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LG G Pad 7.0 Troubleshooting

Tablet released by LG in 2014

Device does not turn on

The device remains unresponsive when pushing the power button. Screen remains black

Screen does not turn on

Performing a soft reset may resolve the issue

Any other hardware issue in the screen including the digitizer, wiring, and LCD will require replacing the whole screen hardware piece which includes them all.

Battery is dead

Click Here to go to decreased battery life troubleshooting.

Power Switch Broken

Make sure to hold down the Power button. If device doesn't turn on, it is possible the power switch is broken.

Cracked Screen

If the device's glass screen is scratched, cracked, or not displaying properly, the following repairs may be used.

The screen is broken or cracked

Try testing the touch display. In most cases the device will keep operating normally. If this is the case, then the problem is cosmetic but requires a major part replacement. If planning to replace the glass screen of the tablet, consider replacing the whole LCD screen display since the glass is adhesively glued to the touch digitizer. These steps are detailed in the following guide.

If the device was dropped or has a lot of use, display screen can be broken and not working. A guide to replacing the screen can be found here.

Water Damage

Moisture content can be too high and possibly destroyed the electronic composure.

Device does not charge

When plugged in to charge, the battery icon does not show to be charging. If the tablet has no charge, plugging it in does not cause it to light up or turn on.

Battery Failure

Click Here to go to decreased battery life troubleshooting.

Charger Broken

Tablet chargers are a common area of wear, purchasing a new one may be necessary. The LG G Pad 7.0 uses a micro-USB charger, which can be found cheaply.

Charge-port Loose

Using excessive force while plugging into the charger, or wiggling the charger in the charge port can loosen the connection between the charger and the device. If the charging icon does not appear when plugged in, try to blow in the charge port to reduce possible dust or sediment within the device. If this does not fix the problem, the charge port may need to replaced, per the following guide.

Decreased Battery Life

Device charge does not last as long as preferred. It may consistently display a low charge.

Device has too many features active

There are many small things that drain excessive battery power, and most of these can be fixed within the power settings of the device.

  • Decreasing screen brightness will extend life
    1. Navigate to settings
    2. Display
    3. Drag the battery slider to the left.
  • Using a live (moving) background (wallpaper) decreases battery life
    1. Navigate to settings
    2. Display
    3. Home Screen
    4. Wallpapers
    5. Select a non-live wallpaper
  • Turn of Wi-Fi Usage - only helps if there is no within range
    1. Swipe down on the top status bar
    2. Tap the Wi-Fi and/or bluetooth buttons

Device has too many applications running

Many applications continue to run and use energy if not explicitly closed when finished.

Turning unnecessary apps off may extend battery life

  1. Tap the recent apps icon
  2. This is the third icon on the bottom, looks like a square
  3. Swipe the app you want to close to the left or the right.

Battery is improperly calibrated

A soft reset can can reset the battery calibration, and in some cases may increase battery life, while not erasing any content.

  1. Press the power and volume down key
  2. Hold the buttons until the LG splash screen appears
  3. The tablet will automatically restart.

Charger is not working

If the charging icon is failing to increase or only increases to a certain amount, it is possible that the charger is working incorrectly. This can be tested by using a different charger. If the phone charges normally the charger is at fault. At this point it is suggested to buy a new charger.

Battery has gone bad

If all the previous steps have failed to increase battery life, the battery has probably started to fail. This happens with time, and is an easy fix, but requires the purchase of a new battery. A replacement guide can be found here.

Device slows and freezes

Characterized by the device freezing temporarily, performing slowly, not allowing the download of new apps, or stopping working abruptly while in use

SD Card is worn, possibly with decreased read/write speed

  1. Swipe down on the settings bar
  2. Press settings
  3. Storage
  4. Unmount SD card
  5. Ok
  6. Remove SD card

Too many background applications and processes are running

Even if apps are not open, they can still be running, slowing down the internal hard-drive of the tablet. Make sure all non-active apps are closed.

  1. On the bottom home screen, press the recent tabs icon
  2. It should display recent apps used
  3. Press CLEAR ALL

Alternatively, a soft reset may be performed, This process restarts the device without losing any personal data.

  1. Press and the power and volume down key
  2. Hold the buttons until the LG splash screen appears
  3. The tablet will automatically restart

Device has low memory

  1. Tap "All apps Icons" from the home screen.
  2. Navigate to settings
  3. Storage
  4. Look at available storage in the internal storage section to determine if the device has low memory. Below 500 megabytes is a sign some programs should be deleted.

Application cache is full

This doesn’t remove personal settings such as login information and high-scores, but it does clear unwanted memory and space within the device.

  1. Swipe down on the settings bar
  2. Press settings
  3. Apps
  4. swipe left to the ALL tab
  5. Click on an app
  6. Press clear cache
  7. Repeat for other apps.

Software Needs to be Updated

It is always important to keep device software up to date. Check the app store to see if the device has any available updates.

Device not connecting to Internet

Unable to access the internet, or many apps, usually the device will inform you when it is failing due to internet connectivity

Wi-Fi router is not working correctly

All devices need clear and proper Internet access. Poor connectivity may not be the device, but the internet source. Check the Wi-Fi router or hotspot.

Wi-Fi capability is turned off

Slide down home screen and make sure Wi-Fi button is highlighted blue on the top left section of the screen.

Alternatively, go to settings and make sure the device is connected to the proper receiver.

Wi-Fi receiver is faulty

If Wi-Fi is still not functional, the Wi-Fi receiver may be broken and may need to be replaced.

Device speaker broken

Speaker or headphones do not play sound during videos or when playing music.

Broken headphones

An easy way to eliminate the problem is to make sure the headphones work in another device. It is also possible to blow the speaker on the device.

Broken speaker

If listening at maximum volume, it is possible to blow the speaker on the device. It will need to be replaced.

Broken Audio jack

If sound comes from the loud speaker but not the headphones it is most likely a broken audio jack. It will need to be replaced

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if running the screen on all the timf will it hurt it

charles - 답글

I have done all the updates but if I try to read a story in Facebook it kicks me out back to my news feed. It freezes slot on some games and kicks out of it and restarts. I don't have this problem on my LG 5 phone. What can I do to fix this cause I'm not happy with it and I'm stuck with it for two years?

cowgirltoby - 답글

First sd cards stopped loading after a software update and now shortly after a new software update it's rejecting the sim. How can I fix it? Nothing here addressed any of these problems.

Samantha Milburn - 답글

I am still having the problem of the screen not turning on but still vibrates and my alarm still goes off ive tried reseting it a couple of times and its still black i need some suggestions on what else to do

Maria Barrios - 답글

my tablet touch does not work … can you repair my tablet touch .. plzz do something for my lg tablet 7.0

amirkhawn - 답글

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