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Sony HDR-AS30V Troubleshooting

Released September, 2013, identified model number HDR-AS30V. Features Carl Zeiss Vario-Tesser lens with a 170-degree angle of view with a BIONZ image processor and 1/2.3-inch back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. Adjustable 1080p performance.

Computer Interaction ¶ 

It's important to make sure your computer and operating system meets the specifications of the camera.

  • This information can be found in the 'Preparing a computer' section (pg. 53) of the Sony Handbook in Helpful Links.

Plastic Casing Damage ¶ 

The casing is cracked, broken, or damaged.

Warranties or Replacements ¶ 

You may have purchased a warranty with your device. Replacement casings can be found online as well. A guide for replacing the case can be found here. Sony HDR-AS30V Outer Casing Replacement

Button Complications ¶ 

A specific button is not working properly.

Record Button ¶ 

Replace the button to get rid of any complications or possible blockage. There might be dirt or grit preventing the button from operating properly.

Prev & Next Button ¶ 

The buttons jump ahead more then one video, jam, or don't function at all.

As previously mentioned, it could be as simple as cleaning the area around and behind the buttons, requiring you to take apart your device. If this doesn't fix the problem, you will need to purchase new buttons or use replacement buttons from another device.

Battery Door is Broke ¶ 

Battery Door won't open or snapped off. ¶ 

The battery door has snapped off its hinges.

I'm pulling the lip of the door, but it will not open.

Make sure you're sliding the door to the side so it can pop open, if the problem persists you may need to replace the door.

Component Door is Broke ¶ 

The component door doesn't close, won't open, or broke off.

If this is the case, it could be stuck or jammed. You will need to take the door off or take the device apart. It may be possible to replace the hinge of the door or you may need to find a replacement.

Output/Input Terminal Malfunctions ¶ 

None of my cables are recognized by the camera.

Multi/Micro USB, Microphone Input, Micro HDMI ¶ 

I'm not getting a reading on my computer or my camera.

  • If your computer isn't recognizing your device or its connections, you may need to do some formatting or check your operating system specifications.
  • It could be that the ports themselves are damaged (e.g. warped, bent, or even dirty). You should first make sure to clean the ports, clearing them of grime or dirt with compressed air (a keyboard cleaner.)
  • After formatting and cleaning, if the problem persists, you could try to replace the terminals or look into check your warranty for coverage.

Memory Card Slot ¶ 

The memory card is not recognized, operations using the card cannot be performed or the slot itself is damaged.

  • First check to see if your memory card is the correct type; acceptable cards include “M2” and “SD”. Also make sure that the card is inserted in the correct orientation.
  • If memory card slot is dirty try to first clean out the slot with a dry paper towel or rag / blow on the slot to the remove the dust.
  • If the slot itself is damaged a replacement is needed.
Memory Card doesn't work ¶ 
  • If the memory card is formatted on a computer, try reformatting it on the camera itself.
    • (Refer to Format section under the HDR-AS30V Handbook provided in Helpful Links)

Screen Problems ¶ 

The screen won't turn on or has deep scratches.

Nothing displayed on screen ¶ 

  • Check to see if the device is in fact on.
  • Reset the device by taking the battery out.
  • If the screen is cracked, a replacement screen would be necessary. But if the device turns on and the screen does not the problem could lie on either the screen or the logic board. For a guide to replace the screen click here Sony HDR-AS30V LCD Screen Replacement
  • Replace casing if simply the outer shield is damaged.

Lens Faults ¶ 

The lens is only recording all black and/or it won't focus.

Blurry Lens ¶ 

  • Check to see if the device is in fact turned on.
  • Reset the device by taking the battery out.
  • Check to see if the lens is physically damaged.
  • Clean the lense if it's dirty, a replacement is needed if it's cracked.
  • If picture is cloudy or foggy still after cleaning the lense, turn the device off for an hour or so in a mild area for the fog to clear.

Speaker Damage ¶ 

''The speaker has distorted/no sound."

No Sound ¶ 

  • Check to see if the device is not on mute. If so, turn off mute.
  • Check to see for water damage and see if replacing the speaker is feasible only if there is no damage to the logic board.
  • If sound is still distorted then a replacement speaker might be needed.

Power Issues ¶ 

‘'Device won’t turn on or battery is malfunctioning’'

Camera Doesn’t Turn On ¶ 

Make sure the battery is inserted correctly, the computer is not in sleep or hibernation mode, and the USB cable is connected correctly to both the camera and the computer.

Camera Turns Off Suddenly ¶ 

  • If the camera overheats, the power is set to automatically turn off. A message should be displayed before the power turns off. Try waiting for the device to cool down before turning back on again.
  • If the camera is idle for a certain period of time it automatically turns off to save power.

Battery life is short lived / doesn't charge correctly ¶ 

  • Within temperatures at both extremes, cold and hot, the charging will be insufficient.
  • If the camera is not in use over a prolonged time period the battery will lose efficiency.
  • The battery life does gradually become shortened over time. At this point a replacement battery is advised.

Connection Issues ¶ 

GPS ¶ 

Camera Doesn’t Obtain a Signal ¶ 
  • Set the GPS log to [ON]
  • Note that GPS signals may be blocked by obstructions where radio signals are blocked or reflected. If so relocate to an open area and try again.
  • If problem persists try updating the GPS assist data.
Error in GPS Calculation ¶ 
  • Note that the GPS can be up to several-hundred meters off. This is due to an error in GPS satellites and cannot be controlled.

WiFi ¶ 

  • If Transfer takes too long then check to see if you have devices with 2.4 Ghz those are in operation and turn them off to speed up.
  • If Wi-Fi does not work then rest device or replace Wi-Fi component.

Internal Component Failure ¶ 

If any of the above problems still occur the reason most likely lies in the logic board.

Logic Board ¶ 

  • If the problem cannot be solved by physical actions there's a good chance the communication between that button or part and the logic board is malfunctioning. In this case a replacement or entirely new device is recommended.

Device Recently Broke

Sony User Manual and Specifications

Sony Handbook

Operating Instructions

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