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HP Stream 8 Troubleshooting

This trouble shooting page will discuss ways to fix common problems users come across when using the HP Stream 8. Released April 2016, identified by model number 5801.

Tablet Displays a Blue Error Screen

The tablet will power off unexpectedly and may fail to restart in a timely manner, while displaying a blue error screen

Windows Software Is Not Updated

If this is occurring, you may need install an update. Check to see if there are any available updates that can be installed on your device by going to your device’s settings then clicking “check for updates”. Update your device fully, then restart to see if that solves the problem.

Web Page or Application Causes Crash

This may be occurring because of an outside problem you ran into while on the web, etc. Try to remember what you were doing on your tablet when it crashed and gave you the blue screen error message. If you were, for example, trying to use a specific device or run a program, recreate that action and see if the tablet crashes again. If it does, then the problem is probably something linked with that device or program.

Recent Driver Updates are Dysfunctional

If you noticed that after a program update, such as a graphics driver, your device is having this problem, then that update could have caused the problem. You may need to uninstall the latest drivers. To do this, type “view installed updates” into the search task bar. This will take you to a list of the drivers where you can check the dates that they were installed. Right click on the driver that you think corresponds to your problem and then click “uninstall”.

Tablet Does Not Recognize Wireless Networks

The tablet will not recognize networks that I know are there so I can not even attempt to connect to one

Airplane Mode Needs To Be Reset

If there are no wifi networks to connect to, resetting airplane mode may refresh the wifi networks. Try turning airplane mode off and then back on again.

Mobile Broadband Needs To Be Reset

If there no wifi networks to connect to, resetting mobile broadband may refresh the wifi networks. Try turning the mobile broadband off and then back on again.

Screen is Frozen or Unresponsive

The screen is frozen in place and when I touch that it nothing happens.

Device's BIOS Needs To Be Reset

If the screen is frozen or unresponsive, the tablet's basic input and output system may not be working properly. To reset it, try turning the tablet off and then back on again. When powering up the device hold both the volume up and volume down buttons to reset the BIOS.

CMOS Needs To Be Reset

It is possible that the CMOS needs to be clear for the BIOS to work properly. To reset the CMOS, let the tablet’s battery run all the way down to 0%, charge the tablet, and try turning it back on again.

Battery Fails to Charge

The Stream 8 fails to charge the battery.

Not Using Original Charger

The device may not properly charge unless it is receiving enough power. You should use the original HP brand charging cable and AC/DC adapter that came with the Stream 8. You should also make sure you have the adapter plugged directly into the wall outlet, and not a power strip or splitter.

Faulty Adapter

You should try moving the charger to a different power outlet. When the device is powered off, and the charger is plugged in, you should see the battery charging symbol appear for 6-8 seconds. If you do not see this, try plugging the USB into a computer to see if the adapter is bad. If you still do not see the charging notification appear, the device may be in need of a warranty replacement.

Faulty Battery

You may need to run a system diagnostic on the device. When doing this, pay attention to the battery info. If the device will not charge, it is likely the battery is defective and will need to be replaced. You can find a replacement guide for the battery here.

Speaker Sound is Muffled

The audio playback on the tablet sounds muffled or muted.

Low Quality Audio Setting

The tablet’s speakers may be set to playback audio at a low quality setting. To change this setting, tap and hold your finger on the speaker icon located next to the date and time on the task bar. When the right-click menu opens, click “Playback Devices”. A window with the tablet’s playback devices should appear. In this menu, right-click “Speakers” and select “Properties”. On the Properties window, navigate to the Advanced tab. In this menu, click the “Default Format” drop-down list and select a higher quality audio setting. Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the menu. Test the new settings by playing audio. If audio is still muffled, try selecting other quality settings.

Defective Speakers

If your speakers still do not work they are defective and you must replace them. We have a replacement guide here.

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my hp stream 8 start menu tab not working , how to fix it pls help me

Praveen Chauhan - 답글

Hello my problem is the touch screen not true to the point when i entering password. Can help me ? Please confirm in my email thx

haseandi - 답글

My HP stream screen is frozen in airplane mode please help me

Wanda Smith - 답글

anyone help me

my hp stream 8 , always do writing new bios image repeat …after progress 100% go to bios again 0% help help help

pranha - 답글

Mine does the same thing, did you find a fix?

Greg -

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