PlayStation 2 Troubleshooting

Won't Power On ¶ 

The PS2 just won't turn on.

Not Plugged In ¶ 

There needs to be a power source for the PS2 to work. Make sure that your PS2 is plugged into the wall outlet, that the outlet works and that the power plug is plugged into the PS2.

Faulty Power Switch ¶ 

This could result from a number of things but ultimately you will need to replace it if this is the problem. Use this guide to help you.

Power Light Goes Red After Turning On ¶ 

There have been instances when a connection from the main power switch on the back of the console becomes loose from the internal power board. If you think this is the case, follow the steps in this guide to get to the power switch circuitry. A complete power switch may be necessary, or you may just need to solder any bad connections.

Disc Drive Errors ¶ 

Problems with discs working in the game system.

"Disc Read Error" ¶ 

If this error message is shown, the fix is really simple. All you need to do is open your disc drive to clean the lens.

Laser is Broken ¶ 

If your PS2 still doesn't work after cleaning the lens, it could be that the entire laser is broken and needs to be replaced. There could also simply be a broken connection, or an unplugged cable that needs to be fixed. In either case, refer to the laser replacement guide to help you.

Disc Drive Needs Replacing ¶ 

If the above steps have been taken and you still get disc drive errors, it is time to replace the whole disc drive.

Overheating ¶ 

System seems to be getting too hot.

Faulty Cooling Fan ¶ 

If you look on the back of the PS2 and the fan isn't spinning, it may be time to replace the fan. The fan is connected with just one small plug inside the unit, so before resulting to a complete replacement, try taking apart your PS2 to check the connection. Whichever way you need to go, check out the fan repair guide.

Spinning Blue Orbs/Dots on the Main Menu Not Spinning ¶ 

System clock is static, orbs are static, etc.

Date and Time Issue ¶ 

The blue spinning orbs or dots that you see on the menu that gives you the option to go to the Browser or System Configuration are connected to the system clock. They spin in motion with the system's time, and if the system is stuck with the time not going up or down, the orbs will stay static. The system can lose track of time after a long period of being disconnected, and you will need to set the date from 1/1/2000 to the current date.

In some cases, just after unplugging or turning off the system, turning it back on can cause the system to lose its time again, making the orbs static in one circle and the system going back to the same date with the time going up. This is because there is a clock battery inside the PS2 that stores the system's information, like date and time and a few other system configuration settings. It stores it for a good amount of time whenever the system is unplugged so that the owner of the system will not have to reapply any settings after the system not having power for a few minutes, hours, or even days or weeks. The battery will most likely drain over time and not store any of the information, and will need to be replaced with a new one.

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My PS2 Slim just died, I think. I noticed it was lit green, like when it's on. I asked my daughter if she had played and forgot to turn it off, but she said she hadn't. I felt the unit and it was really hot. I tried turning it off, but the LED stayed green. I ultimately pulled the plug from behind, so it got black. Re-powered it and now it goes green for a split second and then starts blinking red. No display. Burnt out unit, perhaps?

Carl Oxwall - 답글

Probally a capacitor. Try to check the capacitors or take to a technical.

trovarium -

i got a ps2 and the power light comes on fan will run game will turn but it wont come on the screen it wont boot up to the mean screen......what could it be.

wondercoco - 답글

My system will play PS2 games, but when trying to play PS games I get audio and no video.

Amanda Jewell - 답글

My son was playing PS2 with the controller got with the PS2. I ordered two more controllers, so I wanted to make sure they worked. I put one in and it worked then I put the other in and everything out, no lights at all, no picture. I unplugged all the cords and plugged back in, switched outlets.

amanda casper - 답글

I doubt I'll get a reply but here goes... PS2 slim plays most all my Disks. A few won't load at all. I get a reply "Please insert a PS or PS2 format disk". Well, one is in the drive already.... I also have a game witch I play a lot, stopped working and I now get this same notice. What's wrong?

dave - 답글

Probably the optical lens are tired off or dirt or maybe your discs got too much riscs on it.

trovarium -

Mine is ps2 fat but had the same problen

special.akosayo -

I have a ps2 and there's no red light or green won't turn. How can I fix it? Thanks

Speed Racer - 답글

Its maybe the power supply

special.akosayo -

Played the ps2 once and now it's not on nor seems to be receiving power. My power cord has a 8.5v adapter attached to it. Could the adaptar be faulty?

jermaine.connelly - 답글

My ps2 had memory stick and cds but when i put cds inside. Only the red theme appears that says insert playstation discs but when i open the disc reader. It will go to firat screen which has the moving dots , the configuration and The browser it keeps repeating and i cant do anything about it. Pls help me

special.akosayo - 답글

I have a ps 2 and when it is turned on and I put cd in it, the power button turns red and do not load anything but when I take out the cd it works and open the memory card plz help

Prabhjot - 답글

ps2 wouldn't turn on so i opened it up and tried to fit the power ribbon back in, someone held it up for me a bit too high and all the cables for the disk drive came out except for one. one of the loose cables actually came out from the bottom of the drive, rather than the outlets underneath the drive

i'm worried it's done for good, so i need HELP

Zee Feger - 답글

I have a PS2 fat and a PS2 slim the both power on but the disc will not spin, Any ideas?

tanner stapleton - 답글

Thats probably cuz the lens are dirty or the laser is broken entirely

Ilyass Wolfy -

i was on my ps2 and i turend it off then i came back on it and the light is green but my tv screen is black and ive only just pluged it in i havent used it for ages because i missed places the lead

emily - 답글

You probably been playing for a long time and the ps2 overheated

Ilyass Wolfy -

Hard disk is not working as I have deleted some unknown files

Kratosganesh - 답글

My ps2 is turning on but it doesnt display any image or sound any soloution or suggestion would be appreciated please :D

Ilyass Wolfy - 답글

I have a ps2 fat scph 50004 model. Recently while cleaning i broke the power eject ribbon. The console was bricked. I replaced the ribbon and the console came on. I also replaced the laser. The discs spin and stop saying disc read error. The laser, worm motor, disk tray and disc motor works perfectly but im still getting d.r.e. Please help.

JMC29 - 답글

hi , i have a PS2 and i need to flash it , any one can help me ,

thank you of advance

am waiting for goods

ahmedou elboayt - 답글

Need help :I have a slim PS2 the reset button some times won't turn green unless the button is clicked a number of times and sometimes it doesn't even turns green

Sandeep Varma - 답글

Need help. my PlayStation2 disc are not spinning - 답글

My ps2 controller will not connect.

I thought is was the controller the first time I happened. But I bought a new one and it still doesn't connect. The red light would pop on the controller to show that it works, but every game I load in says to connect a controller to one of the oorts even though there is one in already. Plz help I need my fix of nostalgia.

Alex cazares - 답글

My ps2 one day turned off while playing a game and showed a white light. It made that beep noise 3 times in a row turned off repeats and then shows a white light again. I threw it away but I still would like to know what happened but no one else on the Internet seemed to have the “white light of death”. Please tell me if you have had it too and if you fixed it tell me how.

Blinky Cat - 답글

When im in the Ambience I am selecting the System Configuration and then automatically it just goes back to the Ambience how do I fix that?

Shame Gamer - 답글

I turn my PlayStation 2 on and the disc is still spinning and I still get the green/ red light when I turn it on/ off and I still get some of the audio but I don’t get any visuals. If anyone knows/ has experienced this, could you tell me what’s wrong? Is it the PlayStation or is my TV?

Isaac Sultana - 답글

while playing games ,about 5 minutes the display became bad.i cannot see anything properly,why?

subash ghising - 답글

Hi, I recently bought an old ps2 slim. Hooked it up, booted up fine, even played a metallic CD I had handy. But, when I tried playing a game, it never gets past the PlayStation logo. I don't have another game at the moment, so I'm thinking it may be the disc. The light does not change, but the console emits 5 short whirs at regular intervals.

Alec - 답글

My ps2 is working yesterday but when i try it now to play it now it doesn't work. Well it worked for almost 3 minutes but before i put the disc it turn off automatically and since then it wont turn on

Paul Justine Abelar - 답글

I just purchased a new AV adapter for my ps2 and when I turn it on the screen is black. The main menu never shows up. I tried plugging it into a different TV and it does the same thing. The fan will kick on and the light stays green when I turn it on so I don't think it's the console but you never know. Is it a defective AV adapter? Or is it my console? Should I try to get an authentic ps2 adapter? The one I purchased was for ps 1,2, &3.

Hayley Sapp - 답글

my ps2 is scph turns on normal way but afer 15 -20 min it suddenly turns off.what im worried is culd that be a error of power swich sercit or the main power circuit.pls someboby help if you have gone through the same scenario.

Oshada Pathum - 답글

I got a PS2 for my son, but we don’t have an AV cable for it, so I can’t tell if it works. While its plugged into the wall, the system turns on, but the disc doesn’t spin.

Ethan Hornberger - 답글

My own case about my ps2 is that it has not been turned on for about 10 mouths now . When I want to turn it on it shows the green light but does not appear on my TV screen.

Jacobs Ngalle

Wayne Jacobs - 답글

My PS2 will turn on, but when I load a disk, it takes me to the Browser or System Configuration screen. It then transitions to the browser screen. I’ve tried to select the PS2 disc option, but it only takes me back to the browser screen.

Kitty Cat - 답글

The vibration function just won't work.

Gamer bird - 답글

I have problem it wont work at all its not shining green or red. Idk if thats becouse of input it says 8.5 V but i only got 9V so if anyone can help pls help

Mirko Milinkovic - 답글

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