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Sharper Image SVC430 Troubleshooting

1080p High Definition action camera with 1.5 inch LCD, waterproof case, with a helmet and bike mount.

The camera will not turn on regardless of what you do.

Remove the device from the case, and press the On/Off button, if the camera turns on then it is more than likely the waterproof case. Try cleaning the on/off/record button on the waterproof case with water and a q-tip. This should remove any build up causing the case to stick.

A dead battery will prevent the device from turning on. Charge the camera. Consider the possibility that the USB/outlet you use for charging may be faulty, and use a different USB port or outlet.

Take a metal pin (such as the end of a paperclip) and push it into the Reset Hole to restart the camera.

If you have tried all of the above, it is likely that the USB cable may have a short, in which case replacement of the charger is advised.

Many users have reported that SD memory cards 32GB or higher will cause the camera to crash. Buy a lower GB memory card.

When you hit the record button, it doesn't begin recording.

If the device is set to picture mode, only still frames will be taken. Hit the mode button until you get to the desired function (video mode in this case).

Take the device out of the case, then press the record button. If this works, there may be an issue with the plunger on the waterproof case that activates the on/off/record button. A possible fix for this issue is to clean around the button from both the outside and inside with a q-tip. Build up from outdoor use can cause the button to stick. If that does not work, use this guide to replace the on/of/record button.

When you've recorded a video while the device is inside the case, playback results in a muffled or silent video.

To record sound, it is suggested you use the device without the case. Since the case has no openings (to keep water out), sound will not be able to get to the microphone. WARNING: The device is no longer waterproof in this condition, and may not attach to mounts without the case.

The mount(s) are cracking or breaking from use.

If you tighten the mount screws too much, the plastic may crack or break. Only tighten the screws as much as necessary.

If the mount is broken upon arrival, return the mount for replacement. Use this guide to replace the tripod nut. If the washer is broke, use this guide to replace the washer.

The camera will not save recorded video to the memory card (also referred to as SD card), and the device is telling you there's an error.

If the memory card is inserted incorrectly, it will not work properly. When you insert the card, press until you hear a click and it should stay in place. DO NOT FORCE the memory card in. If it does not easily push down, remove the memory card and turn it the other way. To remove again, press down on the exposed edge of the memory card, it will click, and then pop up so you can remove it easily. Use this guide to replace the SD card.

The memory card that comes included with the device is only 4 GB, and will not hold a large amount of video. Transfer the files to your computer using the USB cord, delete from the memory card, and try again.

While the SD card that is included with the camera does work, users have reported that Sandisk memory cards are not compatible with the device. Consider an alternative brand if you choose to purchase a new card.

If you've purchased another memory card for the device, make sure it's 32 GB or less. Users report errors when using a memory card higher than 32 GB.

When you turn the camera on, it will turn itself back off not long after

The device will turn off it the battery is dead, make sure it's fully charged before use.

If the power save mode is on, the camera will automatically shut off after a few minutes. In the Setup menu found in the Video Settings Options on the device, there is an option for 'Power Save' which will automatically turn your device off after 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes. Locate this settings menu on your camera, and make sure Power Save is set to OFF, or however long you would like for the device to stay on.

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