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VENSTAR Taco Troubleshooting

The VENSTAR Taco is a bluetooth speaker that, despite its modest size, provides a fair audio output. It gets its name from its interesting Taco-like shape.

For some reason, your device isn’t turning on.

The Taco does not come charged, or your device may not be charged.

Plug in your device and try again. If the speaker’s light turns on when plugged it it just needs to charge. If your speaker has been making a consistent beeping noise, it is notifying you that the battery is very low.

If the device proceeds to not turn on after attempting to charge, or can only play while plugged in, the problem may lie in the battery. Follow our battery repair guide as a possible solution.

If none of the solutions suggested have an effect, the logic board itself may be faulty.

The logic board contains many other components, and can be replaced using out logic board replacement guide.

Your device is plugged in yet not charging.

The Taco charges using a micro USB cable to charge. It is possible and common for the cable itself to not charge. An easy fix could be testing a new micro USB cable on the Taco. On the same lines, you can test the “faulty” cable on a different device to verify that the cable is the problem.

The problem may then lie in the micro USB jack inside the taco.

The audio is muffled or distorted, or no sound is being produced.

The auxiliary cable may be damaged or otherwise faulty. Try connecting to the Taco via Bluetooth or using a different cable. If the audio improves, replace your aux cable.

If using a different auxiliary cable did not improve sound quality, your audio jack may be the issue. Follow our logic board replacement guide for more assistance.

If the Taco’s sound quality remains poor even when using a different auxiliary cable, Bluetooth connection, and a replaced audio jack, the problem may lie within the speakers themselves. Follow our speaker replacement guide for a possible solution.

During a wireless call, the other party is not receiving any sound.

Stay close to the Taco for best quality during wireless phone calls. It is recommended to stay within one meter of the Taco in order to maintain sound quality integrity.

If there is no response or a muffled input when you are speaking, it is possible that the microphone is broken and needs to be replaced. Follow our microphone replacement guide.

The device cannot connect to Bluetooth.

Move the phone closer to the Taco. It is recommended to keep your phone within a one meter radius of the Taco for best signal transmission.

If this does not still does not permit connectivity within close range, try using a different Bluetooth device. If the Taco connects to the new device, there is a Bluetooth problem on the phone. If the Taco still does not connect to both the phone and new Bluetooth device, the issue is likely with the Taco’s Bluetooth connectivity.

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My venstar works with the phone won't play music!

Sandra King - 답글

Laptop recognizes Taco Blue Tooth but Taco doesn't play music. Only works with phone. I get charged for data via the phone. Would rather is worked with Laptop.

Brett - 답글

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