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HMDX Jam Troubleshooting

This is a technical issue solving guide for HMDX Jam HX-P230C. We compiled a list of common problems you might come across when operating the speaker and provided some helpful suggestions and resources.

Device Will Not Turn On ¶ 

If device fails to turn on or won't charge at all.

Battery ¶ 

If the device will not turn on, try to charge it at least for 3 to 4 hours using a USB to Micro USB plug to your laptop or PC. Remember Battery will last up to 4 hours when connected wireless and up to 12 hours when connected through Aux-in audio jack.

If charging does not work, you may need to replace your battery. Here is the link to a repair guide that shows you how.

Charging ¶ 

If the devices fails to charge, try a different USB port in your laptop or PC. If the problems continues try a different micro USB cord.

Bluetooth Connection Issue ¶ 

If the device fails to connect with other devices via Bluetooth.

Connections ¶ 

To begin with, make sure you are using the right devices that can connect to the HMDX JAM wireless. If so, then turn off both devices, wait 15 seconds, turn both back on and make sure that the lights on the HMDX Jam are flashing. Ensure device is showing that it is searching for a host. Also, make sure your other device's Bluetooth is on and is searching.

Adjusting Volume Issue ¶ 

The loudness of the audio output does not increase or decrease when volume button is pushed.

Max Volume ¶ 

When at maximum volume, the sound fills the room; but the audio tends to be to harsh to the ears. The speakers perform the best at medium volume.

When Connecting to Multiple Devices ¶ 

When the speaker is connected to more than one device, the sound is noticeably improved because the devices pick up mid and lower frequency sounds. However adjusting the volume on one speaker (when paired) doesn't change the volume of the other.

Device Slides Off Surfaces ¶ 

Speaker does not stay placed in one position on a surface. Device slides off of slightly inclined surfaces or shifts position very easily.

Rubber Base ¶ 

This may be due to the wear and tear of the rubber base of the speaker. The base may be worn out and has lost its grip to stay placed in one position on a surface. If you want to restore the sturdiness of the speaker you need to replace the rubber base cover. This guide shows you how.

Factory Reset ¶ 

Speaker is not pairing with Bluetooth devices or is showing that it is paired but is not playing music from Bluetooth device.

Language Reset ¶ 


hold minus sign down for a moment then push plus sign once to cycle to next language in cycle.

Reset ¶ 

To reset your speaker press and hold play/pause for 5 seconds or so until you hear a sound or the red light flashing. Note: Restoring the speaker's factory defaults erases all paired Bluetooth devices from the speaker's memory.

댓글 197개

cannot connect my speakers with my laptop through bluetooth.

dilipvira1 - 답글

yoo i tried to connect the aux cord to a ipod nano i had but it keeps only connecting to bluetooth, my phone was crushed so idk what else it would be connecting to. please help!

mcearthessence210 - 답글

I'm having a similar problem with my regular iPod. Connect the aux cord, and the iPod is playing, but can't get any sound. !#^&@@.

alexis arnold -

what ever blue tooth device you got connected to it turn off the blue tooth on it or disconnect it from settings. also make sure the 3.5 jack is fully pushed in it should override the blue tooth and work like any normal speaker

dac96 -

Try resetting it. If it doesn't work then it my be the cord. Cheap aux cord don't last long or sometime are too small. Try testing somewhere like a

Victor cheese -

I bought this to use in a classroom. I want to play Robert Frost reading his own poetry, but each time it starts three words into the poem. When I play it on my phone it starts at the beginning. Help!!

Teacher - 답글

I am having the same problem. For each sentence, the first words are cut off. Did you find a fix?

karlacpowers -

How do i switch the setting back to english?

johnnygarcia1998 - 답글

When listening to spotify on the speaker sometimes the songs play really fast then goes back to normal why does it do that? Also cutting in and out

Senry kiser - 답글

that'll be the player you got connected to it. it don't have a memory so can't play the music faster or slower then the player :)

dac96 -

I have this problem also

Janae Oliver -

How Did You Connect The Speaker To Spotify ?

Andrea -

That may be because your phone is too far from the speaker ..

Izrael -

My hmdx speaker turns on and everything but it dont make sound and i cant reset it what do i do

David Hernandez - 답글

Same issue here smh

anpayn02 -

Same here blue but does make or does a reset

John -

My blue light comes but no sound indicating pair I also tried the reset that's not working

John -

every time i connect to the usb with any connection lead it shuts the usb down i.e. overloading the usb. i was wondering if i could wire a usb lead straight to the board or will it still overload it? if you've not come across this issue before then let me know as i have 2, 1 with a broken usb connector and this one which looks fine but won't let me charge it??

dac96 - 답글

Again was going to by the mighty sound small speaker ..thought this was a better speaker

worst buy ever ... lasted 2 weeks did not keep my in the jam bin

mackenziephoto -

never buy a jam speaker ever again

mackenziephoto -

Unable to pair after several successful sessions. Disappointed that there is no useful manual on the internet. Looked at several. Also, none disclose what the sounds mean. Very disappointed with this product.

William Howard - 답글

Yup I tried to look for some 2 all my buttons are mixed up on mine they all disable once the speaker is turned on

Angel Ruiz -

this speaker was great but it keeps cutting off never buying another again would rather pay more for a beats pill!!!!

Lucy Hawthorn - 답글

Any luck with this issue? Mine does the same thing..

chad -

I have the jam heavy metal I can't get it to stay on... It says powering on, then ready to pair, and then as soon as it says that it says powering off any idea on what I could do to fix it?

chad -

I can pair and play just fine with my ipad. I can not hook up with my iphone 6. HELP

ncmul - 답글

The red light will not shut off and the speaker is unresponsive. Please help!

Jared Talbert - 답글

Same Problem here...

josh.disher -

I have the same problem as Jared Talbert!! The red light will not shut off and the speaker is unresponsive to my attempt to reset it.

ZOke - 답글

My volume works fine but it doesn't t get very loud

Randolph Frazier - 답글

same as jered and zoke

Kiarra - 답글

This is by far the worst speaker and most expensive I have bought. It's not loud enough first off. Also it will not charge ,and keeps shutting off. My sons cheap iwave is better,and louder. Go figure..

Misty - 답글

When I switch my Speaker on all it keeps saying is powering on powering on all the time, it is only a week old, and it was working very well with my Iphone 5s but now they will not connect via Bluetooth at all. It just keeps repeating itself POWERING ON powering on. Help any suggestions. I have switched both phone and speak off and on again.

hodgkissanita - 답글

Mine keeps doing the same thing and idk what it is!! I charged it and it keeps saying the same thing. I turn it on, i connect it to my cellphone and about thirty seconds-a minute later, it disconnects from the music and it says "powering on"

Andrea Paola -

Did you manage to sort this issue mine is doing the exact same thing! Thanks

Dionne Louise -

Throw speaker on the ground or smack it a couple times, when you factory reset speaker make sure power is on turn it upside down take ya tack and push it slowly until you feel a slight click, speaker will shut down, make sure you unpaired it from phone, if doesn't work repeat process over, might take a few times but it will work the only reason the red light comes on is when its charging,,,

Gregory Forsythe -

Piece of garbage. The volume is stuck at maximum, so it breaks up. Turning it up or down just starts the song over. The biggest complaint is it changes the pitch higher on everything. Rubbish.

smcallahan70 - 답글

if you hold the button it will change the song you have to click multiple times that happened to me too

kittyka012 -

I just did a factory reset, I didn't see a red light or hear anything but the weird pitch shift is gone. Volume control issue still there. Oh well, what do you expect for $25. Adjustable volume must be on the more expensive models.

smcallahan70 - 답글

I have a question , mine seems to be charging just fine, I'm getting a green light. But it won't power up at all. I tried the above factory reset and nothing happens. Any suggestions, thanks

Mike R - 답글

Are you holding the power button down

Alex Todd -

Every time I turn it on and the jam light and Bluetooth light blinks and a alarm comes and it won't pair with my phone or iPad what do I do

patrick mcmillian - 답글

my new jam2 doesn't power on don't know why, i just bought it today at Best buy

Eric Master - 답글

We have a jam wireless as well. Worked for a few weeks, now says it’s powering on, charging, then announces powering off. Ugh. Bought at Best Buy. Taking it back for a different model. Worked fine for about a month and we didn’t do anything different the set up. Ugh. Frustrating.

jayareem -

Ugh. Jam wireless speaker worked fine for several weeks. All of a sudden, after turning it on and hearing charging…..the next announcement is powering off!

jayareem -

my speaker connects with my phone but it wont make a sound. when i restart it it doesn't help. what should i do?

noa kotler - 답글

what about sound, when I got my, I got little to no sound?

greg tietze - 답글

Hi my speeker went dead and it said it was charging now when I have had in on charge for an hour it will not say anything or pair

Lauren - 답글

Same problem I have it worked for a week and now it won't even turn on the red light comes on showing its plugged into a charger not sure if the power button is shot already or what but very disappointing. Bought my daughter a cheap poop emoji speaker at the same time and hers still works fine but the one I spent double on only worked for a week.

Amber McMoran -

I crack the head piece and I'm worried if that will damage the headphones can someone give me advice about how can I fix it

Inferno flame - 답글

I had it about 6 months til it stopped charging on me, worth $30 but wish it didn't break on me

crbastian1 - 답글

I can not get my hx-hp450 to pair with my new LG Stylo phone? Any reason why? I had a cheaper phone and it connect very easily every time.

waterwise - 답글

I cannot get the auxiliary input to work. Why?

winstonjsmith99 - 답글

My Blue LED and Green LED light seem to Pulse at the same time. Does this mean anything?

nysff - 답글

speaker is not resetting. nor will it pair to my pc or phone

cate b - 답글

why are there no replies for help???

cate b - 답글

my speaker is fine but for some reason when i use it its really low even if i turn the volume all the way up on the speaker and my phone. what do i do to fix it? and it also plays the white noise when not playing music

gokyleandalexis - 답글

speaker suddenly stopped producing sound... any tips?

Rochyne Hodges gray - 답글

My jam speaker pairs fine but when I play music it disconnects and keeps doing it and iv reset it about five times help please cause I love this thing?

Katie cudworth - 답글

My jam speaker won't stop disconnecting when I play music but iv reset it like five times it stops playing threw the speaker when I try turn up the volume

Katie cudworth - 답글

My Jam touch speaker keeps powering off after it plays music for 10 seconds?

Olivia Turner - 답글

Bought it, played it till battery died, charged it, played again till battery died & now it won't charge or turn on, nothing...

lifestyleoffitness - 답글

My speaker does something wierd. It cycles through low to high volume and repeats. So every 3 seconds or so, I hear almost nothing and then it almost maxes out.

Andrell Laniewicz - 답글

Mine does that too. It also clips the first words off a sentence when listening to spoken words.

jackiedm113 -

My jam classic speaker charges when the charger is connected. But when i take it out . It won't turn on

Habichippy ahmedchippyrany - 답글

It won't speak English and I can't change it

Shae - 답글

Turn it upside down and you will see this speech bubble try that till you get your language

Janae Oliver -

When I switch on the power, the Bluetooth indicator turns red and hence can't connect with any device. How can I make it Bluetooth ready? Means what can I do to turn the indicator to Blue?

niharpatnaik - 답글

Model No. HX-P730GY

niharpatnaik - 답글

Speaker stopped playing, has power, blue light is on, won't pair, won't shut off, won't reset. Please help.


tacomag - 답글

I have the answer. Power on the speaker, press and hold play/pause button for 5 seconds, then take the unit out to your garage, set unit on floor , then proceed to smash it to bits with a sledge hammer, then, NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN! It's that simple , really

Michael M - 답글

I m about ready to do this fr

Carrie -

Thanks for the advice. My Jam worked great in the beginning and now it won't charge and charge light won't even come on. I think I will try the sledge hammer trick and never buy or recommend a Jam product.

llmanuel -

When I try to put the volume up on the speaker it shuts off . Only had it for 2 days

peckski225 - 답글

same thing here.......

cvetkokarapejov -

My speaker won't reset and the Bluetooth won't connect to anything

pheshyaa - 답글

Same issue! These speakers suck

anpayn02 -

Hi. The volume of my jam plus has reduced a lot. The maximum volume is barely audible once leaving a small room. Can you suggest what can be done ?

richapant7388 - 답글

My JAM Classic HX-P230 has been lying idle for just a month and now when it is turned on, it repeats the message "Powering on". It has been put under charge from the main AC outlet for over 8 hours but this behavior hasn't changed. The red light is always on when put on charge. The blue one turns on when the unit is powered up but blinks every 10 seconds as it repeats "Powering on". Just skewed through the user's manual but didn't find any related troubleshooting. I'm yet to begin thoroughly troubleshooting this and any tip will be appreciated.

debjyoti das - 답글

having the exact same issue. did you find a fix?

Vickey Boyd -

My speaker turns on but won't play any sound I've tried reseting it nothing is working

Carrie - 답글

I just bought mine yesterday and the storm mode doesnt seem to be working. i tried it on multiple surface but zero bass nor vibrations are coming out of the speaker.

Elias - 답글

The red light turns on for 10 sec but doesn't stay on when I plug it in to charge. Is it charging? No other color shows while plugged in

lesliee9z - 답글

I can't charge my battery. When I plug it in a message reads: power on the usb port nrrds more power then the port supplys. I tred on my lap top and my desk top. Help!!!

Akosua - 답글

do you charge it while its turned on or off?

Trap City - 답글

How do you fix a solid red light on my jam party HMDX

solomon -

While it's on a charger the green light will go solid, then do about 8 rapid flashes, then back to solid green, then the rapid flashes. Any ideas?

William Chilton - 답글

It keeps asking my iphone for a pin when i try to pair the device. wtf kinda pin are we talking about here?

Melvin Reynolds - 답글

There is a pin on a label under the speaker, but it often doesn't work. I used 0000 and it connected.

adrian.f.reyes -

What is jam email address so that I can reach them about my speaker refuse to charge

robertlaws14 - 답글

Though paired with s4 Samsung galaxy not giving audio output

vyavaharesantosh - 답글

So I connected my phone to the speaker but now I can hear my music or the speaker saying that it's pared/or turned off?!?! HELP

Kali Garcia - 답글

i am trying to turn it on i click on the button but its not saying device is on nothing it is charging but not coming on to work

okorocynthia - 답글

this DID NOT help me at all ..didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No light, no sound and my Speaker IS fully charged

I'm not sure of the issue

anpayn02 - 답글

my jam, mo: HX-P540B , the blue light blinks blinks really fast when i turn it on, and thats it. won't reset or pair. and yes, it is as fully charged as it will ever be.

dirtsplinters - 답글

Finally!! your instruction on resetting by holding down play/pause button for 5 seconds FINALLY my speaker pairs with iPhone 6S!! Thank You!!

Jim Hartinger - 답글

I do not have the pin number for it

jacky - 답글

i do not have the pin number to pair my speaker

jacky - 답글

It does work no light come on

larrydudley5 - 답글

Don't work need new one

larrydudley5 - 답글

So i plug my usb charging cable into my Jam Transit Lite Headphones and it simply does not charge. I'll leave it charging overnight just to wake up to it being out of battery. Some help would be appreciated.

Emilio Garcia - 답글

Flashing blue light and will not pair. Tried to hold play/pause for 5 secs didn't work. Still cannot connect or pair my phone. Need a knew speaker!!!

Christine Trimback - 답글

Hold the -+ buttons together for 5 secs to reset, not the play button

Chris -

It won't communicate with my Samsung Galaxy S5. Smh

Matthew Brown - 답글


Our jam dynamite power button only works when usb is plugged in. after unplugging the power button is unresponsive

rob - 답글

Speaker will only work when charging, what does this mean ?

dalegeary111 - 답글

Whenever I switch my speaker on, it says powering on, and that it is paired, and so does my phone. However nothing will play and it just keeps repeatedly saying "powering on". It also won't let me factory reset it? Nothing seems to happen.

Lmb - 답글

That's what is going on with me

ezraezra arvizoarvizo -

Several have said the reset is holding the play button for 5 seconds. That's wrong. The reset is holding the + and - together for 5 secs. At least on the P250. Try that.

Chris -

It doesn't charge and turn but it might be the battery but, what about the other headphone only one will turn on and the other won't only if i move it a little like twisting it would turn on but with my charger connected.

Jose martinez - 답글

Try not being half retarded

Izrael -

Every time I try to turn it on it keeps saying powering on powering on powering on powering on powering on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is super annoying

ezraezra arvizoarvizo - 답글

mine keeps saying powering on, powering on too. Any ideas?

Vickey Boyd -

Worst gadget I have owned. I cannot get it to play music ever since I used it for a phone call. Troubling shooting does not work. Real waste of money

Paul dain - 답글

My speaker isn't doing anything. Won't play, won't turn off, won't even restart. What do I do?

Sam - 답글

I can't get much more than a whisper in volume. This is my second Jam Classic. Loved the first one. Starting to hate this second one.

julie - 답글

Well, well, well, seems many of us bought a product lemon for about $30.00. I read many of the same problems. "Powering on, paired" then nothing. Also failing to be able to charge. I tried several different USB cords, went back to the original, powered on, powered off, plugged it in, rapped it lightly.."Charging". Must be a loose connection. Got a feeling 'quality' and factory 'QA' is sorely lacking. Much less no one responds to questions here. Good luck. Research before you buy again.

BpSitRep - 답글

My speaker will not play my music. It is perfectly connected and I checked to see if my phone was ik the issue. It wasn't. When I turn on the speaker it doesn't say powering on or whatever or it won't speaker when it's charging. I'm so confused and beyond annoyed I got this for Christmas and I'm not rough with it! Why is this happening!!!

PrincessAllie 222 - 답글

Blue tooth is working on my PC and the Jazz Classic wireless speaker is paired and connection okay. Tried various ways to get the sound to come out of the speaker all to no avail -- HELP

Colin - 답글

I just got it n charged it but it doesn't come on

Tymar - 답글

The pause/play button don't seem to work when I connect the speaker to my laptop but when I connect it to my phone it suddenly starts working

Laurens Editing - 답글

My headphones won't charge and won't turn on

French Fry (French Fried Fish) - 답글

my jam classic after few mouth old just keeps going powering on then cuts out after a moment or tow oses powering on again any idear how to sort it

mickey kavanagh - 답글

my iPod will not play music through my speaker , it has done before and it is connected it does not show any music

Simon - 답글

All of a sudden it's speaking Spanish and I don't know how to change it back to engligh

peggy_camp - 답글

I did that and didnt hear anything what do i do it turns on but does not stay on

Yvettr arzola - 답글

My HDMX was charging for 4 hours, but does not turn on when I unplug it. Even when plugged in, it doesn't charge. Help?

Mya Brooks - 답글

my speaker won't show up on bluetooth on my mac or my phone AND it will not reset...

ameliasierra356 - 답글

If it's a p250 the reset is holding the + - buttons together for 5 secs. I was having same problem until i did this reset

Chris -

When i turn the speaker on it wont play music keeps saying "powering on" over and over

hannahmunoz134 - 답글

Have you found a fix mine is doing the same I only had it delivered yesterday and it did work last night. Short lived success!!

Dionne Louise -

my Jam plus has power, charges, pairs with any Bluetooth device but has no sound. I've tired a factory reset but according to instructions after 5 seconds I should either hear a beep or the red light flashes. I get neither of these indicators that the factory reset has completed.

Katherine Layman - 답글

My speaker says " powering on, charging" ever minute or so. It is fully charged and shows up on my Bluetooth connection menu but just won't connect at all

Rebekah bailey - 답글

For the reset I was holding the play/pause button for more then 5 seconds nothing was happening it turned off so I turned it back on tried to connect my iPhone and still said it wasn't available

serenaramon4 - 답글

im trying to find a pin as iv lost mine please help

amanda holloway - 답글

how do i change the language ?

Ruzanna Palezyan - 답글

What do I do when non of the bottoms work it only turns on and all the buttons are disabled after that for it to turn off by its self I have to disconnect and leave it alone for a few minutes

Angel Ruiz - 답글

Once I turn it on all the buttons don't work the volume and the play/pause and power

Angel Ruiz - 답글

cannot connect my speaker with nothing, don't work !! i try everything!

Jasmina Dološić - 답글

my HMDX headphones are talking to me

Jordan Wagster - 답글

I can hear a lot of interference while watching netflix

Michał Kaczorowski - 답글

These headphones are a waste of money. I spent 35$ on these and they NEVER WORK EVER! I tried to return them and they said there was nothing they could do and wouldn't except them back, THEN I called the company and they said that I needed to take them to the retailer. Bunch of junk! Don't buy these.

Lindsay Floyd - 답글

Mine won't show to connect on any tablet or phone and doesn't have any sound when connected with adapter.


I accidentally connected red and black cable from the battery on the opposite cord and removed as fast as I could when smoke created from one of the black cube from the amp board. The bluetooth work and charger but no noise can be heard, I'm assuming the the current that transfer data to the speaker is somehow disconnected. m’m trying to find the same model amp board to replace it but no where to be found online. Anyone know where I can buy the part from the jam plus speaker or fix amp board.

Victor cheese - 답글

My earbuds are not charging anymore and are about to die.

Samantha Charles - 답글

Just purchased and tried charging (the red lighting comes on when plugged in) but when I disconnect it not getting any power

can someone tell me what can I do to make this thing work and except a charge and start working off the battery

jack bing - 답글

I'm having problems with my jam plus I can't get it to reset I had this problem before I called customers service and got a phone number witch i don't remember but they walked me step by step until my came on so I need someone to help me with this I use this device whn I go on long trips so I can here direction where I'm going pls help

Stephen - 답글

Problem with my bluetooth jam plus speaker can't get it to reset I had this problem before I called customers service and got a phone number witch i don't remember but they walked me step by step until my came on so I need someone to help me with this I use this device whn I go on long trips so I can here direction where I'm going pls help

Stephen - 답글

Yah….same predicament…blue flashing…It will not, Tried to reset……………….it still not! Mmmmmm love this device…….I will not! what a What a steal t 30$”……………….tis not. Will recommend to all I know……….I kid a lot This j blue tooth is crap……………I use as a door stop.

Kitty - 답글

God….Help us? The sucker worked for 2 was….I’m choked.

Gotta buy another one?…Argh! I am not happy with this! !&&* hath no fury like a woman with a bum blutooth

Kitty - 답글

For those of you that have a problem with language:

1. Quick press the volume up and volume down button at the same time

2. You will hear the name of the language you want so when u hear it stop choosing and enjoy

3. You can also choose a melody instead of the language

Glad i could help out

Mitar Stojanovic - 답글

Mine's is stuck in Spanish and I cannot get it back into English

Klother Vandross - 답글

My Jam speaker is stuck in Spanish and I cannot get it back into English how can you help with that?

Klother Vandross - 답글

for some reason i can not get the volume control to work sounds stays low. is there a way to fix this issue.

Jon Hernandez - 답글

for some reason i can no longer control the volume on my headset. is there a solution to this? Music stay on low volume.

Jon Hernandez - 답글

For some reason my device conects well but it lost volume, sounds like the lap top so there is no gain in the sound.. Somebody knows how to fix it ???

the sound comes back, as it used to, when I turn it of, the last couple of seconds, it sounds great, but it doesnt last

fernando camacho - 답글

My earbuds wont work in both ears. If im listening to something it only works in one ear and when I turn the other one on, it only works in that one. How can I fix this? Ive tried everything

Furrden - 답글

My jam ultra wireless ear buds won’t pair together so I can listen to both ear buds at once. They only let me pair one at a time to my phone so can only ever listen to one at a time why is this ?

Lorenzo Pooli - 답글

It used to connect to my iPhone via Bluetooth. Now it doesn’t. Tried turning both off for 15 seconds; still not working. Tried reset holding play button down. No red light no sound. Still doesn’t work. I have newest iPhone os.

Matthew Feuer - 답글

And yes my iPhone does connect to other Bluetooth speakers.

Matthew Feuer - 답글

Out of the blue my speaker changed to Spanish. It wouldn’t turn off either. I found a little hole next to the charge and auxiliary inputs. I put inserted a tooth pic and held it down while holding down the power button on the other end, and it reset to English. I had pair it again, But it seems to be working as it was before. Hope this works for others having issues with this speaker. My speaker is the jam street hx-p710.

Albert - 답글

Really bad speaker don't suggest buying it the thing is rubbish worst speaker ever

Keaton Millar - 답글

Im trying to pair my HMDX speaker and all i get is a power light. Blue tooth not pairing and my Aux is not working. And i try to factory reset it and i get nothing at all. No spund and red light. What would be the problem.

Dave Quinney - 답글

Smack it around a few times, sometimes it'll knock some since into it, but if that doesn't work turn it on then take a little tack and turn the speaker upside down push your tack in that tiny hole Thats just made for the tack dont put it in language one make sure speaker is on.., you will feel a little click and the speaker will shut down, I would also sudjest unpairing speaker from phone also shutdown phone and take battery out for a least a couple minutes, boot that sucker up turn on speaker find it on your phones Bluetooth and pair, if unable to pair report steps and should work for yaworks for me anyways, good luck,, Cheers

Gregory Forsythe -

My jam speaker won’t charge at all, it’s been almost a week now. When i switch it On , it shuts down immediately. It does’nt even show the red light when i plug in the charger. Please help, any suggestions ?

Kagiso Ipinge - 답글

or it can use go one fire like mine did

Alan - 답글

Trying to figure out we’re to buy a replacement power cord

Brian whicker - 답글

This speaker doesnt do anything it wont connect and cant use my Auxiliary out put. And wont even do a factory reset its a piece of Junk. I dont recommend anyone to buy it not worth the money spent on it.

Dave Quinney - 답글

And I connect my phone to my Bluetooth because the phone crack and I can't unlock

kendalljones71 - 답글

Have any of you guys resolved your problems with the Jam speaker ?

Mine says powering on then powering off, and not very old.

Thanks for any help,

Carole Chelliah - 답글

A workaround that I have found to stop hearing the idiot announcements when switching the Jam on and off is pressing again a second time the on/off switch.

You press the power button to switch it on, the blue light appears, when you see it press the power button a second time, the light becomes red with no obnoxious “powering on”.

Repeat the same thing when switching it off: press once and press again the power button for a quiet stopping.

Stefano D'Anna -

I fixed mine for good, no more problems, i placed it upright on the floor, and stamped my 5” steel heel right thru the speaker hard as i could and twisted it right in for good measure… that fixed it, i wont be buying another


Kelly - 답글

How do I change the language back to English??

Natsu Gaming - 답글

Press and release both volume control buttons simultaneously to cycle through the languages until it says English.

Stephanie Sage -

On the side there’s a thing where you pull the cover off and then there’s a talk bubble and in the talk bubble there’s a button that you have to push with a needle

Alex Todd -

Jam is blinking blue light and beeping. Tried the reset action. Will not reset.

moanner74 - 답글

Mine will not reset when I press the play/pause button for 5 or more seconds and it keeps repeating maximum volume.

Christin Arriaga -

My speaker keeps saying powering on over and over again!!! I’ve tried charging it! It didn’t say charging like it normally does… I’ve tried holding the play/pause button while it was turned on!!! Idk what to do!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Callie - 답글

And I just now tried turning it on and that’s all it said was powering on over and over.. I haven’t messed with it in a while!

Callie - 답글


it was working perfectly fine until my boyfriend called someone on my phone while my phone was connected to the speaker when I was listening to Spotify.

My jam trance mini WILL NOT LEAVE off pairing mode. It just keeps repeating itself as well.

I don’t know how to get it to stop being on pairing mode. I tried turning it off and when I turn it on it goes straight to pairing mode.

I tried resetting it but apparently it won’t if it’s on pairing mode.

Ive never been so annoyed in my life.

Alex Todd - 답글

I cant connect both my earbuds at ince.When i connect to Jam ultra only one gets connected and when i connect to Jam ultra mono the other one gets connected. I need aome solitions?

Sanskar Dhungana - 답글

my iphone is saying that i was unable to connect to the speaker and saying to make sure it is on and in range. although, i ensured both of these things. i tried turning off both my phone and speaker for 15 seconds but it didn’t work. please help.

Bridget Urban - 답글

I just bought my jam rave plus speaker and I don't know if I am doing something wrong pairing it with my phone or what the problem is but the volume is not loud at all, especially not as loud as the video and Bluetooth shows. What is the problem how come my jam speaker is not loud. like the reviews say it is? Help.

Jessica Jane - 답글

My headphones still doesn't come on what more can I do?

martha cisneros - 답글

I try to reset it but I won’t do anything can’t pair with Bluetooth or nothing just keep saying powering on

Daniel Bustos - 답글

Try clearing pairing hold plus and minus down at same time 5 to 10 secs

Rodney “jim” Sturtz -

My hmdx journey v2 BT headphones work fine with aux cord but once i switch to bluetooth 1 side works and the other doesnt

Sleepless - 답글

How to change back to english it's on spanish mode

latin_chaos83 - 답글

Language Reset ¶


hold minus sign down for a moment then push plus sign once to cycle to next language in cycle.

Rodney “jim” Sturtz -

My device randomly will say charging when it’s plugged in and playing music. Any way for this to be to disabled?

C Wells - 답글

I have a problem with my Bluetooth about your said I can hear one side but not the other side but then after and kind of Switched both of them are not broken I just want to know how to get them back to set up?

kennyt1997 - 답글

My red light came on and it won't charge. What can I do?

thomas.balleto - 답글

Well I have a fire jam Bluetooth speaker hmdx but I charged it the light came on the blue light came on LED it's on but it's been 2 days and it's still on but to remind you that before it wasn't connecting to my device and did not show up on my device I tried searching it from the speaker but that led light blue light just stays on I push the play button and push the power button at the same time on the other side was it shows the battery LED lights and that's green even when I had let my speaker sit out for 2 days haven't charged it three days at that sometimes even more until it dies I try to read charging it and when I do I push the power button and the blue LED lights just comes on that's it like as of right now I'm looking right at it blue who's the power button the battery says clean the model number is h x p 730 g y please help I can't go nowhere without my speaker and I definitely not going to buy another one it seems fine yesterday not working for some reason

Mark Little - 답글

Reset ¶

To reset your speaker press and hold play/pause for 5 seconds or so until you hear a sound or the red light flashing. Note: Restoring the speaker's factory defaults erases all paired Bluetooth devices from the speaker's memory. Depends on

Rodney “jim” Sturtz -

My speaker is fully charged but I still can't get it to pop up on my Motorola but all my friends can can connect to it perfectly and in my mind that's real sh#@$y

Isaac Myers - 답글

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