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Justin Bieber Concert Microphone Troubleshooting

The Justin Bieber Concert Microphone plays 2, 30-second song clips including 'One Time' and 'Somebody To Love', as well as 2 concert sounds.

Microphone isn't producing sound ¶ 

The microphone just will not make sounds when the buttons are pressed

Make sure on/off switch is turned to on ¶ 

The device's switch has 3 settings: Demo, Off, and On. The On setting is the furthest to the right. Make sure the switch is in that position when using the device.

Battery issues ¶ 

Batteries inserted improperly ¶ 

Follow the figure below the battery in the slot in which the battery lies. Namely, the negative, or bottom, end should be placed up against the spring. The positive end, with the notch, should face the side opposite the spring.

Dead batteries ¶ 

This device takes uses 3 AAA batteries for power. If the device is on but not making sound or the sound is weak or spotty, the batteries could be dead. Remove the back panel using a screwdriver and remove the dead batteries. Replace them with 3 new AAA batteries.

Buttons are sticking ¶ 

If one of the three buttons on the front of the device is sticking, that could cause a lack of sound.

This requires the device to be opened up and the buttons to be adjusted, refer here for that problem.

On/off switch is broken or jammed ¶ 

It is possible that the On/Off Switch could be damaged, broken, or jammed. It needs to be replaced for the device to work properly; refer to this guide to repair it.

Speaker is dead ¶ 

The speaker of the device could be dead and need replacement. This requires the device to be opened up, refer here for help replacing the speaker.

Printed circuit board is bad ¶ 

The printed circuit board on the device could be faulty or worn which requires the device to be opened up and the board to be replaced, refer here for help replacing it.

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