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Wacom Cintiq 24HD Troubleshooting

This page contains common problems (and solutions) for the Wacom Cintiq 24HD.

The Cintiq Display Screen is Black

I try to turn on my Cintiq 24HD but the screen stays black or is very hard to see.

The Device is Not Receiving Power

The Cintiq does not have an internal battery, so it requires power from an AC power source such as a wall outlet. Your device may not be receiving power if the power LED is dark. Below is a list of ways to troubleshoot the lack of power.

  • Check that the power cable is securely plugged into the AC power adapter, a power outlet and the Cintiq Power Port.
  • Check the power cable for crimping, fraying or breaks. If the power cable is damaged it may be faulty and need to be replaced.
  • Check the pins in the power port for bends and breaks. If there are faults with the power port it may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the power port.
  • Check the AC power adapter, which is a rectangular block attached to the power cable. You will have to replace the power adapter if it is damaged.

The Computer is Off, Disconnected, or in Power Save Mode

A “no signal, go to power save” message may appear on the Cintiq screen. Make sure that your computer is powered, is not in power save mode, and is connected to the Cintiq through a USB or DVI-D cable.

The Device’s Brightness or Contrast Settings are Low

Your brightness or contrast settings may be low, causing the screen to appear black, especially in a well lit room. Check the brightness and contrast settings by opening the Wacom Desktop Center on your computer and selecting Display Settings. If your settings are low, try increasing them and clicking save. You can also use the reset button on the Cintiq to restore factory visual settings.

The Cintiq Screen Lags, Shows Spots, or Ripples

I can’t use the display because it is lagging, showing spots, or ripples.

The Refresh Rate is Slow

The Cintiq 24HD can only display correctly if the refresh rate is properly adjusted. Open the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu and select the option for AUTO ADJUST. Manually adjust the pitch and phase settings if the problem continues.

The Display Adapter or Video Card Does Not Meet Specifications

The Cintiq 24HD can only display properly if the video adapter and/or PC video card meet the specifications needed to run the interactive pen display. Specifications can be found in the Wacom Cintiq 24HD user’s manual.

The Cintiq Screen Does Not Sync With a Computer

I want to sync my Cintiq 24HD display to my computer, but there is no connection.

The Device is Not Recieving Power

The Cintiq 24HD can only sync with a computer if it is receiving power. Plug the display stand extension cable in to the power adapter cable. Connect the other end of the power adapter cable into an AC wall outlet.

The Device is Not Physically Connected

The Cintiq 24HD can only sync to a computer if a USB cable or a DVI-D video cable connects the two devices together. Plug the USB cable from the stand of the Cintiq 24HD to a USB port on the computer, or plug the DVI-D video cable from the stand of the Cintiq 24HD to the DVI port on the computer.

Wacom Services is Not Working

If a window on your computer pops up saying “Your device is not connected to your computer,” restart Wacom Services. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows logo key and the R key at the same time on your keyboard. Type “services.msc” in to the text box that pops up.
  2. Search TabletServiceWacom in the window. Right-click TabletServiceWacom when found and click on Restart.
  3. Once Wacom Services has restarted, restart your computer.

The USB or DVI Port Does Not Work

Some USB or DVI-D ports on the computer do not read the Cintiq 24HD USB and DVI-D cables. The device only needs to be plugged in to either the USB cable or the DVI-D cable to work. Connect the USB cable into a different USB port if the computer has multiple ports. Connect the DVI-D cable to a different DVI port if the devices are physically connected but the Cintiq 24HD is not synced to the computer. Replace the USB port using this guide if no port works.

The Cintiq Buttons Do Not Respond When Pressed

I can’t use the display because the buttons do not work properly.

The Button is Jammed

The button may be stuck in place. If too much dirt, dust, or oil gets stuck around the button, the button may not work properly. Follow this guide on how to remove the control buttons. Follow [잘못된 안내서 링크] on how to remove the power button. Clean the button covers with a cloth once removed from the device.

The Button is Broken

Over time the buttons on the Cinitq 24HD may become worn down and no longer work. Follow this guide on how to replace the control buttons. Follow [잘못된 안내서 링크] on how to replace the power button.

The Cintiq is Overheating

I can’t touch the screen when drawing because it is too hot.

The Vents are Blocked

If the vents are blocked or clogged, the heat inside the device will have trouble escaping. Position the device so it is not covered, clean the outside of the vents, or follow this guide to remove the fans and clean them.

The Fan is Slow

There may be something on the fan blades slowing them down if the fan stays the same speed no matter how much the device is heating up or how long it has been in use. Open the device and make sure the fan blades are clean and the fan area is clear. Use this page to replace the fans.

The Cintiq Fan is Making a Weird Noise

My device is cooled but the fan makes a loud noise.

The Fan Blade is Blocked

Dust can build up on the Cintiq 24HD fans over time. This excess material can cause the fans to make noise and work improperly. Go to this guide for a step by step process on removing the Cintiq 24HD fans.

The Fan Blade is Broken

Cintiq 24HD fans are not silent. You will be able to hear them when they are functioning. However, if you are hearing an erratic sound the fan may be broken. Follow this guide to replace the fan.

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