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Fujifilm FinePix XP50 Troubleshooting

Camera Does Not Turn On ¶ 

The camera does not turn on when you hold down the power switch. If the following solutions do not turn the camera on then the battery may need to be replaced following FujiFilm FinePix XP50 Battery Replacement.

Battery is Dead ¶ 

If the camera does not turn on, a likely culprit is the battery. Make sure that the battery has been charged fully. This can be tested by inserting the battery into the charger and plugging the complex into an outlet. The indicator light on the charger will be green if the battery is fully charged. If the camera is being operated for the first time, the new battery may not yet be charged.

Battery is Inserted Incorrectly ¶ 

If the camera does not turn on even with a charged battery, the battery may have been inserted incorrectly. Make certain that when placing the battery into the slot that the battery inserts with ease, no force should be necessary. Make sure that the orange stripe on the battery is aligned with the orange of the open battery door. More detailed instructions on battery insertion can be found in the guide FujiFilm FinePix XP50 Battery Replacement.

Flash Will Not Fire ¶ 

When taking a photo or video the camera flash does not fire. If none of the following troubleshooting solutions work, the flash may need to be replaced.

Flash is Deactivated ¶ 

Different flash modes are available on this camera. The flash will not fire if the SUPPRESSED FLASH mode is selected. To change flash modes, press the selector right to highlight the desired flash mode. Then press the MENU/OK button.

Battery is Dead ¶ 

Flash will not fire if the battery is low. Charge battery by removing it from the camera. The steps for removal can be found by following FujiFilm FinePix XP50 Battery Replacement. After removing the battery, insert into the supplied battery charger. Plug charger into a power outlet. The charger indicator light will be yellow if the battery is successfully charging, and green when charging is complete. If the battery does not charge it may need to be replaced following the previously mentioned guide.

Flash is Not Available in Current Shooting Mode ¶ 

Some shooting modes do not require flash. To change the shooting mode press the MENU/OK button. Highlight SHOOTING MODE and press the right selector to view shooting mode options. Highlight the desired mode and again press the MENU/OK button. Then press DISP/BACK to exit to shooting mode.

Camera is in Continuous Mode ¶ 

The camera may be set to continuous mode, designed to capture motion through several pictures. This mode automatically disables flash. To disable the continuous mode, press MENU/OK button and scroll down the menu and highlight CONTINUOUS, then press right selector. Highlight OFF and press MENU/OK. To return to shooting, press DISP/BACK button.

Camera is in Silent Mode ¶ 

If silent mode is activated, the flash will not fire. Attempting to change the flash mode by using right selector will provoke the error message PRESS AND HOLD THE DISP BUTTON TO DEACTIVATE SILENT MODE. Do as the message says and hold down the DISP/BACK button.

Pictures are Blurred ¶ 

Photos appear fuzzy or blurry.

Dirty Lens ¶ 

If photos appear blurry, the problem could be as simple as a dirty lens. The lens can be cleaned using a soft, dry cloth.

Blocked Lens ¶ 

Blurry photos could also be caused by blocking of the lens when a photo is taken. When taking a photo, be sure that fingers and other objects are kept clear of the lens and the flash.

Camera is Not in Focus ¶ 

!AF is displayed during shooting and focus frame is displayed in red.For close-ups, select macro mode by pressing the left selector and highlighting the flower icon and pressing MENU/OK. To focus photos with off-center subjects use focus lock. To lock focus, position subject in focus frame and then press the shutter button halfway down, this will lock focus and exposure. Once recomposed, press shutter button the rest of the way down.

Slow Shutter Speed ¶ 

At slow shutter speeds, any movement of the camera while a photo is taken will cause a blurry product. Use a tripod to steady the camera during shooting.

Water in Camera ¶ 

Manufacturer claims this camera is waterproof up to 5 meters in depth. Failure to follow manufacturer recommendations could lead to water in the camera. Could also be caused if battery cover was not fully closed before the camera was immersed in water. DO NOT TURN CAMERA ON, this may lead to even more battery or motherboard damage. In this event follow FujiFilm FinePix XP50 Battery Replacement or FujiFilm FinePix XP50 Motherboard Replacement

Drying Out Camera ¶ 

If water exposure is minimal there are a few tricks to remove water from the camera with possibly little to no damage. Dry outside of camera before accessing battery chamber. This will prevent even more water exposure. Remove battery and memory card. Leave the battery door open to air dry. For faster drying, use the lowest setting on a hair dryer to evaporate water.

No Picture Taken When Shutter Button Pressed ¶ 

Even though shutter button is pressed completely down and released, no photo is taken.

Memory Card is Full ¶ 

The memory cards can only store a finite amount of data. The card in the camera may be full so either a new memory card must be inserted or existing photos and videos must be deleted from the memory card.

Memory Card is Damaged or Dirty ¶ 

The contacts on the memory card may be dirty. To clean a memory card remove it from the battery chamber and clean it with a soft, dry cloth. If the memory card is damaged a new one must be inserted. Make sure the memory card is properly oriented upon installation in camera.

Battery is Exhausted ¶ 

If the battery is low on power or dead the camera will not take photos or video. Battery must be removed and charged, or replaced.

Camera Has Turned Off Automatically ¶ 

After sitting idly for more than two minutes, the camera will turn off automatically to preserve power. Simply turn the camera back on using the ON?OFF button.

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Hi my camera doesn't want to go past the.'Ensure the battery chamber cover is closed ' step

ant.mozzie - 답글

Did you ever figure it out? I have the same problem

daisy29870 -

I also have the same problem, any advice?

Rebecca Phillips -

No one ever answered this! My camera is doing the same.

mirza.slg -

Could someone help me please. I have a fujifilm xp camera

ant.mozzie - 답글

Can anyone help my LCD screen keeps wobbling and the camera is making a funny wurring noise. It has not been dropped or got wet inside. I bought it in duty free Dubai and am currently in Bangkok so cannot return to shop please help?

Ki Nicholls - 답글

my xp 50 gives me an error message "zoom error" anybody else have this or know of a fix?

philm717 - 답글

I have an XP50 and so far has been very reliable. The situation I have now is that the camera gives me a "MEMORY CARD ERROR". I change the memory card and it took 5 pictures and went to a memory card error again with a brand new memory card. Can any body tell me what the problem is?

Jose Nieves - 답글

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