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Graco Literider Classic Connect Troubleshooting

Released 2014, identified by model number 1922734.

The wheels won't move ¶ 

No matter how hard you push, you can't get your Literider to move

The wheels might be locked ¶ 

Before disassembling your Literider, check and make sure that the wheel locks are off. If the wheel locks are on, the Literider's wheels will not rotate. If your Literider's problem isn't so easily solved, read on.

The wheels are broken ¶ 

If your Literider's wheels are not moving, even with the locks off, the wheels must be replaced.

The fabric is damaged or dirty ¶ 

The fabric on the stroller is damaged or not in optimal condition.

The fabric is damaged ¶ 

If the fabric is damaged you will need to replace the fabric.

The fabric is dirty ¶ 

If the fabric is dirty and needs a cleaning you may refer to our cleaning and replacing guide.

The stroller will not collapse ¶ 

The frame of the stroller is locked in an open position despite pressing the button on the handle to collapse it.

The button on the handle is broken or is not allowing the handle to twist ¶ 

If the button or handle is not working properly you may refer to our handle replacement guide.

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