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Jawbone Big Jambox Troubleshooting

Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US

Even though your Jambox is in good shape, the charge port came loose.

If the charge port is loose, this requires soldering the part in place. We offer instructions on how to do this here.

If the charge port came loose and has been lost, altogether, then you must buy a new charge port and replace it. We offer instructions on how to replace it here.

If the charge port has fallen within your Jambox, you must take apart your Jambox in order to retrieve the missing charge port, or buy a new charge port. We offer the directions on how to take apart the outside casing and replace your charge port.

There is no sound coming from the Jambox, or it does not sound right.

Turn up the volume on your phone/computer, then turn up the volume on the Jambox.

Try pressing the plus volume button or the play/pause button to check that the volume is not muted or paused.

Make sure your device is within range of the Jambox (approximately 33 feet).

Check for low battery by pressing the circular button, then charge the Jambox as needed.

It is possible that you may only need to restart your Jambox. See the "Additional Information" section of our device page for a link to Jawbone's factory reset directions.

One option is to take apart the Jambox and put rubber cement around each of the speakers to seal the edges. The other option is to take the Jambox apart and replace the speaker. To replace a speaker follow the Speaker Replacement Guide.

You’ve charged your Jambox, but but it is not holding a charge.

Fully charged, the Big Jambox should be able to play 10 hours of music (although this decreases with increased volume). If the speakers are not holding a charge, then you may need to purchase a new battery and replace it with the new one. Click here for access to the battery replacement guide.

The Jambox should take 2.5 hours to fully charge via microUSB from a wall socket, and several times longer to fully charge via Laptop or desktop PC. If charging takes longer than this, your charger could be the problem, and will need to be replaced.

You’ve tried multiple times to connect your Jambox via the Micro USB cable, however, the USB port is damaged or not functioning properly.

If you’re having a problem with the Jambox not charging through the USB port there are multiple ways to charge your device. You can either charge it via the charge port, using the wall charger that Jawbone provides. If you still want to charge it through the Micro USB port, there is either a problem with the connection cable, or with the port itself. We have a guide for replacing the Micro USB port here.

First, ensure that the Jambox is properly connected using the USB cable. If it is, make sure that your computer is up-to-date and that all software updates have been properly installed. If your Jambox is still not updating, then the problem most likely lies in the Micro USB port itself, and it will most likely need to be replaced using the Micro USB Replacement Guide.

The only solution is to replace the Micro USB port within your Jambox, which is also linked to an amplifier board. We provide step-by-step directions on how to do this within our replacement guide here.

The volume on my Jambox neither increases or decreases when I press the volume buttons.

First, try resetting the Jambox by clicking the link to Jawbone's factory reset directions under the "Additional Information" section of our device page. If this does not work, then try updating your Jambox using the MyTalk function through the supplied USB cable.

This problem is hardware-based and you will need to replace the button circuit board. We have a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

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