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The tablet doesn't turn on when you press the power button.

Check that the batteries are correctly oriented. If they aren't, properly orient them. If the device still fails to power on, replace the batteries with a fresh pair. Refer to our Battery Replacement Guide if assistance is required.

It is possible that one or both of the black and red wires that connect your device's batteries to the main circuit board are detached. If this is the case, our Wire Replacement Guide will assist you in reattaching the wires.

If you are having trouble seeing what is on the main display screen, it is likely that your display screen isn't bright enough. It could also just be broken.

While the device is on, press the button at the bottom right-hand side of the device that is directly below the "R" key. Pressing this button will allow you to change the contrast to your preferred level by increasing with the right arrow, or decreasing with the left arrow. Press the "OK" button twice to return to normal operation.

Press the red button directly above the "OK" button to cycle through different colors and choose your child's favorite. This will assist in low-light viewing.

The LEDs may be broken or disconnected, refer to our LED Replacement Guide for further help.

If none of the above solutions fix your problem, refer to our Screen Replacement Guide for further help.

It is hard to hear sounds coming from the device, or the sound is uncomfortably loud.

While your device is on, press the button resembling a speaker on the left side. To increase sound volume, press the right arrow on the device. To decrease sound volume, press the left arrow on the device. Press the "OK" button once to return to normal operation.

Alternatively, the device's music can be individually toggled. Press the tools button (located directly below the R button). Then press "OK" , and press either the left or right arrow to toggle on or off, respectively.

If adjusting the volume settings does not fix your problems, you may need to replace or reconnect your speaker, see our Speaker Replacement Guide for help with this.

The program freezes or does not respond to its buttons being pressed.

Press the power button to turn device off. Remove batteries and let stand for 3 minutes. Place batteries back in device and press power again to turn on. Refer to our Battery Replacement Guide if assistance is required.

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My daughter got a Vtech My 1st Tablet as gift for Christmas. I have noticed that letter buttons e, f, g, h and i do not work. Please advise. Merry Christmas. Many thanks.

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