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LG Optimus Fuel Troubleshooting

A pay-as-you-go Android Smartphone released June, 2014. Identified as model LGL34C

The screen occasionally locks up and won’t change its display or respond despite repeated button pressing and curses.

The LG Optimus fuel sometimes fails to respond when the battery is almost empty. Plug in the phone and charge it for 30 minutes and see if it functions normally afterwards.

Occasionally temporary files created by the applications on the phone can cause it freeze up. To clear these files perform a soft reset by turning off the phone and removing the battery for 30 seconds. Then place the battery back in and turn on the phone.

Applications like the clock and temperature on the phone constantly collect information through widgets. Having too many of these widgets can effect the processing power of the phone and cause it to perform slowly and occasionally freeze up.

To remove widgets go to Apps> Widgets then tap on the widget you wish to delete, and hold until it expands. Next drag the expanded widget to Remove and release once the widget is highlighted red.

The phone is responding slower than molasses in the middle of winter.

Certain apps tend to continue to operate even after you have closed them and can slow down the phone. To close these background apps press and hold the Home button. Then select Task Manager to display all currently running background applications. Click the Stop button next to the desired app to close the background application, or the Stop All button to close all background apps.

Every application stores a cache of temporary files that can eat up memory and slow down processing speeds. To clear this cache go to Apps > Settings > Apps and swipe left to the All tab. From there select the desired app and press the Clear Cache button to delete the temporary files. Do not press the Clear Data button as this deletes personal settings and info such as save files.

Even after being plugged in all night, you still have a dead phone.

The first thing that you should do is to check your phone charger. Is it plugged in correctly? Is the outlet that you are using a working outlet? If you answered yes to these two questions, you should move on to some of the basic troubleshooting tips below.

Once you have assured that your charger is plugged in to a working outlet, you should check your charging cable for any damage. If you see any frayed wires, you need to replace your charger.

If your charger is very warm to the touch after it has been plugged in, this could be an indicator that your charger is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced. It is important to use the charger that originally came with your phone. If this charger does not function properly, you should replace it with the same type of charger. A cheap knock off can be poorly made and have a short lifespan, eventually leading to problems when you try to charge your phone.

If your charger seems to be undamaged and in good working order, you should now check the charging port on the phone. Check to make sure that the port is clean and free of debris. Sometimes, dust or dirt can accumulate in the charging port which can cause problems when attempting to charge your phone.

If you have a functioning charger, and the charging port on your phone looks good, but your phone still won't charge, replacing the battery is your best option. You should replace the battery with an identical battery that was made for your phone. You can find a replacement battery at major phone stores and online. Just beware of cheap knock offs!

Treating your battery properly once it is replace will help extend the life of your battery and can help you avoid charging issues in the future. To treat your battery properly, you should let your battery reach 5% battery life before placing your phone on a charger. When your battery reaches a 100% charge, you should remove your phone from the charger. Over charging your battery will shorten the life of your battery. Frequent charging when your battery life has not been completely depleted will also shorten your battery's lifespan.

If you have tried all the above steps to fix your phone's charging issue and your phone still won't charge, you may need to update your phone's software (see "Outdated System Software" below).

If a software update doesn't fix your charging issue, you may need to try replacing the charging port on your phone. You can find detailed instructions on how to perform this repair in the LG Optimus Fuel Battery Replacement.

Your LG Optimus Fuel seems functional and everything is on par, but when you plug in the headphones, there is little to no sound coming from the headphones and/or speakers.

This is the one of the most common and easily diagnosed problems, simply try another pair of headphones or replace them. If the new pair of headphones works perfectly fine, then it was evident that you had a defective pair of headphones.

An outdated system can cause system instability, therefore, a mere software update should fix that right up. Go to Settings > System > About Device > Software Update.

Inspect the 3.5mm headphone jack for any signs of dirt or debris; Use a toothpick to clean out any debris inside the headphone jack and then test it. If the problem persists and there is no audio to be heard through the headphones when they are plugged in, the headphone jack is defective. Thus, it needs replacement.

If your speakers aren't producing any type of sound properly, it could be due to an outdated software or a defective speaker itself. Usually performing a simple System Update can resolve this issue. Go to Settings > System > About Device > Software Update. If that doesn't resolve the problem, you may have a defective speaker unit itself which is going to need replacement. Please see the LG Optimus Fuel Speaker Replacement for assistance in this matter.

All of your phone numbers and addresses have vanished.

Contacts can sometimes be hidden on the phone. To make sure all of your contacts are visible go to Apps > Contacts > Menu > Settings > Display Options > All Contacts .

If you have saved your contacts onto the LG Optimus SD card you can restore them from memory by going to Apps > Contacts > Menu > Import/Export > Import from SD card then choose where you wish to save your contacts.

If you cannot restore your contacts from the SD card then it has most likely been wiped, but fear not, if you have your contacts linked to a Google account you can restore them by going to: Apps > Settings > Account & Sync > Add Account > Google > Existing. Then enter your account information and press Next > Ok > Not Now and choose your sync options. When you are finished press Next to complete the transfer.

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What if phone works fine one day(never bumped/jarred,or had moisture issues) It sat un disturbed for a cpl wks!,then when battery was reinserted the following happens!! when power is pushed on all it will do is flash lcd screen(w/lg logo)on and of then finally show lg logo and under it it says security error?? note: it will charge battery when plugged in(and show charge level!) oval home key(on botton of face) will pulsate in red as they do when charging when not plugged in to charge it will pulsate green/red(back and forth) as well! I have a ton of contacts and importants texts/pics I don't wanna lose! can anyone help?? call/text me(814)493-7199 thanks Jim

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