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My record player has poor audio quality

Record makes scratchy, unpleasant sound

Record is dirty

Using a record cleaner or a soft rag, gently clean the surface of the disc to remove dirt or dust. Be careful as not to scratch the surface. If record has substantial damage or scratching, no amount of cleaning will fix sound issues, however.

Stylus is dirty

[Stylus] Needle located on end of record player arm that comes in contact with the record

Carefully remove any visible dust accumulating on the end of the stylus, using a soft rag or tweezers. DO NOT PULL END OF STYLUS.

Stylus is worn out or broken

If none of these solutions work, the stylus may have excessive wear and needs to be replaced. Save the stylus you have, and contact a local record store or the original manufacturer to obtain the correct stylus. See Cleaning/Replacing the Stylus

My record player sounds too quiet

Sound Playing Quietly From Player, not Speakers

Volume control knob faulty

Volume Control Knob Repair Guide

Speakers not plugged in

Make sure both speakers are plugged in to the left and right spots indicated in the back. Plug them in all the way.

Check Aux/Phono Setting

Make sure the unit is on the Aux/Phono setting for the unit to play out the speakers

Speakers not working

If speakers are plugged in, the speakers may be defective. Consider taking them to an audio repair shop.

Speakers not compatible

If using an auxiliary extension in the speaker spot, the speakers used must be compatible. The original speakers are designed for this unit.

Record Playing Too Fast/Too Slow

Music sounds like Barry White or Alvin and the Chipmunks

Incorrect Speed Setting

The turntable has settings for 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm. Most records play at 33 1/3 rpm, and singles at 45. Make sure the speed is correct for your record.

Belt worn down

Over time, the motor belt may get worn and slip, causing an inconsistent or slow speed. Check to see if the belt is worn or misaligned, and replace if necessary. First see the Disassembly Guide then follow the link in the Disassembly Guide to the Belt Repair Guide.

Record Not Playing At All

No lights on display, no rotation

Record Player Lost Power

Reset the unit by unplugging the connection and plugging it back in. Power it up again.

Motor issues

If the table will not rotate, though not likely, the motor may be broken. In this case the motor must be replaced. First click the Disassembly Guide then follow the link to the motor repair guide.

Check wiring

If this solution fails to restore power and sound, check to see if external wiring is frayed or damaged. Also, check the condition of the plug. Test the outlet by plugging in another appliance and powering that. If these do not work, check the internal wiring connections. Follow the steps covered in the Disassembly Guide then visually check to see if the internal wiring is not damaged.

Player Making Grinding Noise

Grinds during certain angles of rotation

Adjustment Screw Loose

The table may be loose in this case. The adjustment screw atop the board can be tightened to make the table locked in the correct position.

Belt Alignment Off

Make sure the drive belt is aligned properly. It must fit tightly with the pulley. See the Disassembly Guide and then follow the link in the Disassembly Guide to the Belt Repair Guide.

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Am in Lakewood WA I need my stereo fix anytime you press power the f61 comes up

Faithphillip - 답글

Any of your service near me...

Faithphillip - 답글

lights are on the receiver turntable is moving but no music just some static who can help me ?

dirgni01 - 답글

Hi, I just purchased. Track record player and plugged into sound system but the actual record player doesn’t have a power cord & when plugged into the av ports nothing happens - can anyone please help ?

michelleryn76 - 답글

we played cd’s today, it worked great. Then I went to get the cd out, and the door wouldn’t open (which happened before) so I gently tried to pry it to initiate (which was done before) but then the power seemed to go off -I could no longer hear the motor, I pressed the power button and there is no response except that the cd mode shows on the screen. I thought maybe I initiated the “timer” as there is a red light beside pwr/standby button and I can use the timer settings. I tried the remote too but it is not recognizing the power button… when unplugging it, the display screen turns off so there appears to be power getting to the machine but it seems maybe to be stuck in standby mode… any suggestions??? thanks. It is my mother’s machine and I would like to rectify the problem for her :)

jomico66 - 답글

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