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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Troubleshooting

If your Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is giving you problems, we've got your solution.

Potential Software issues

Before attempting repairs, please make sure that your software is up to date on the camera. If an app on the camera is not working, chances are that others are having the same issue and the developers have fixed the problem.

Camera won't turn on, when you press the power button, or it turns off after a short time.

Fully charge the battery by connecting the camera to a power outlet. You can also remove the battery and charge it with a wall mounted charger. If charging the battery does not help, or the battery does not stay charged, then it might be time for a new battery.

If the battery is fully charged, but the camera still doesn't turn on, the power button might be the cause. Check out this guide to replace the power button.

The flash does not pop out, or may not actually flash when you have the flash option turned on.

If the battery is low on the camera, it will try to conserve battery by shutting off the flash. Make sure to fully charge the battery before shooting. It may be advisable to buy an extra battery for all-day shooting.

If the camera is fully charged and the flash still won't light up, then perhaps the flash needs to be replaced because of either a burnt out bulb or faulty wiring. Take a look at this guide to replace the flash.

After turning the camera on, the lens does not engage, or the shutter doesn't open fully.

If the lens cover won't close or open fully, there may be something stuck between the camera lens and the lens cover. Trying to force it open to take pictures may scratch the lens of the camera. Instead, take a can of compressed air like Blow Off and gently remove the dirt and debris.

If there is no dirt or debris in-between the lens and the cover, then the cover mechanism might be broken. Check out this guide to fix the lens cover.

You try to zoom and the zoom button either does not respond, or goes wonky, under or over-zooming.

A thorough cleaning with compressed air or isopropyl alcohol may help to dislodge any debris or clean any dust stuck within the mechanism. Check out this guide for some tips. If this does not work, the mechanism itself may have an issue.

If a nice cleaning of the assembly does not help the zoom problem, the entire assembly may need to be replaced. It will require a toolkit and you can follow this guide for a little help.

If you get a pop up message that says "Zoom Error", try following the instructions on screen to solve the problem. If resetting the power source for the camera does not fix the issue, the zoom mechanism of the camera is more than likely malfunctioning or broken. Instead of spending $70 or more for a simple replacement, use this guide to replace it and buy yourself a nice lunch to celebrate.

The screen is black, malfunctioning or generally unresponsive.

Make sure that when you turn on the camera, the battery is charged.

When the screen is cracked, an impact may have affected the LCD screen underneath. If the screen is distorted or won't turn on, replace it with the help of this guide.

If the camera was working fine and then was subjected to trauma, such as dropping it in water, the motherboard may have been damaged and no longer be working properly. This may also be the case if the motherboard was defective. You can change out the motherboard with help from this guide.

You are pressing the shutter button, but the camera is not capturing what you see.

If the camera doesn't want to take pictures when the application is open, the capture button may be broken. Check out this guide to help replace it.

If the camera still wont take photos after the replacement, the software on the camera might be malfunctioning. Make sure that the app is up to date- this usually ensures that all known bugs are fixed. Try turning the camera completely off and on to refresh the app. If this still does not work, there might be an issue with the motherboard. Take a look at ourguide to find out how to replace it.

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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the EK-GC200 (Galaxy Cam 2). It worked fine for about a month or so and then while trying to take a picture the display started shaking to the point of making the screen mostly a blur and making a slight grinding noise that sounds like a set of plastic gears slipping teeth. It still zooms in and out fine but shakes constantly making it impossible to take a picture at all. I took it all apart and couldn't see any problems so I ordered a brand new lens module that includes new zoom and focus motors on it and installed it 10 mins ago. The shaking problem has not changed at all. The new lens did not come with the sensor that screws on to the back of the lens module under the dust sticker so i installed the original. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHAT IS WRONG HERE PLEASE HELP!



Jason - 답글

also did factory reset and updates

Jason - 답글

Hello Jason,

I also have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Ivo M -

What should I do if logging occurs , it waste time because of slow processing

Cessy Rey - 답글

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