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SONY ZS-BTG900 Troubleshooting

Guides to some common problems with the speaker system

Device won't turn on ¶ 

When the power button is pressed there is no response from the device

Power Cable Issue ¶ 

If you are running the device with power from the cable, ensure that the device power cord is firmly plugged in on the device and the power outlet. If that does not work, check the cable for cuts or broken wires. If it has cuts or broken wires, you may want to consider buying a new power cable.

Batteries not working ¶ 

First, check to make sure the batteries are in the right orientation. This image shows the proper orientation of batteries in the device.

If the batteries are correctly positioned and the device still does not turn on you need to check the charge of the batteries. You can do this by putting them into another device to see if they work, or using a battery power tester . If the batteries have no charge, then they need to be replaced

Display won't turn on ¶ 

The screen on the front of the device is blank or not lit

LCD Broken or disconnected ¶ 

First, try turning the device off then back on again. if that does not work, the cable that connects the display to the rest of the device might be disconnected or broken. You'll have to dissassemble the device to get at the cable. Check out our dissassembly guide to see how to fix it.

Remote Not Working ¶ 

The Remote's buttons don't work

Device not responding to remote ¶ 

Check that the batteries of the remote are placed correctly and fully charged. Also make sure that the remote is pointed toward the remote sensor and that obstacles are not present between the sensor and the unit.

Remote's buttons are sticky ¶ 

This can result from debris being caught up in between the plastic case and the rubber buttons. To see step by step instructions to taking apart the remote and cleaning out debris, check out our repair guide.

Remote's buttons not working ¶ 

First, ensure you have inserted two size AA batteries into the remote.

Batteries will normally last 6 months in this remote, with normal use. Should the batteries be older than 6 months, replacement may be necessary. if the problem persists, you may have to replace the circuit board inside the remote. Check out this replacement guide.

Bluetooth ¶ 

Device will not pair with phone or tablet ¶ 

First check that the object is bluetooth compatible with the device. Make sure the phone or tablet close enough to connect with the device and away from any metal object or surfaces that could interfere with the signal. The best option is to reposition the unit until it connects to the device.

Bluetooth Signal Cutting Out ¶ 

This is likely because there are obstacles between the speaker and whatever you are playing music from. Ensure that whatever you are connecting to the device with is within 20 feet of the device.

CD Player ¶ 

CD player won't close ¶ 

First, ensure that there are no foreign objects trapped inside the CD compartment, do not try to force is shut. Then place a CD in and make sure that the CD hole is properly aligned on the spindle.

CD not spinning ¶ 

Ensure that the CD hole is properly aligned with the spindle. (consider repair guide to replace spindle motor.)

CD's not playing ¶ 

Check that the CD is properly placed in the CD player and not upside down. If the CD is spinning but it is not playing, there may be an issue with the laser reader in the device-check out this repair guide.

Radio ¶ 

Poor radio signal ¶ 

Check to make sure to replace all the batteries in the device with new fresh batteries. Also, make sure to keep device away from any nearby televisions as it could mess with the radio signal.

If that doesn't work, you might want to consider replacing the radio adapter, this replacement guide will show you how.

Misc ¶ 

Light show out of sync with music ¶ 

Check to make sure the unit is turned on first. Then press MODE 6 to turn off the automatic demonstration. Press until “DEMO MODE OFF” appears on the display screen.

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