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Panasonic KX-TGE233 Troubleshooting

Released in March of 2014, can be identified by the model number KX-TGE233 on the bottom of the main docking station.

The phone will not power on and shows no signs of charging when docked.

Each of the three phones uses two rechargeable AAA batteries. If the adapter is properly plugged in and shows signs of powering the base, the batteries may need replacement. Note that, if the batteries are in need of replacement, the new batteries must be Ni-MH batteries and not lithium batteries. To replace the batteries, follow this guide.

If the power adapter is plugged into both the main receiver and the wall, while the phone is still not charging (even after battery replacement), there may be a problem with the power adapter. In this event, the power adapter will need replacement. Another possibility is that the power port on the base might be faulty, in which case, follow this guide.

There is sound coming from the device, but it is distorted, low in quality, or hard to hear.

This isn't a terribly common issue, but sometimes, signals from other wireless devices can cause audio in other devices to sound off. If you're using your phone within a few feet of a wireless internet router (or other device), or have your device's docking station placed within range of such a device, this absolutely could be your problem. If you think that this could be the cause, be sure to check out this guide on what devices could be the problem and how to resolve it.

If the device shows signs of being on and all other options have been checked, the phone's speaker may have gone bad. If a call can be placed/received from one handset but not another, this is likely to be the issue. In order to fix this issue, the speaker in that handset will need to be replaced. Be sure to check out the repair guide on the main page for this device in order to fix the issue.

Whenever I attempt to press a button on the device, there doesn't appear to be a response.

While definitely not a common issue, in some cases, a series of events can cause a device to freeze, preventing it from responding to any input. If this is the problem, the phone can easily be turned off by removing the batteries from the back compartment. After placing them back in, you can check to see if the issue has been resolved.

If there isn't any response to buttons being pressed on the phone, but the phone has shown response to other actions (i.e. the screen changes to show that it's charging when on the docking station, the phone will ring when someone is calling), this could be the result of a bad connection between the buttons and their contact points on the phone's motherboard. If this is what is happening to you, be sure to check out the repair guide on this device's main page for help with replacing the buttons and contact points.

When a call is placed to the number, there is no ring from the phone in response.

If calls can be made from the phone, but no calls can be received, then Silent Mode/Night Mode may be on. You can confirm that this mode is on by looking at the top left corner of the LCD display. If an icon with three Z's is located there, then Silent Mode is on. To turn off Silent Mode, go to menu, then type in #238. This will take you to the option to disable Silent Mode. For more instructions on how to reach this menu, please refer to the electronic manual for this device.

If the receiver is not powered on, no calls can be made or received by the device. In this case, please refer to the section on device not powering on.

If the device shows signs of power, but is unable to make or receive calls, the TEL cord may either not be plugged in, or it may have a bad connection, requiring replacement. Before purchasing a new TEL cord for your device, please check to ensure that it is plugged in properly to both the wall and the main receiver. Refer to this guide for help on how to check for issues with your landline to ensure that it is the cord itself that needs replacing. Should this not fix the problem, you can replace the TEL port by following this guide.

After dialing the number and pressing the 'Talk' button, there is no audio that indicates that the call is taking place.

The handset has not been registered to the base unit. All the handsets should have been preregistered. If some of the handsets are not registered, please re-register them.

Disconnect the base unit from the telephone line and connect the line to a known working telephone. If the working telephone does not operate properly, contact the local service provider/telephone company.

If the device seems to be responding whenever a button is pressed, but the call does not go through after pressing the call button, one problem could be that there is a stored area code on the device. If this is the cause of the issue, it can be fixed by performing a factory reset on your device. Please refer to this guide on how to factory reset your Panasonic phone.

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Phone shows”line in use” continually. Removed and rein put that batteries, did not help

Sheila Vine - 답글

All these excuses on why a phone is TERRIBLE quality…I have a Panasonic with corded unit and one cordless phone and the voicemail audio is disgusting and my Mom has the same unit, we got them at the same time and all I can say is ironic, both new, both terrible and I even tried to buy her a new Panasonic thinking they made it better…NOT, horrible horrible and I am returning it and NEVER buying Panasonic again…not battery, not adapter, not the problem, it’s the make PANASONIC!!!!

Don Berto - 답글

PANASONIC….HORRIBLE HORRIBLE….my mom and I got the same unit both the speakers are disgusting.  I buy a new one and same thing - returning it….will never ever buy Panasonic again!!!!! Bad battery NOT, bad adapter NOT…all were new and garbage from the start.

Don Berto - 답글

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