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FoodSaver V4980 Troubleshooting

Bag Will Not Seal ¶ 

Air leaks into the bag after sealing attempt.

Bag Inserted Incorrectly ¶ 

Make sure the ridges in the textured bag is running perpendicular to the heat strip. The smooth side of the bag must be facing up. Put the setting on moist instead of dry and attempt to seal the bag again. If this does not fix the problem you may have to replace the seal profile.

Seal Profile Too Wet ¶ 

Pull out the seal profile, dry it off and reinsert into the machine.

Too Much Liquid In Food ¶ 

Food gets soggy after sealing process.

Freeze your food first before using the appliance. Attempt to seal your food on the moist setting.

If this does not wok, put the food inside another sealed bag and then inside the given FoodSaver bag.

Reminder: Too much liquid inside the pump WILL cause problems. Remember to drain the pump before using if your product isn't working properly.

Device Does Not Vacuum Air Out Of Bag ¶ 

Bag is slightly bloated and has not been properly sealed.

Gaskets Not Sealing ¶ 

Take the seal profile out and wash it. Remember to make sure the bag is in the correct position in the device to seal it properly.

Bag Not Positioned Properly ¶ 

Rotate the bag 90 degrees and insert it again. Make sure the vertical lines on the bag are perpendicular to the machine's heating strip (or seal profile).

Seal Profile Worn Out ¶ 

Replace the seal profile.

Accessory Hose Malfunctioning ¶ 

Check to make sure the accessory hose, if in use, is effectively vacuuming air out. If not, open the bottom panel and see if all the vacuum tubes are connected to the pumps.

Vacuum Pump and Diaphragms Not Working ¶ 

If the machine makes noise, but no air is being vacuumed out of the bag, the vacuum pump and its diaphragms may need replacing.

Red Seal LED Flashing ¶ 

LED on the front of the device is flashing

Bag Not Inserted Properly or Unit is Overheated ¶ 

Remove and reinsert your bag slowly. This may also occur when your machine has overheated. Wait ten minutes and try again.

Reminder: Always wait at least twenty seconds between seals.

Device Does Nothing When Bag Is Inserted ¶ 

The device has a bag inserted and will not seal or vacuum it.

Faulty Power Source ¶ 

Ensure that the machine is plugged into a functioning outlet and is turned on.

Dip Tray Full ¶ 

Clean drip tray, dry it, and reinsert into machine.

Device Overheats ¶ 

Temperature increase can be perceived by laying a hand on the side of the appliance.

Wait ten to fifteen minutes before attempting to use appliance again. Make sure that the appliance is in a well ventilated place and that there are no other electric devices relatively close-by.

Device is Overused ¶ 

Follow the same procedure above.

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I've noticed that the bag sensor flaps seem to hang up and cause the machine to malfunction. There's no real was to access these flaps to clean them.

Edward Barcik - 답글

Edward, I had the same trouble with the sensor flaps. I’d enter a bag to seal it, hold it straight across… cut off a little of the bag… all the tricks to make it work but it just wouldn’t activate the vacuum sealer. Here’s what I did to fix it.

If you turn the sealer over and open the drawer you’ll see there are two floppy plastic pieces. You’ll also see the seal gasket that the drawer gasket seals press and seal against. If the flappers and seal rings are dirty and gummed up the sealer won’t work.

To clean them used a tooth brush (soft bristle) and brushed the goo off the flaps, top bottom and around the seal rings. I used awesome cleaner to spray the parts/pieces in there to clean the gummed up goo. I found that it got pretty wet from the cleaning but it does dry out with a paper towel or thin cotton rag. I think a Q tip might be helpful cleaning and drying in there too.

gandimoore - 답글

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