The appliance will not run

One possible explanation for your food processor’s failure to power on is an issue with the power adapter. The first thing to check is that the device is plugged into an outlet at all. Once you’ve made sure of that, make sure that the outlet the appliance is plugged into is working properly by testing it with other devices that you know work.

Another possible explanation for this issue is overheating. Many electronics are affected by this issue, and it’s a fairly straightforward fix. If the issue is overheating, an easy way to solve it is by turning the unit OFF (O) and letting it stand for three to four minutes, then turning it back ON. If the appliance was overheated, it should work after this process.

When you try to use the on switch, nothing happens.

One possible explanation for the lack of response with the “on” switch is faulty wiring. It’s possible that the wire or wires attaching the switch to the motor are faulty or unattached. You can find out how to check inside the hub of the food processor HERE

The processor runs, but not at all speeds.

This issue can also be due to faulty wiring. Find out how to check inside the hub of the food processor HERE

The motor runs, but the blade does not move.

One explanation for this issue is a faulty drive shaft. If the drive shaft turns easily by hand, it is possible that it is too worn. In this case, the drive shaft would need to be replaced. Click HERE to do so. If this is not the issue, it could be that the blade was not properly placed on the drive shaft.

Your problem could be as simple as the device needing cleaning or being improperly put together. It is essential that the blade is clean; if it is not, food and other particles stuck on the blade could prevent it from moving. In addition to cleaning, it’s important that the device be assembled correctly. The blade should be twisted securely into the bowl before the bowl scraper mechanism is inserted. If this order is reversed, the blade will not move.

Food is leaking out of the processing bowl.

One fairly straightforward explanation for this issue is a crack in the bowl. Make sure you check for cracks around the base or sides of the bowl. If cracks are found, the bowl will need to be replaced.

If the bowl has not been locked in properly, leakage can occur. Check to make sure the bowl is twisted all the way to the right and is in its locked position.

There are issues with the way the unit is performing.

The main reason for this issue is simply putting too much food into the processing chute. When there’s too much food in the chute, it will be irregularly shredded or sliced.

The user is experiencing difficulties when trying to remove the bowl from the base.

If you are having trouble removing the bowl from the base, try rubbing a small amount of vegetable oil on to the snaps located on the base. Also, do not store the food processor in the locked position.

The processor runs slowly and stalls.

This is likely happening because the unit is dirty from use and needs to be cleaned. It is recommended that the parts are hand washed individually, as dish washers can damage the fragile parts.

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I ordered this food processor because it had good reviews & was reasonably priced. I used it 1 time to dice onions & I cannot get the lid to release from the bowl. I am seriously going to have to send it back with onions still in it. Please help!

Gina - 답글

Same problem. I didn’t even get it to work once and now I can’t get the food out. Does the light go on at the front when it is plugged in? My light did not go on.

emjay.turner -

There are small lidded areas on the bowl that trap dirty juice and I am unable to take apart for cleaning and cannot find instructions

C doucette - 답글

Did you get help with this… I have the same problem

sisterg2163 -

The lid is stuck on the bowl with the handle not aligned with thelarge feed chute and I can’t get it off. The proccessor will not run.

ksstepbystep - 답글

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