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Drone will not turn on. ¶ 

Drone does not respond in any way when switched to on.

Dead or faulty battery. ¶ 

Try charging the battery for about 10 minutes and testing the drone afterwards. If it still will not turn on, then it is faulty and needs to be replaced for the drone to turn on.

Battery improperly installed. ¶ 

Make sure that the battery is inserted properly into its housing directly underneath the drone, and that the plug coming out of the end of the battery is properly inserted into the plug coming out of the drone. When inserted, the plug should “click” into place.

One of more blades stop spinning. ¶ 

When blades are already spinning with drone either on level ground or in the air, one or more blades stops spinning completely.

Motor Drive Shaft is Bent ¶ 

Try spinning the propellor blade by hand. If you find it is not spinning freely, the drive shaft in the brushed motor is broken and will need to be replaced.

Dirt or debris on blade. ¶ 

Try cleaning out the blades carefully with a small brush, a can of compressed air, or something close to one of those. After cleaning the blade in question to the best of your ability try using it again.

Broken blade(s). ¶ 

If one or more blade(s) breaks, the entire arm holding the blade will need to be replaced. To do so, follow this guide UDI U818A Propeller Replacement.

Inner frame falling apart/broken inner frame. ¶ 

The inner frame is broken to the point where it causes a loss of functionality.

Replace frame. ¶ 

To replace the inner frame of the drone, follow this guide UDI U818A Drone Cover Replacement.

Controller won’t turn on. ¶ 

The controller does not respond to being switched on or any other button presses.

Dead or faulty controller batteries. ¶ 

Try swapping out the controller’s batteries for fresh AAs. If fresh charged batteries are installed and it still will not turn on, then the controller is most likely not receiving power from them.

Controller not receiving power from batteries. ¶ 

Check to make sure the positive and negative terminals of the drone are touching the batteries and that there is no debris or corrosion on the terminals or the batteries.

On-board camera will not save video. ¶ 

Anytime the camera should be recording video, it fails to do so and there is no option to play anything back.

No SD card. ¶ 

The drone supplies an SD card, however if that one is lost or otherwise not available, there will need to be another SD card for the camera to record video.

SD card not properly inserted. ¶ 

Make sure that the SD card is inserted into the slot underneath the camera gently until it “clicks” into place. If it’s in correctly, when you give it a slight push it should “click” out of the slot again.

Not enough memory on SD card. ¶ 

Videos take up a great deal of space on an SD card. If there is little or no space left on the card, it will not be able to record video.

SD card not formatted. ¶ 

SD cards function better after they’ve been formatted. To format your SD card to use with the U818A, go to and download the proper formatter for Windows if you have a Windows computer, or Mac if you have a Mac computer. Follow the instructions in the program, and then try inserting the SD card into your camera slot again.

Drone does not go higher than 2 feet off the ground. ¶ 

Regardless of what is done on the controller, the drone becomes unresponsive to height controls once it is 2 feet off the ground.

Calibrate gyroscope with controller. ¶ 

Sometimes, the gyroscope inside the drone will get uncalibrated from a crash, overuse, or even a lack of use. To re-calibrate it, make sure both are off and the battery is not plugged into the drone yet. Next, turn the controller on. Next, make sure the drone is on a level surface, flip it upside down gently, and plug in the battery. Place it right-side up again. Next, push the left thumb stick up then down. Then, push the right thumb stick straight down, straight right, then diagonally back to the center. The controller should beep several times, meaning it was successful.

One or more motors stops working. ¶ 

While flying or on the ground, one or more motor fails to spin the blade that it is associated with. Guidance on motor replacements can be found here UDI U818A Drone Arms Replacement

Gears are not meshing together. ¶ 

Check the small white gears directly underneath each motor and make sure their teeth are meshing together. If they are not, then they will need to be replaced and this guide may help UDI U818A Carbon Tube and Tooth Gears Replacement

Motor requires a reset. ¶ 

To reset the motor, you will have to take apart the drone to reach the motherboard. Once at the motherboard, you will have to find the cable that goes from the motor to the motherboard, and unplug it and plug it back in.

댓글 65개

Is the motor reset done battery connected?

Brian Conlon - 답글

Hi my drone looses connection to my controller after 20seconds of flying, this started happening after a crash, is there any solution?

Jayden So - 답글

We have the same issue. First day out was fine. Then yesterday and today we can't get it more than 1' off the ground. We calibrated it several times to no avail

Mary H -

My UDI would not turn, even if the white LED is on indicating that its not in headless mode. Would you be able to tell me why? I tried re-calibrating the gyroscope but still did not work

kiransuresh85 - 답글

Hi, I have one motor that continues to run after controller is turned off. I replace the motor same result. Thanks Matt

Matt - 답글

I have same problem. Replaced non working motor but new motor urns on as soon as battery is plugged in and wont turn off

cpcurtin -

Any luck on this I have same issue

dreese111 -

Same here, I replaced the whole arm and as soon as I connect the battery, the prop starts spinning...

Bart Swerts -

How do you replace the motor after buying a new one?

David Diaz -

Sounds like a problem with the receiver board holding that circuit open. You will probably need to replace the board.

Chris Handshoe -

If you have confirmed the batteries are good in a tester or trying them in something else and they are inserted properly, yet the LCD doesn't light, then the controller is defective.

Chris Handshoe -

Same issue here with the blade that keeps spinning. I hope there's a different solution other than changing the whole motherboard

Alvaro Torres -

I am having the same problem. It is the recieving board but I cant find one like mine. Mine is Wifi, the part # is in the owner manual but not where to get it.

ghullett01 -

Did you ever find out how to fix this? Thanks

Jimmy Crackcorn -

Hi Matt, My same drone does the exact same thing. Has anyone found a remedy for this constant running of the new motor problem?

Thanks, Barb

Barb Busch -

Hi Matt, did you figure out a cure for the continuous Running on the replacement Motor Problem?

Barb Busch -

My drone camera records sound but not video, but when i take a picture it works completley fine?

Aiden Hijuelos - 답글

did u ever get your camera to record video i have the same problem

farfongen -

You just need to open it with a different video player. The one you are using doesn’t support the avi codec being used.

Try VLC Player,

HelpfulJoe -

Try using a different video player. The player you are using doesn’t fully support the AVI video being shot by the drone.

Give VLC player a try, it will probably work no matter what operating system you have.

HelpfulJoe -

How do you switch the controls from Trim to Throttle. My son decided to press buttons and it switched it and it won't respond.

Willie Stewman - 답글

my drone controller will not turn on. This is brand new out of the box. We have already changed the batteries. Any idea what could be wrong?

corisakidman - 답글

The white lights are flashing on the under side of the toy, and two blades are not spinning. I found some hair wrapped around the blade, got rid of it, turned the toy off, then collaborated it again, and it still won't spin two of the blades. Just got this toy today and have only been using it about 20 minutes. Anyone with any thoughts?

susanbenson72 - 답글

My drone is fine except that it keeps bee bing and I don't know why. Please help.

Dylan Banis - 답글

We can not get the drone to calibrate? Any suggestions

heatwave5 - 답글

The camera works for still images, and the led on the bottom of the drone does flash as described in the manual for taking a picture. But when I use the video camera, the led doesn't flash, and no video is recorded. I tried reformatting the SD card, but that didn't help. RM

Rory Miskimen - 답글

Hello, after a crash I replaced one of the motors and as soon as I plug in the battery, it comes on and does not shut off.

Thanks for any help.

Jimmy Crackcorn - 답글

My drone does not fly higher than 2 feats, but i've recalibrated it several times and still the same thing, when baterry is full, it flyies high for 20 seconds, that it falls and i cann't make it up again

brunoluizdemarchi - 답글

Mine is doing the same son received this for Christmas and we took it out to fly for the first time yesterday and it started doing this...all batteries are charged, the propellers are all spinning, so I have no idea what the deal is...makes me wonder if this is a faulty batch or something!

Ashley Nottingham -

Only three of my blades will spin clockwise the other three counter clockwise how do I correct this problem

Randal Stout - 답글

It's my understanding that you should have 3 spinning clockwise and 3 spinning counter clockwise.

Rue Lopez -

My current issue is; Drone flew great, possibly maxed out of range and went down. Now, when I take off it goes up about 10 feet then rotates upside down and crashes. Not sure how to remedy this. Recalibration didn't work.

Rue Lopez - 답글

Mine did the same thing. It went too high and the wind blew it out of range and it got stuck in a tree for a couple of hours. After I recovered it and tried to fly it the next day it won't get off the ground more than a foot before it drops and tries to roll to the right.

Gabe Skypala -

my u45 raven drone is acting strangely. i flew it after a crash, but after, it would go up, but then when I turn right, the drone falls to the ground. when I turn left, its perfectly fine. Is this a motor issue or is this a motherboard issue?


Collin Nix - 답글

Mine was working great for a few weeks, then it suddenly will not stay powered on for more than a few seconds once I move the stick from the down poisition upwards. If I move the stick back to the down position, then move it upwards, this condition repeats

JohnP - 답글

The drone starts but when taking off it seems to go sideways only

Marie - 답글

Same as mine. Did you managed to resolve it?

Andrew Chew -

Hi - I just purchased a SanDisk 64 GB micro SD card and cannot get it to capture picture or video. The 4gb SD card that came with the UDI drone works great, but the new SD card with more space does not. I have reformatted per the instructions above, but the SD card is still not recording quadcopter footage. Suggestions?

jash1808 - 답글

Doesn't support the bigger format on the card. Try a smaller card

Jamie -

I was gifted a new

UdiR/C Discovery - HD Upgrade - U818A-1 Quad Copter.

** The left switch positioned between the Throttle/Direction Control Stick and the Power On-Off slide switch on the center is TOTALLY and solidly fixed in center position, it does not rock up and down like its twin switch on the right labelled Forward/Backward Trimmer.

Can somebody, please, confirm this as a problem? the manual does not describe its use.

Many thanks,

ron - 답글

Its always in this fixed position on this model and should be. If you are talking about the UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4CH6

Jamie -

My one turns on but it tries flip automatically . I don't even press the flip button . It just try flip all the time .. it doesn't go up stay in the ground .help me out plz

Tanvir - 답글

What do you do if the Sd card will not click into place

Jason West - 답글

The direct transmission will not work. installed the app, put in the sd card that was included, the wires are all connected, and this is fresh out of the box so I’m assuming the camera works. Please help!!!

Maryah Nelson - 답글

Hi, my drone isn’t functioning properly. I flew it yesterday and it worked just fine. Today, I was flying my drone and it flew right into my leg. I used the little buttons that alter the drone’s direction, but it still didn’t work. The drone was flying all over the place: into trees the fence, my house, and the pergola. In a panic, I turned the remote control off, but the drone kept on flying and crashing into things. After a good thirty seconds, the blades stopped.

So, the problems are:

a) the flight direction

b) connectivity between the drone and remote control

Austin - 답글

How are the batteries in the controller?

John Rogers -

My drone lights stay flashing and dont connect to thr remote, i got new batteries charge the drone batteries and still having the same problem

Rafael carrasquillo - 답글

The lights on my drone stay flashing, got new batteries aa fully charge d drone battery and nothing drone wont connect to remote

Rafael carrasquillo - 답글

i just got new batteries because the batteries were lasting for very little time, but the new batteries have the same problem I am starting to wonder if the timer is just broken. Suggestions?

Jack Mitchell - 답글

I had the exact same problem… I noticed that the camera was getting very hot when I plugged batteries in…took it apart and disconnected the camera from the circuit board. Apparently the camera is defective, and was drawing too much out of the batteries, causing a voltage drop, and the thing would just fall out of the air….I have another camera from a parts ship, and will replace it at another time, but this solved the problem of everything stopping 80 feet in the air…

rbh1450 -

I wanted to know specifically on the drone plug, which of the two colored wires are the positive & negative?

Keith Manzano - 답글

Which of the 2 colored wires on the drone is the positive & negative?

Keith Manzano - 답글

Which of the 2 colored wires on the drone is positive & negative?

Keith Manzano - 답글

my drone goes crazy when i turn the drone off the controler said 48 to 50 is it supost to do that

savage wolf12 - 답글

Drone turns on but does not flash at first turn on the lights stay solid I turn on the remote the red light flashes I go to pair I hear the beep remote light stops blinking like it's pair but no control from remote to drone is there a reset in the drone somewhere?

Carl - 답글

Drone does not flash lights when turned on even for the first time it's like it's already paired but I can't get no response is there a reset in the drone somewhere? It's a DX -4 HD streaming

Carl - 답글

WHat blades go were on my u818a drone?

Nicholas Yeska - 답글

When recalibrating, the white lights underneath the drone frame quickly flash three times, but the radio does not beep three times. Are the flashing lights the same as the radio beeps?

I am stuck on this— after replacing motors, drone flies about one vertical foot, and then violently flips to right and crashes hard upside down. No solutions so far. Please HELP! Anyone! Thank you


Long Cane Middle School #lcmscougarstrong

Christopher McCalla - 답글

My fpv screen is not working. Worked once, sent it in for repair, got it back, same issue. Doesn't turn on, controller works but screen is black. Defeats the purpose of fpv. Any similar problems/ solutions?

Matthew Poulter - 답글

The controller for my U818a was beeping indicating a flat battery. I have purchased new batteries and it is still doing this after about 10 seconds even with a new and fully charged battery . Any ideas?

rogersj - 답글

Good day, My drone slot isn’t working i switch it up and find out thats the slot whats on the chip.. Thats why that leg isn’t spinning… Help please

trezrmcphee20 - 답글

Theres nothing wrong with the motor or the blade is the slot on the chip what isn’t working

trezrmcphee20 - 답글

The app doesn't seem to be working . Can anyone help

jabtl2000 - 답글

Where can I buy replacement drive shafts for the UDI U45W blue jay? I have 2 that broke and will not stay attached to the drive gear so they come out while flying.

Jeremy Stone - 답글

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