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Wobbles During Flight ¶ 

As soon as you take off it begins to wobble and progressively gets worse until it crashes.

Broken Gyro ¶ 

The gyro most likely broke when it fell or the top rotors hit an object. Follow the Syma S107 Gyro Replacement Guide to solve the issue.

Rotates While Hovering ¶ 

Hovers fine and you've reached the limit of adjustment on your controller but it still rotates left or right without touching the controller.

Bad Rotor Motor ¶ 

One of the main rotor motors is weak or going bad causing the two main rotors to rotate at different speeds. See the Syma S107 Rotor Motor Replacement guide to replace the motor.

Won't Turn On ¶ 

You've charged your S107, but when you turn it on no lights flash.

Bad Battery ¶ 

The battery could be dead from quickly charging and discharging too many times. Also, the battery wires may have been broken or disconnected for the circuit board. Follow the Syma S107 Battery Replacement guide to install a new one or reconnect the wires.

Bad Circuit Board ¶ 

The circuit board may have been shorted or faulty from the supplier. Follow the Syma S107 Circuit Board Replacement Guide to install a new one.

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I just bought a S107g. Right out of the box I turned it on and the light lite up. Added battery's to the controller and just tested it to see if it worked. The blades spun. Tried it again quick as to not take off. All looked good. Tried it a third time to get lift and had no response at all. Lights in the front are on and the led on the R5 board is on. Did a full charge from the controller. Still no response. Any ideas? Did the board short out?

Mike - 답글

Flew this for a total of less than 5 minutes.  After one *VERY* soft crash on grass, the bottom set of blades stopped turning and the motor sounds like it’s working or clogged or something.  The gears inside that are connected to the bottom wings don't appear to be spinning at all.  Without the bottom wings active, the helicopter doesn’t generate enough lift and won’t go airborne.  Halp!

Arthur - 답글

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