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TotalPond Pond Pump Troubleshooting

Model #: DD11210

Pump will not turn on ¶ 

When the pump is switched on, there are no signs of powering up.

Motor on the impeller is not working ¶ 

If the motor is damaged, the entire pump must be replaced.

Power cord is not properly delivering power to the motor ¶ 

Check the cord for visible damage. If visibly damaged, the power cord needs to be mended or replaced.

Pump is moving little to no water ¶ 

When switched on, little or no water flows through the pump. The fluid flow on the pump outlet is very small or non existent.

Pump intake or exhaust is obstructed ¶ 

Check for, and remove, debris or other obstructions. Check the o-ring that seals the pump is not damaged. If it is, it may be the reason debris has entered the pump.

Air is locked in the impeller housing ¶ 

The air maybe released by gently rocking the pump.

Impeller is damaged or detached ¶ 

Check impeller for damage. If damaged beyond repair, the impeller must be replaced. If the impeller is detached, reattach it. If it became detached because it is missing the rubber stop at the end of the tube that runs through the middle of the impeller, look for the stop which could be loose inside of the pump. If the stop is not found replace it. Another reason the impeller may be detached is because the impeller spindle is damaged. If the impeller spindle is visibly damaged, replace it.

The pump is not fully submerged in water ¶ 

The pump must not run dry. Fully submerge it under water.

The throttling valve may be damaged ¶ 

If the throttling valve is visibly damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Pump is making a constant high-pitched whining noise ¶ 

When turned on, the pump makes a high pitched noise while water flows.

The impeller might be excessively worn ¶ 

Check the impeller. If it is visibly damaged, replace the impeller.

The brushes in the motor may be worn ¶ 

If this is the case, the entire pump must be replaced.

Pump is producing a large amount of bubbles ¶ 

When turned on, the pump produces a large amount of bubbles. This bubbles are easily seen in the water in which the pump is submerged.

Air is locked in the impeller housing ¶ 

The air might be released by gently rocking the pump.

The impeller is broken and causing turbulence ¶ 

Replace the impeller.

The o-ring within the pump is damaged ¶ 

The pump may be flooding. Replace the o-ring.

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