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No matter what you do, you can't get your computer to turn on.

If the charging light does not turn on when the computer is plugged in, the power adapter might be faulty. Try plugging the computer into a different outlet. If the light still does not come on, your power adapter might be faulty. Try using a different power adapter.

If the computer works when it is plugged in but turns off when unplugged, the battery is probably faulty. To solve this, try replacing the battery.

The power light comes on, but the operating system will not boot.

When turning on your computer it works fine. However, only when you decide to open up a program or website, does the computer performance start to noticeably be slower and may even crash. When this happens, there is not enough RAM or you have RAM that is too slow or old. To solve this, try replacing the RAM.

The keyboard is not responsive or keys are missing.

If the keys are unresponsive, the keyboard may be disconnected. If the keyboard is connected and still unresponsive, try [잘못된 안내서 링크].

If keys are missing, you can try to purchase replacement keys and install them, but it might be easier to just [잘못된 안내서 링크].

The screen is physically damaged or does not function as expected.

If the screen is physically broken or cracked or if the screen does not display anything or if the screen display is distorted, try replacing the display.

If the computer is turned on but the screen does not display, then the display may be disabled. If the display is disabled, press the 'Fn' button on the lower left side of the keyboard and then press the 'F6' button on the top of the keyboard. This should enable the display.

The computer will not play sounds, but the volume is not muted.

If the audio jack is broken or is not functional, try replacing the audio jack.

If the audio is distorted or does not play, then the audio driver may be faulty. Try updating the current audio driver or installing a new audio driver.

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