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Nest Cam Troubleshooting

Home security camera with 1080p HD video quality, identified by model number NC1102ES, released in 2015.

Nest cam will not turn on or respond to input

If the indication light is neither visible nor blinking your Nest Cam may be off. With the Nest App make sure that your Nest Cam Camera is on under settings and is properly charged with the USB cord provided. Ensure your electric outlet is working and that the USB power cord is not faulty. Your Nest Cam may not be charged sufficiently. You need to leave Nest Cam plugged continually for surveillance purposes.

If your Nest Cam is streaming fine but the status light does not seem to be visible, your status light settings may just be set to off. You can turn the status light on or off in the Nest App under camera settings then under lights and sound choose status light .

Nest Cam will not stream live feed or is unresponsive to the Nest App

All camera settings are controlled through the Nest Cam App. Make sure that you have downloaded this app and have your bluetooth enabled in your phone settings and have logged in with all your proper information. Your app will tell you if your Nest Cam is connected to Wi-Fi. The Nest Cam status light will also be a solid green if it is connected and functioning properly.

Your Nest Cam is not connected to the Wi-Fi if the status light is orange. Make sure that the camera is within range of your router, and check for any interference. If it continues, attempt to set up and connect to Wi-Fi again.

Sometimes the video quality setting for streaming is set too high for the Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes lowering the video quality will help create a smoother streaming. Go into your Nest app and select the camera you want to control. Select the settings option in the top right corner, choose Image quality and select a lower resolution.

Often the Nest Cam just needs a reboot to continue to function properly. Unplug your Nest Cam’s power cord from the wall, wait 10 seconds and then plug the cord back in. Your Nest Cam will restart immediately.

If it isn’t your Nest Cam, it might be the router and modem. Start with unplugging both and waiting 10 seconds, then plug only the modem back in. Wait until the modem has restarted and then plug the router back in. After the router has restarted, check your Nest Cam connection and video stream again.

It is possible that your Nest Cam or a specific Nest Cam in a group is just too far away from the router to stream smoothly. Try to move the camera to a better position to diminish interference with the Wi-Fi connection.

Nest Cam is hot to the touch.

Although the back plating on the Nest Cam is meant for heat protection and absorption, Nest Cam may still overheat. If you feel your Nest Cam is too hot, unplug your Nest cam for a minute or so and then plug it back in. It is possible it just needed to rest.

Your Nest Cam may be in a spot that makes it unable to breathe. If you have your Nest Cam mounted in or on a material that does not absorb heat very well or blocks airflow your Nest Cam may even shut off. Ensure that your Nest Cam is in a well ventilated area and not in direct sunlight. Nest Cam is only to be used indoors so if your Nest Cam is monitoring from the outside, you may want to rethink your placement options.

Nest Cam is zoomed in too far or will not respond or glitch while zooming .

Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is within range and your Nest Cam is streaming continually and properly. Your connection may just be bad, especially if your mobile device is streaming or using the Nest Cam app as well. Use the ‘’’ bad connection ‘’’ section of this troubleshoot guide to determine whether or not this is the issue.

Sometimes the Nest Cam gets smudged or dusty. Wipe the lens of your Nest Cam with a microfiber cloth to make sure that the zoom trouble isn’t stemming from a dirty lens.

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My Nest cam is not playing back video. I've tried rebooting it. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

nestcamuser - 답글

My nest camera when turned completely off yet is still plugged into wall outlet show a blue light blinking from time to time. Only my husband and i have a password. Am i hacked?

KayeMichele - 답글

my nest cam works fine but the light is red. I can find nothing on the web that says what a red light means, Maybe my camera is a void bringer….hmm still works Anyone have any ideas?

Greg Spears - 답글

I have the same issue and I can’t find anything online. The cams seems to be working just fine. And before some troll tries to tell me it’s the infrared for night vision, it’s not. We’re talking about the status light that would normally be blue is constant red.

Brandon Burnham -

My nest camera does not work half the time it says it’s offline but in realty it is not.Time to try another product!

Andrew Skok - 답글

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