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My Magic Bullet will not turn on ¶ 

The device shows no signs of powering on.

It may not be plugged into a power source ¶ 

Check to make sure that your Magic Bullet is plugged into a suitable power source. The Magic Bullet has a very effective 120 V/ 60 Hz/ 250 Watt motor.

You may have a faulty power cord ¶ 

If your Magic Bullet is plugged in but still is not turning on, your power cord may be faulty. Inspect the cord for tears or exposures of wires. If there are tears or exposures, follow the link to the Magic Bullet Power Cord Replacement Guide.

You may have a faulty activator ¶ 

There are small white activators on the power base that signal for the beginning of the blending process. If these activators are stuck or broken, the Magic Bullet will not turn on. Follow this link to the Magic Bullet Activator Replacement Guide.

The blades of my Magic Bullet won't turn ¶ 

The device shows signs of powering on, but the blades will not turn.

The blades of your Magic Bullet may be warped or bent ¶ 

If the blades of your Magic Bullet are warped or bent, you may have to order new ones. To buy a new blade base, go here.

The motor may have overheated ¶ 

The Magic Bullet should not be run for more than a minute at a time. Unplug your Magic Bullet and let it cool down before reusing.

The base gear may be broken ¶ 

If the gear in the base broke, the blades may not turn properly. Follow this link to the Magic Bullet Base Gear Replacement Guide.

My Magic Bullet won't crush food/ice anymore ¶ 

The blender is on and the blades are turning, but it won't crush or blend anything in the cup effectively and/or efficiently.

There may be too much in your Magic Bullet ¶ 

If your Magic Bullet is overfilled, the blades will only turn and not crush or blend. Try removing some food/ice out of the cup and trying again.

There may be food stuck between the blades ¶ 

Turn off and unplug your Magic Bullet for safety. Then, remove and thoroughly clean out any food found between the blades that may be stopping the blades from functioning properly.

The blades may be overused and dulled ¶ 

If you have had your Magic Bullet for a long time, the blades may have become dull and need to be replaced. You can buy new blades here.

My Magic Bullet is leaking ¶ 

The device is blending properly, but when it's used, there are obvious leaks and spillage.

Internal or external parts may be broken or cracked ¶ 

If the cup or blade base is cracked, leakage can occur which would require replacement of these items. You can buy new cups and blades here.

The casing may be cracked or broken ¶ 

If the outside casing of your Magic Bullet is broken leakage can occur. Follow this link to the Magic Bullet Casing Replacement Guide.

The rubber gasket may not be sealed ¶ 

If the rubber gasket on your Magic Bullet is loose or ripped, you will need to replace it to prevent leaking. Follow this link to the Magic Bullet Rubber Gasket Replacement Guide.

The cups for my Magic Bullet will not lock in ¶ 

When you try to lock your cup into the device, the cup will not lock in to activate the blender to start.

The lock-in tabs may be broken ¶ 

There are three lock-in tabs on each of the cups included with the Magic Bullet. These plastic tabs can break off. Check your Magic Bullet cup to ensure that all three lock-in tabs are in working condition.

The notch where the tabs lock in may need to be cleaned ¶ 

Food can get stuck in these small notches preventing the cup from locking in properly. Ensure that these areas are clean.

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One of the clear lock in tabs on the cup slipped under the small white notch which starts the blades now I can't remove the cup, It's stuck in place what should I do? HELP

karen brown - 답글

This happened to me today. I got a eyeglass screwdriver and loosened the stuck notch. Its not possible to clean these but it can be loosened enough to use

Denise Hogstrom - 답글

my brand new magic bullet has totally blunt blades..???what should they feel like?

denise - 답글

I have the same question. The blades are like butter knives

tinyson6674 -

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