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Hamilton Beach 70740 Troubleshooting

Released September 2015, referenced by model 70740

Motor isn’t turning on ¶ 

The motor isn’t spinning

Bad Power Cord ¶ 

Check and see if the device is plugged in correctly (test multiple sockets). Does the power cord show any kind of exposure or bronze copper wiring? If so your power cord is most likely damaged and needs replacing. Refer to our power cord replacement guidefor help.

Damaged Motor ¶ 

When using the pulse button does the motor make any noise. If it does the motor may be jammed or completely damaged. Check out the motor replacement guide for further assistance in fixing your motor.

Can't find Hamilton Beach 70740 parts ¶ 

Where can I find Hamilton Beach 70740 parts?

Hamilton Beach Website ¶ 

One resource to find replacement parts is the Hamilton Beach website. Under the Parts and Accessories tab you can find components such as lids, bowls, blades, etc. For further inquiries you can access the Hamilton Beach Contact Us page.

Blade does not cut well ¶ 

Chopping/mixing blade is dull

Blade Sharpener ¶ 

You may start to notice that sliced/chopped food are not as fine as they once were. If your blade doesn't cut as well as it used to, you may consider a blade sharpener. It can be done by hand using a sharpening stone or by utilizing an aluminum oxide grinding wheel.

Blade Replacement ¶ 

Another way to get more efficient cutting blades is to replace them entirely. We recommend visiting our blade replacement guide, and you can find some parts and accessories at the Hamilton Beach website.

Device keeps jamming ¶ 

Food stuck in blades

Food Build Up ¶ 

Depending on the type of food that is being chopped/mixed the motor may experience increased resistance due to food residue. A common symptom of jamming is slow rotating blades. If possible make sure you are cleaning your mixing blade after each use. Make note that the Food Processor should not be used on grinding grain, coffee beans, spices, frozen meat, dough, or ice.

Buttons not working ¶ 

Keys are unresponsive

Device Power ¶ 

Make sure the Hamilton Beach is plugged in correctly. The device must be plugged in order to operate.

Faulty Buttons ¶ 

When using the center pulse switch, if the device functions at one speed setting while malfunctioning at the other, this is a strong indicator that the switch is damaged and should be replaced. Sometimes sugary substances or food residue can lead to button jamming. Try and keep liquids and food products away from the switch.

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