use. Charge the vacuum battery for a minimum of 2 hours. After the battery is fully charged, power on the device.

When a part becomes blocked or clogged the vacuum will automatically shut off to prevent any further damage. To clear blockages, first turn the power off and unplug the vacuum. Next, remove the tool head from the wand. Then, remove the wand from the vacuum base. Visually inspect the inlet of the vacuum base, the inside of the wand, and the neck/base of the tool head. Remove any visible blockages. Once blockages are removed, power on vacuum and continue with normal use.

If the filter becomes blocked the vacuum will not function properly. To remove the filter twist the purple dial labeled "filter" located at the top of the vacuum. Next, simply pull the filter out of the vacuum and rinse it under running water for a minimum of 2 minutes. Rinse and gently shake the filter to remove any built up debris. After rinsing, gently wring out the filter to remove excess water. Next, place the filter in a warm dry environment to allow it to dry for 24 hours. After a minimum of 24 hours, place the filter back into the vacuum and continue with normal use.

My vacuum won’t turn on no matter what I try!

When your Dyson no longer powers on even after charging the most likely cause is a damaged battery. This means the battery will no longer hold a charge and will need to be replaced. Once a new battery is purchased you can learn how to replace it by visiting our battery replacement page here.

My vacuum was working fine, but now it's losing suction!

One of the most common causes of reduced suction power is a clogged brush. Locate the two dials on the brush head attachment of the vacuum. Turn each one a quarter-turn, counter-clockwise until it clicks. Turn the cleaner head over so you can see the sole-plate. Finally, remove the sole-plate and clear any hair or debris from around the brush bar. Replace the sole-plate and turn the dials on the brush head clockwise. Power the device on and continue with normal use.

There is an unusual smell when I use my vacuum!

An unusual smell is a common problem associated with the Dyson DC58. It turns out that after some time the filter begins to clog and all the built up debris begins to omit a burnt smelling odor. See "Clogged filter" above to learn how to clean the filter. If the filter is too dirty to clean it will need to be replaced. Learn how to replace the filter here.

My vacuum makes strange sounds while I’m using it!

If the vacuum is producing whistling noises, it may be the result of air leaking out of the vents. Make sure to check for broken seals and incorrectly fitted parts. Broken seals may require replacement.

If your vacuum makes a popping noise along with pungent burning smell a failing motor may be the cause. This will involve replacing the main body of the vacuum which contains the motor. Learn how to replace the main body here

A clogged filter can create a muffled sucking sound or a high pitch squeal during vacuum use. To fix this problem see "Clogged Filter" above.

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The lights come on and the motor doesn't turn. I thought it was just a contact issue. The max button lights along with the small power light. But still nothing.

Christopher patrick - 답글

Mine does EXACTLY the same thing. Was running perfectly, then just stopped! I will check for blockages and dirty filter. It seems Dyson doe not have an answer that I can find for this problem.

deepdudu -

mine does same thing blue light come on when I pull the trigger but moter doesn't come on and when I try to charge not light comes on indicate that the vac is charging

William Johnson -

Hey! did you ever find out a solution to this problem you listed? Same friggin’ thing with my handheld and it’s so frusterating! :(

Chloe Mills -

My Dyson doesn't charge until I put it back in the charger after trying to use it. It indicates its charged but will run for about 5 seconds. Back in the charger it will charge.

This is annoying. Very annoying. Ive checked all the connections.

we have had nothing but problems with this machine. It works great-when it works however.

Ellen ramsey - 답글

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