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When attempting to close battery door compartment, it does not close properly.

The battery compartment must be properly closed for the camera to function. When closing the battery slot, be sure to hold the slot down to lock it in to place, otherwise the spring under it will push it out of place.

The spring used for the battery slot’s door may be improperly bent. It will not hinder the closing of the small door, but the opening. The door will need to be manually popped open since the spring is unable to do so.

If the door is unable to shut properly, check the perimeter of the small door for a buildup of unwanted material. Use a cotton swab to clear the excess residue.

Be sure to insert the battery with the proper side facing up. Failure to do so will stop the battery slot from closing properly.

The camera will not turn on when the power button is pressed.

If the camera refuses to power on after being activated, it may be due to a low/dead battery. Place it on the charger until the lights indicate a full battery.

If the camera refuses to activate despite a properly charged battery, make sure the slot housing the battery is properly shut. Failure to properly close the hatch might continue the activation issue or result in the battery falling out of the bottom.

If the battery is charged and hatch is properly shut, the issue might be the power button. To expose the power button, remove the external casing.

When the camera is turned on, the shutter freezes. The buttons are unresponsive and the camera may or may not show an error message.

Insure that you are completely releasing the camera flash button to allow the shutter to properly close.

A dirty lens may be causing the problem, make sure the lens surface is clean and that there's nothing getting in the way. Use a lens brush to clean off the glass, then use a can of compressed air around the lens and shutter area.

If a good cleaning doesn't do the trick, try to interrupt the shutter. If your camera has manual modes, use shutter priority or manual to set the shutter speed to bulb or the slowest possible setting. If manual modes aren't an option, use a scene setting that's designed for low light pictures, like fireworks or sunset. Then, take a photo and while the camera is still taking the photo, take the battery out (don't turn the camera off). If you don't have manual settings, you may need to be rather fast to take the battery out while the picture is being taken. When the shutter is interrupted, it may start to loosen. You may need to repeat this step several times.

When attempting to use the zoom function, it does not work properly.

The zoom control is located around the photo capture button on the top of the camera. There is a small knob extending on the lens side of the camera. In order to zoom in and out, try rotating this knob back and forth. To zoom out, twist the knob in a counterclockwise direction. To zoom in, twist the knob in a clockwise direction.

The zoom function on the camera is operated by a spring. The zoom control should turn freely about 1/8 of a full rotation in each direction, and then spring back to it's original position facing the front (lens side) of the camera. If the zoom control knob does not return to it's original position, try twisting it back and forth a few times. If this still does not work, then you may need to replace the spring inside the camera.

Try turning off the camera then on again, sometimes if the camera usage is overloaded it will freeze resulting in the zoom function to not work properly.

The camera is not reading the SD card.

To open the door on the bottom of the camera, slide the lock to the left and swing the cover open. Press in on the SD card to disengage the locking mechanism. You should hear it click. This could cause the camera to have problems detecting the SD card.

Also, be certain that the SD card is placed properly inside the camera. There should be one corner of the SD card that appears as though it is 'cut off.' Place the SD card inside the camera so that this corner is inserted first, and nearest the outside of the camera (on the side of the orange battery locking mechanism).

Format the card in the camera and try again. If the camera won't format the card it needs to be replaced because it may have become corrupt.

Consider inserting a new SD card, some SD cards are produced as "faulty" resulting in the camera not being able to detect the SD card.

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when i try use my camera i get a lens error.

nanakmh49 - 답글

The screen isn’t turning on and the lens don’t come out, mind you been having this camera since 2012. Should i exchange it!?

Joceline - 답글

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