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Nerf Gun Not Cocking ¶ 

No matter how hard you try, your nerf gun won't cock.

Broken Catch ¶ 

The catch is an internal piece that catches the plunger when you cock the gun and releases it when you pull the trigger; the resulting rush of air is what propels the dart. As a relatively small part, made of thin plastic, the catch is particularly prone to wearing out after heavy use. Once broken, it must be replaced for the gun to function normally again.

Loose Catch Spring ¶ 

The catch spring is a small, but vital part of the catching mechanism. It gives some of the tension necessary for the catch to latch on to the plunger. Without it, the catch will not spring back into place after firing the gun. If the spring is simply out of place, putting it back into position will correct the problem. if the spring is stretched from heavy use, it may be necessary to replace the spring. Many online sources report that a pen spring may successfully replace the catch spring.

See the Catch Spring Replacement Guide for more details.

Nerf Gun Not Firing ¶ 

Your gun will cock, but when you pull the trigger no bullets come out.

Plunger Misalignment ¶ 

The plunger propels the bullets by air pressure. Often times after disassembly, the plunger can become misaligned with the holes in the barrel. Simply repositioning the plunger so that its air flows directly into the barrel will solve the problem.

Bad Seal in Plunger ¶ 

The plunger is made up of two tubes, one inside of the other. The outer tube is pulled back when the gun is cocked and forces air out the inner tube when the trigger is pulled. There is an rubber o-ring seal between the two tubes which forces the air to flow in the correct direction. If this seal fails, the air will not reach the bullet with enough pressure to fire. If this happens, the o-ring must be replaced. Home centers should have the appropriate size in the plumbing section, or a rubber band may be used as a substitute.

See the O-Ring Replacement Guide for more details.

Chamber of Gun Stuck ¶ 

The spinning part that holds the bullets is stuck.

Friction Between Chamber & Frame ¶ 

Using WD40 to lubricate the axle which the cylinder is resting on. Sometimes the cylinder will rub up against other parts of the gun if it isn't aligned properly, and spraying WD40 in these areas can make the gun work more smoothly and minimize any damage caused by friction.

Cylinder Not Rotating Correctly ¶ 

Making sure that the cylinder doesn't have dirt, or anything that doesn't belong on the gun can be a quick fix. It's easy to get a small rock or dirt stuck in many different places of the gun. If a bullet doesn't leave the gun, but you hear it shoot the bullet, the bullet may be wedged somewhere in the gun causing an obstruction.

If neither of the above suggestions work, check out the Chamber Replacement Guide.

Trigger Not Working ¶ 

No matter how much you try, the trigger won't respond.

The Trigger is Jammed ¶ 

Typically when the trigger is not working, it is usually jammed. The simplest fix is to make sure the trigger is being pulled all the way back in the barrel.

Damaged Spring ¶ 

Once you have made sure that that trigger has been all of the way extended, ensure that the spring is working properly. If the spring has been damaged or broken, you will need to replace the spring which is located inside of the chamber

Stuck Bullets ¶ 

Don't point it at your eyes!

Size of Dart ¶ 

When the bullets are stuck in the chamber, the easiest solution is to ensure you are using the correct size dart for the Maverick-6. If the darts are too large or too small for the gun, it allows them to get stuck easily. Replacement darts can usually be purchased if you do find that the size of your darts does not match the size of your gun.

Blocking ¶ 

When pulling the trigger back and the darts still do not leave the chamber, be sure the chamber and/or barrel are not being blocked by your hand(s). You can determine if the chamber or barrel are blocked if you cannot hear or feel the air escaping from the gun upon firing. Ensure that your positioning is one that allows the air to escape, which pushes the plunger and allows your dart to escape the gun.

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i looked for the advice every where and the spring that helps it calk back is not there please help me find where i could by this for a cheap amount thanks.

Natalie Lanpher - 답글

i wanted tips on what is best way to stay in stealth durring a nerf war while using the maverick rev-6 and also i wanted just tips in general on the best way to use that gun

James Carrano - 답글

The nerf mega Centurion gun will fire the bullet, but the bullet wont fully come out of the barrel. How do I fix this?

Anne Milburn - 답글

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