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The Controller Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The controller does not turn on when fully charged.

The Controller Was Disconnected During a Firmware Update ¶ 

If your controller was disconnected during a firmware upgrade, it will not function until the firmware is recovered. To do this, the controller will need to be updated from scratch. Note: In this condition, the wireless on the controller is nonfunctional. This has to be done over USB.

Tip: If you have problems getting the controller to turn on, removing the batteries for 15 minutes before recovery is known to help in situations where this occurs.

Plug your controller into an Xbox One console or a PC. At this point, your method will vary. It should also be noted one functional controller is required to use a console for controller firmware recovery.

To recover the controller on a console, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: On the console, navigate to Devices and Accessories.
  • Step 2: Find the Elite controller. It should say Update Required if it is the correct controller.
  • Step 3: Re-run the firmware update.

PC recovery requires Windows 10 as a prerequisite. Newer versions of Windows 10 no longer require a Microsoft Account to download the required programs, but older versions usually do. Users on older versions of Windows 10 will need to convert an account or make a new account just for this task. After you have confirmed you have a Windows 10 system, you can begin the process of recovering the controller.

  • Step 1: Install the Xbox Accessories application.
  • Step 2: Once Xbox Accessories is installed, plug the controller in. It should turn on and say Update Required if your controller is visible to the PC and Xbox Accessories.
  • Step 3: Click Update Required and allow the firmware to reinstall.

If you followed these steps correctly, your controller should be functional again.

The Controller Does Not Function on the Computer ¶ 

When the controller is plugged into the computer using a USB cable, the controller does not function.

The Controller Drivers Are Not Installed ¶ 

In Windows 7 and 8.x, the Xbox One controller is known to fail automatic driver installation. This issue is well documented and is caused by the lack of drivers bundled with these operating systems. It is also not helped by Windows Update driver detection problems. The standard controller offers two driver options:

Note: Correcting the issue by manually installing the driver requires administrator permissions. Users with Standard and Limited accounts will need the admin password to fix the issue this way.

Manual fix

  • Step 1: Plug in the controller. If the automatic driver installation fails, go on to the next step.
  • Step 2: Open Device Manager and find the controller. This is typically located under Xbox Peripherals (Legacy) in Windows 7 and 8.x systems.
  • Step 3: Select the Driver tab.
  • Step 4: Click Update Driver.
  • Step 5: Try using Search automatically for updated driver software. If this doesn't work, go to Step 6.
  • Step 6: If this did not work, download the driver from Microsoft. Put this in a place you can easily find it on your computer. Once it is downloaded, select Browse my computer for driver software and manually select the driver.

If you did this correctly, your controller should now work.

Automatic install

The easiest way for inexperienced users to fix this problem is to use the .exe package that copies the required files to your PC that was released in 2012. This driver is older, but it is wrapped into a package that is easy to understand. This driver is no longer hosted by Microsoft, as they now load the driver through Windows Update.

Note: This driver is older. Some games may not work correctly until it is updated in Device Manager.

The driver can be found here: 64-bit .exe (TechSpot)

Controller Won't Connect to Console ¶ 

I want to navigate my Xbox One, but my controller refuses to connect or will not stay connected for long.

Low Batteries ¶ 

Your batteries may be low. If the batteries are low, the controller's wireless signal strength may be weak and therefore will not connect to the console. You are going to want to replace your batteries or charge the controller.

Parts: AA Batteries for Xbox One, Xbox One Controller Charging Cable

Tools required: None

Another Wireless Device Is Interfering ¶ 

A conflicting signal may be responsible for connectivity issues. Consider turning off nearby wireless devices and reconnecting the controller.

Too Many Controllers Are Connected ¶ 

Make sure you do not have more than eight controllers connected. That is the limit for the Xbox One console.

Controller Inactivity ¶ 

If you set down your controller for longer than fifteen minutes and then come back to an unresponsive controller, you may need to turn the controller back on.

Controller Is Out Of Range ¶ 

Your Xbox One Controller signal has a range of 30 feet (9.1 meters). Make sure you are within this range.

Controller Is Not Synced ¶ 

If you sync your controller to another device, you will need to re-sync it back to your console. To do this, turn on the Xbox One and hold down the sync button on your controller. Simultaneously, hold down the sync button on your console until the light on your controller begins to flash at a rapid pace. Once this happens, release both sync buttons. Your controller should now be connected after about five to ten seconds.

Mic Preventing Connection ¶ 

Some people have reported that the controller will not connect with the headset mic plugged in. Unplug the mic, and reconnect. Sync if necessary. Plug the mic back in after establishing a connection.

If you are using a Model 1697 controller, your internal headphone jack may be damaged. Try unplugging the mic and trying again. If you continue to have problems, try a different pair of headphones that are known to work.

Parts: Xbox One headphone jack, Xbox One headset adapter

Tools required: T6 Torx, TR8 Torx, Spudger, tweezers (recommended)

Tools are not required if you use the Xbox One headset adapter to fix the issue.

Controller Will Not Turn On ¶ 

No matter how many times I try to connect or sync my controller, it will not turn on.

Low Batteries ¶ 

Your batteries may be low. If the batteries are low, the controller's wireless signal strength may be weak and therefore will not connect to the console. You are going to want to charge you batteries. If the batteries will not charge, or drain too quickly, replace your batteries.

Parts: AA Batteries for Xbox One, Xbox One Controller Charging Cable

Tools required: None

Low Battery Pack ¶ 

Your battery pack may be completely drained. Plug the controller into the console using a USB cord. To check on how charged the battery is, press the Xbox button to go to the home screen where the charge will be displayed in the bottom right corner.

If the pack will not charge, or drains too quickly, you can get replacement battery packs.

Part: Battery pack for Xbox One

Tools required: None

Defective Charge Cable ¶ 

Your charging cable may be defective and will not charge your controller at all. If this is the case, you will need to buy a new cord.

Part: Xbox One Controller Charging Cable

Tools Required: None

Sticky Buttons ¶ 

One or more of the buttons on my controller takes longer than usual to pop back up.

Dirt Build Up ¶ 

There could be minor dirt build up or sugary drink residue within your controller. You're going to want to see our Buttons Replacement Guide so you can get to get to your buttons to clean them, or replace the covers or gasket.

Parts: Button gasket, Button covers, alcohol cleaning pads

Tools required: T6 Torx, TR8 Torx, Spudger, tweezers (recommended)

Replacing the switches themselves requires replacing the main board.

Part: Xbox One Controller (1537) Motherboard

Tools: T6 Torx, TR8 Torx, Spudger, soldering station tweezers (recommended)

Malfunctioning Thumbstick ¶ 

I cannot properly navigate my Xbox One.

Residue Build Up ¶ 

Your thumbstick may be sticking or not rotating properly. Check out the Thumbstick Replacement Guide so you can get to your thumbsticks and clean them or replace the thumb stick covers.

Part: Thumbstick cover

Tools Required: TR8 Torx, Spudger

If this does not fix the problem, the thumbstick mechanism may be faulty meaning you should replace the secondary board. However, if you are comfortable soldering the Analog sticks can be replaced without a new midframe.

Part: Xbox One Controller (1537) Midframe Assembly and control board, Xbox One Controller (1697) Midframe Assembly and control board

Tools: T6 Torx, TR8 Torx, Spudger, soldering station tweezers (recommended)

Broken Thumbsticks ¶ 

It is possible that you have have been gaming a little too hard and one or both of your thumbsticks are bent or broken. Look at our Thumbstick Replacement Guide to see how you can get back to your hardcore gaming habits in no time.

Part: Thumbstick cover

Tools Required: TR8 Torx, Spudger

If cleaning or replacing the thumbstick covers does not fix the problem, the thumbstick mechanism may be faulty meaning you should replace the main board. However, if you are comfortable soldering you can replace the Analog sticks without a new main board.

Controller Won't Vibrate ¶ 

When I am playing games, my controller refuses to vibrate.

Vibration Setting Not Enabled ¶ 

Make sure your vibrations setting is enabled. This can be done in the settings of the game you are playing.

Low Batteries ¶ 

If your batteries are low, the controller may not vibrate in an effort to save battery life. Replace the batteries or charge your controller.

Parts: AA Batteries for Xbox One, Xbox One Controller Charging Cable

Tools required: None

Vibration May Not Be Supported By The Game ¶ 

Try using another controller on the game that you are playing. If the controller is still not vibrating, the game most likely does not support this option.

Vibration Motor is Defective ¶ 

If you have tried everything above and your controller still refuses to vibrate, there may be something wrong with the vibration motor. Get ready to grab a screw driver, you're going to need it for the Trigger Rumble Motor Replacement Guide. This guide requires soldering.

Part: Xbox One controller trigger vibration motor

Tools required: T6 Torx, TR8 Torx, Spudger, soldering station tweezers (recommended)

댓글 193개

Will connect to anther Xbox put not mine

Donovan Marx - 답글

I'm having the same problem. I have two controllers a that both worked then when I synced it with another console it wouldn't sync back with my own. When I press the sync button on the console nothing happens.

Ross currie -

i'm having this same issue. My XB1 Controller keeps wont stay connected/ keeps disconnecting/ keeps blinking/ wont sync or whatever that means. And connects not crazy i swear. Like right now the battery is at 100% and it just keeps blinking and blinking and will randomly connect for a couple seconds and then go back to blinking. I've tried pressing the "sync button and simotaneously lettin go of the button on the side of the XBOX and they just both end up blinking really fact and it doesnt do anything

Please someone help me or message me back

djgotusfalleninl -

I am having the exact same problem.

Lance Rigney -

I've been having the same problem, plugging it in with a phone charger will connect it, as well as eliminate the use of batteries, bit does anybody have any other ideas? Cause I need to use local multiplayer and it would be nice to not sit so closely I go blind.

George Georginton. -

Same it's stupid

Ricky Ford -

My controller is not connecting to my console and i tried lots of ways but still disconnected.

Abdulbari - 답글

I'm having the same issue. Did anyone figure it out yet??? Please help!

sandrawilliams78 -

1. connect it with a usb thhen after working disconnect it.

2. restart your console. (from menu > system> restart console)

mohamadreza taheri -

my controller is not syncing to my my friend brought over his remote and his works perfectly mine is not can anybody help hit the sync button on the Xbox and a remote and it's still not working my friend brought over his remote and his works perfectly mine is not can anybody help me also when I plug it in with the USB cord it for a split second it does work and it says update controller when when I update it says no update available so retarded please help

Obuu - 답글

hi us a micro usb to usb cable... (the charger cable of most phones) and plug into the usb on the console, and the micro usb to the controller. If it syncs plugged in, you can unplug it and it should stay synced.. this is not something ms says to do just something that i tried and it worked for me...

davidperkey -

My controller turns on an also turns on the xbox1 but that's about it. It won't do anything else, can sum1 help me?

dayr2 - 답글

I'm having the same issues arm. Have you got it resolved yet & if so how did you do it?

Venessa -

mine wont even let me turn that on either of them.

Max11 -

So basically, whenever I hold the home button to join a party or game it brings up the Xbox shut down menu...

William King - 답글

I have found rubbing alcohol helps. Push the button in put some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and rub it around the groove and repeatedly push the button until it's nice and smooth then leave it to evaporate

Nic -

So, I have two controllers, but when I press the hone button on both of them it wont go to the home screen. I need help. No matter what I do. I can't record gameplay. I have to shut my console off to switch o another game. What do i do?

Roger - 답글

I have 2 controllers both with good battery levels and neither will connect i am really concerned and dont know what to do as at the moment my xbox one is about as usefull as a 360 with the red ring of death.

Max11 - 답글

I'm having that wireless controller will sync to my Xbox and it won't even work with the micro USB cable hooked up.... what is going on I need help

Jerry Kegley -

Wireles controllers will not work at all on my Xbox not even with the micro USB cable hooked up to it can somebody please help .....Microsoft said I need to have my Xbox fixed and that cost 110$ can somebody please help

Jerry Kegley -

I'm having the same problem my controller will sync then disconnect and start blinking I tried changing the batteries even went to the extent of buy two new remotes wtf is going on my Xbox 1 literally is just used for Netflix because my controllers won't stay connected long enough

Derrick -

Did anyone ever find a solution to this problem because I’m having the same issue!!

Tameia Williams -

My headphones and mic are good but I hear no audio through them

On my controller

jennjohnson00 - 답글

press the xbox home button and go to the upper right menu, then you should see an audio menu. use that to change settigns (like increeasing the volume …)

it may work!

mohamadreza taheri -

I am having a problem with my controller, whats happening is my controller is lighting up as in its on and I have charged batteries too but on my Xbox im stuck on the home screen and I can't navigate my controller with ANY button and aso it says that the battery is still at the same battery power (low) when I just used 3 pairs if charged batteries. What do I do?

Brent Hendricks - 답글

All you need to do is turn the xbox off by holding down the power button for 10 seconds, then you turn it back on again

mitchruys -

did you have any luck with this?my son is having the same problem

lola bagwell -

Yes this works I just did it with my console

Aidan -

My Xbox controller isn't working. Its turning on and so is the Xbox but if I put my head set in my the controller my dpad doesn't light up like it usually does. Even the controller lights up saying "hey look I'm on" but my dpad doesn't and same goes with the Xbox. I have put 3 pairs of charged batteries in my controller but since my controller won't work and I'm stuck at the home screen I can sew the battery power and no matter what it stays at the same battery photo and its red. So what can I do to get my controller working again?

Brent Hendricks - 답글

Solved the problem of my controllers not connecting, found out it was my wifi camera, once I unplugged it everything was fine.

meathead4702 - 답글

Your WiFi camera what?

Need help -

Can you explain what this WiFi camera is?

Leexb1 -

I have been trying to connect my controller but it doesn't connect. It's been doing this lately and when I had a 360 my controller would torn on for like 2 minutes but then would just torn off but later we found out it was my wireless router in my room. But I don't have it in my room any more and my controller doesn't work can you tell me what is wrong with my controller

Have bashsb e Sh - 답글

Make sure you have good battery's not some off brand I only use Duracell and are fully charged, also look for ANY wireless objects near by or on the same power circuit, anything that is connected to your wireless like another computer, laptop, tablet, cellphone, anything wireless and try unplugging it or turn it off.

meathead4702 -

My xbox home button won't work, I press it, but nothing happens. Help me plz

Bob joe - 답글

I having problems with my controller the two triggers are just playing by them selves without me pressing them what do I do

Regan - 답글

I'm having trouble with my two triggers they are playing by them selves what do I do

Regan - 답글

I am having very strange problem with my controller,it will turn on but i can't do anything,like play games or even move from home screen,the even stranger thing is that when i turn my xbox of the light on my controller is STILL ON.Please can someone help me I don't know what to do

Jorden Mcstine - 답글

Is your controller not syncing to the Xbox? I hold the sync button on my Controller for ages but nothing happens. When I use another controller it works fine. Mine literally started doing it today?

Ben -

I've just started having the same problems know how to fix it Btw I have two controllers and weirdly neither will sync but both stopped working at the exact same time

Need help -

It won't let me type in letters in search bar and when I press the Xbox home button it won't respond or shut off but when my xbox is off it will let me turn it one with the same controller

brandon ohara - 답글

had same issue. hard reset fixed it

David Allen -

IT WORKED, cough cough, uh ya, it was fixed, thx

Adrenaline - 답글

Mine keeps blinking and Will just cut off. Tried syncing it and doing all the resets and unplugging everything and still won't work. Any ideas???

basskaster40 -

I can turn my xbox on with my home button and turn the controller on and off but when I am playing a game the home button will not do anything. What is wrong with it? Do I need a new controller? Do I need a new xbox? Pls let me know.

Jaryd York - 답글

Hay. I kind of come up with a solution. It seems to be a problem with the Xbox rather than the controller. Go to settings In the side bar (should be a little gear icon) and with the controller wired into the Xbox press restart. It took a while to boot back up but the controller was working when it came back on. Other than that try a hard reset by holding the power button until the Xbox powers down

benjohnston2 - 답글

Mines turn of every Tim I use it but when I leave it alone it works fine

Markwilkerson - 답글

My Xbox controller turnson my consul doesn't

Ricky Castro - 답글

Worked for me unplug your consul from the back wait 5 sec. Plug back immediately sync after turning it on and a green screen should be showing like it's loading. Bam it was ready to go.

Erika mejia - 답글

It keeps flashing and refuses to connect to my xbox one.(i tried syncing it too) I just bought the xbox one and controller today. The batteries are new and i kept swapping them to see if that would work but no luck. Ugh this is reeally annoying help :(

keelycoolkat - 답글

Same thing it's my only controller that has a mic

cameronmerriman101 -

Bought a wireless controller with pc cable but won't work without cable

Virginia ocana - 답글

My controller will flash but won't turn on and the sync button on it won't work and when I plug it in it just flashes

cameronmerriman101 - 답글

My Xbox one wireless rechargeable remote won't turn but it acts like it is(the home button will light up like it is trying to turn on but the light isn't always bright and if I hold for a long time them let go the light goes away and if I press it again it lights but as soon as I let go it turns off, if ever turned on in the first place. If you have any experience or you have a possible solution please tell me because my other controller works but the right trigger is stuck as if I am pressing it and so is the left trigger and irk what to do. If you have any advise on either of the problems then let me know and I will greatly appreciate your advice☺☺ :,( , I know this is along comment but I wanted to make sure I got enough detail towards my specific problems and will really hole you will help me out please and thank you so much

Ausin Crist - 답글

The Xbox calibration button doesn't have the click type noise when I press it, and this happened randomly when the controllers stopped calibrating.

Jeffrey Lowell - 답글

My X box one controller won't do any thing when I move the thumb sticks or press the buttons nothing happens on my screen and I'm not sure why, I changed the batteries, synced the controllers, and turned off and on my X box 1 and it still won't work

captainguy101 - 답글

Continuously I get an issue where either my controller will not connect no matter what I do, OR when my controller does connect the Xbox doesn't want to listen: for example I will hold down the center button and then select "turn off console" and it will just ignore me. Ridiculous, Microsoft, just ridiculous

raj shankar - 답글

My controller keeps unsyncing everytime I turn off xbox one. I can sync it by hand when I turn it back on but once the system is off the next time I have to resync the controller.... Any ideas?

John Toma - 답글

Two things that work for me.

1. Hook up a USB cable from the controller to the xbox (play like that for 5-10 min or so then disconnect)

2. Hard reset the xbox (unplug the power from the back of it wait 10-30 seconds or so and plug it back in)

I will note i'm in the preview program and I think that is the cause of this issue.

Matthew Miller -

I bought a whole new controller and bought a whole pack of batteries and it still will not turn on what the heck do I do

Corey - 답글

This is what I'm scared of. I don't want to go out and by new controllers and it still doesn't work. I think I will get a PS4. Smh..

sandrawilliams78 -

52.00 dollars wasted

Corey -

I got my new controller to work I just to sync my xbox and controller

Corey - 답글

Mine wouldn't sync until I unplugged the headset(mic), as soon as I unplugged it, connected instantly. Nothing else worked. Unplugging the mic should definitely be on here as a troubleshooting step. You can plug it back in after establishing the connection.

Gabe Gee - 답글

My controller will turn on but it will not effect the Xbox when I press any buttons and when I try to sync them, the controller will try to sync but the Xbox will not

Keith Hannon - 답글

I started having that problem today :(

I haven't found a way to fix it

Ethan Adams -

I whent to my friends house and brought my controller with me and I connected my controller to his Xbox with 2 other controllers meaning 3 of us were playing and now that I'm back at my house my controller will not connect even though I only have 1 controller at my house and it just won't connect at all and I changed the batteries and everything but it still won't work

Jojo Thack - 답글

I've had this problem for a while. When I press the connect button on my Xbox the front logo does not light up AND it will disconnect the Xbox from live and my wifi. The problem isn't always prevalent, for days or weeks at a time everything is fine and nothing acts up, but then for either days or weeks at a time the problem comes back and no amount of "fix it steps" like plugging in to a micro USB first or hard resets help until the xbox (seemingly deciding on it own) works again like normal.

Bryer - 답글

My XB1 controller dosent vibrate just flashes. I tried snycing them but the controller dosent sync at all it just flashes but not fast flashing

Ghostninja10001 - 답글

One of my Xbox controllers connect and work,But then it blinks and doesn't work and repeats itself.The other I was just playing with it.I had new batteries and in game the controller had a mind of its own.It would sway in different directions and it was impossible to play.Then i restarted my Xbox one, and the controller would not turn on!No lit up home button no nothing.Anyone with this problem on Xbox one and have somehow fixed it,help please.

Richie Buturla - 답글

So can someone help me i just got an xbox one s and every time i try to connect more than 1 remote the xbox is unplayable its super lagey when im at the home screen i get stuck at tge very lat window and i cant leave then when i try to shut down it takes about 30 seconds to shut down really !#^&@@ cause i wanted to play with my cousins and it didnt work my email is if anyone can help me

dawson lohin - 답글

I probably wont be on this site again

dawson lohin -

My Xbox One S controller isn't working properly. So far it only works after I plug it directly into the console. I think the home button on the controller isn't working. I can't bring up the menu to exit when I'm in a game, or power it up when it's using just AA batteries.

antonioaz - 답글

No matter what i try it doesnt sync


My xbox 1 controller is on with fully charged batteries. It won't let me navigate so I'm literally stuck on the home screen and it won't let me turn off the controller. The only way to shut it off is to take out the batteries, I don't know what to do. Can someone help?

Ayla Mendoza - 답글

Mine says it is connected and everything but when I go to move the sticks nothing happens, every now and then it will move over three boxes and then stop working again.

kurtis bradley - 답글

Did you succed to solve your problem?? As I have exactly the same with a new xb1 controller I just baught. Two of my old controllers works fine.

Abraham Tesfaw -

I've spent over £160 on new controllers and each one still disconnects, please help me as it's really ruining my gaming experience.

Callum Sainsbury - 답글

My new Xbox One controller works perfectly, other than the fact that if its not plugged in it disconnects every 60 seconds. It stays on, just disconnects itself until i push another button or wait 10 seconds. 18 brand new batteries, two brand new fully charged battery packs, nothing works. I have to have my wireless controller plugged in at all times. I have plugged it in and updated the controller, ive reset the xbox with the controller plugged in.. I dont know what to do anymore.

randymcdonald - 답글

Unplug your Xbox and plug it back in, it does a hardware reset and you can sync it again. I had the same problem until it just wouldn't connect or work.

Dylan -

My xb1s controller just blinks when I hold the power button down and never goes solid. Anyone know if I have a bad control or what any feedback would be great, thanks

John - 답글

Ha. Don't worry. My controller turns on my Xbox but starts blinking again. And my Xbox won't show up on the tv either.

Austin Shaw - 답글

I've switched to the PS4. The Xbox has too many problems.

Austin Shaw - 답글

If you haven't figured how to fix the controller already, unplug ur Xbox one /Xbox one s from the back, wait a few seconds then plug it back in,. Now sync the controllers and it should sync and respond.

Dylan - 답글

don't know I I had the same problem, but my controller only blinked if I held my finger on the home button but It didn't connect. If you have a go pro charger or nokia phone charger, plug it in to that and sync your controller, this is how I ended up fixing mine, I hope this helps.

jack kay - 답글

The sync button won't pop up to sink up any more, it's just sitting there only moving back up when I hold the controller up side down. What do I do? May I add I just bought this controller I've yet to drop it.

artcrafter12 - 답글

I just bought a Xbox one a remote brand new and I tried connecting my original mic from the original console bundle and it won't work it only works on the original control pls help if you can

GoodSlumber - 답글

I appear to be having a similar issue as everyone else with my controller disconnecting every once in a while and then refusing to reconnect. My trouble seems to be a little more extreme in that it won't even connect via usb. I try taking the battery out of the controller to force it to connect via usb and it will turn on and even sometimes show that it is connected (solid, non-blinking xbox button) but it won't do anything. Sometimes a hard restart of the system will fix it but not always. It happens to both of my controllers even though they are rarely on at the same time. I do live in an apartment building so there is the potential for a lot of interference from other networks and devices but shouldn't I still be able to connect directly to the console by plugging the controller in via usb? Very frustrating and has been happening for at least the past year.

Tyler Perkins - 답글

I am literally having the same issue. Most kids on here just don't know how to sync a controller. My controller (plugged in) will turn on my Xbox One S but after about 5 seconds the controller starts flashing (sync-mode) and the Xbox stays on. After this, I unplug the controller and put a fresh pair of rechargeable batteries in the controller and turn it on again to no avail. This happens about once a month, and after about three hours it randomly decides to work again. Not a single troubleshooting tip on Google has helped me. I've done numerous hard resets, I know how to sync the controller but it doesn't work when it does this, and I do practically all the other steps. My Xbox One S is starting to act like a crazy girlfriend who's upset with me and doesn't wanna listen. I just wanna play my Battlefield 4, dude

Andre Goforth -

My range is extremely short, I will be 2 inches away it will work, but then when I reach like 5 inches away it will disconnect and I can't connect it until I'm 2 inches away again

Zach - 답글

I could not get any suggestions to work. If you can find a cord that hardwires your control to the X Box One, for me it was my son's Amazon Kindle power cord, it updates the controller software and then you can go wireless.

jamespgorman - 답글

My controller says it's on but when I have it plugged in it shows low battery, it also won't navigate on my screen but the thumbsticks are not broken... It's weird.

Quiz Reflex - 답글

My Controllers aren't connecting to my console and syncing isnt doing crap, I don't know how to fix this and I'm right about to switch to PS4

Bad Hound - 답글

The controller moves the cursor around but won't let me click anything. When I hit A or B nothing happens. I also can't shut the controllers off for the same reason. Losing my patience and I don't understand wtf is going on.

McKenzie Verdon - 답글

My Xbox1 controller won't switch to xbox live from tv one guide. When I turn on the xbox, it goes straight to television. When I press the button to switch to xbox live, it stays on tv. I can change channels and all from the remote, so I know it works. Suggestions?

Chris Rogers - 답글

My controller light up when I press the Xbox button, but as soon as I press the sync button it stops flashing... Anyone please help?!

Jody Vickers - 답글

Just playing COD Black Ops 3 casually, playing multiplayer. When all of a sudden after shooting someone down my controller becomes unresponsive and my character just kept running in circles shooting the floor. I did nothing to the controller. No damage. It has never ever done this before. This is even the same for my other controller as it says its on but it isnt being acknowledged as buttons being pressed by the Xbox One just like my proper controller. I never came across this issue before. I have turned my xbox off and on several times, changed batteries even though they are all completely charged. I have not thrown the controller around anywhere the controller is in prestige condition. My Xbox One hasn't received any damage either. Is Microsoft ignoring us? Can they help this issue please? Aswell as fix the enforcement team?

Not Perfection - 답글

I have same issue……

Have you found a solution???

Also headset connects fine and is recognised by system but cannot seems to communicate with others anymore.

Deirdre Malone -

Me and my bf like to play on the same Xbox One and we used to have just one wireless controller and a wired controller just fine with no problems. A couple months after I bought him a wireless custom controller we started having the issue where we'd be playing at night, turn the Xbox off and when I would come to play in the morning neither controllers were paired anymore. It's super frustrating, we had a charge as you play wire that seems to not be responding to the controllers either. Both controllers are 100% battery and were both working the night before. It says that other things could be interfering with the frequency waves are something so that wireless controllers can connect to Xbox but we NEVER had the problem before until about January and our Internet router is in the living room. If it is the Internet router why hasn't it ever been an issue before? *Sync button on Xbox One does NOTHING, they just both continue flashing and that's it.*

rebekahanne6 - 답글

Did you succed to solve your problem as I have exactly the same with a new xbox I just baught. None of my two controllers can conect anymore neither with a USB cable and the button on my Xbox does nothing.

Didier Chaubeau -

my xbox controller syncs and turns on but wont control anything on the xbox

v12 gamer - 답글

Same. Did you find out what was wrong?

Jason Shaw -

It will start blinking for no reason and will disconnect me from Xbox live and then I will re sync but that still doesn't work and it doesn't need an update or anything

jordan wallis - 답글

Ok so my controller refuses to sync with my XB1 but when I hit the home button the console still turns on any ideas? Also I can't get my Xbox to show up on my tv and I think I've done close to 15 hard resets today but nothing is working any advice is helpful thanks.

Austin - 답글

I just bought a white xb1 controller for my black xb1. I put brand new batteries in the controller and got it to sinc up with my xb1. When I tried to move the stick nothing happened. I tried pressing A to see if that would do anything but still nothing. I turned off the xb1 and powered it on with the controller. It turned on but still I couldn't do anything with this particular controller. My three other black controllers work perfectly fine. What's causing this issue?

Jason Shaw - 답글

I'm having the same problem. The "press a on any controller to continue" keeps popping during gameplay. I eliminated it when I kept the play&charge kit wire charger on but now it's doing when I slightly move the controller during fights (the division; I thought it was lag). My character would walk by itself and that pop up comes as if the console lost track of the controller. This is my second set of wireless controller and play&charge kit and it keeps happening. I was told just to buy a wired controller but then I can't sit afar from the television. Help please?

jgarcia20 - 답글

my pad and bumpers wont work on my xbox one controller but the other functions work

lambo_55 - 답글

I just got a new xbox controller ive had it for a few weeks now but i just accidentally turned of my xbox and now when i hold down the home button to turn it on it just starts flashing and i cant try to connect it because it wont turn on correctly so i dont know what to do if you had this problem too please tell me how to fix it.

Nightmare Gaming - 답글


I've found that most people with this problem have the soft power off option enabled (basically your console never really shuts off but goes into a "sleep" mode) so when you shut off your xbox, every so often the xbox still sees a contoller is connect/ synced even though its not. Unplugging the console and plugging it back in will most likely fix the issue, but if it still persists I recommend a hard reset.

Frank Furter - 답글

Resetting the Xbox work for me! If your remote is working, leave it on then hold power button on console down for 10 seconds resets the xbox and remote works!

Amanda Mount - 답글

Yeah what's going on is it the update

Aqua Jugs - 답글

My controller says the mic is plugged in when its not and its full battery and synced to the xbox one but doesn't want to work i press every button and nothing happens PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD


Noe landa - 답글

I had the exact same problem. Unplugged the xBox for 10 seconds, plugged it back in, and that fixed it.

tgreen -

Got a problem where i know my controller is charge (tried battery packs and fresh batteries.) But when trying to turn on my controller the home button wont even begin to turn on and even without my light my controller wont work, even being directly plugged into my console.

brogan-2011 - 답글

same issue guys, no fix found yet. Bought a new controller but the problem isn't fixed

taijashvi khera - 답글

Hi my controller turns on but refuses to connect to my xbox. It doesn't even attempt to sync.

tj harmer - 답글

When I try to connect my controller to my xbox, I press the connect button on my controller buy when I press the xbox one, it won't flash. Also, when I'm playing a game, my controller will randomly unconnect from my xbox. Why is this happening?

Matthew Chattin - 답글

My controller wont fully turn on, I hold the power for the controller to turn on and the white light flashes twice after the second flash it just turns off any way to fix this?

Fnx playz - 답글

I'm having issues connecting the controller. I've changed the batteries and it still won't connect. Can someone please help me as I need the second controller. I've noticed that when I press the sync button two little red lights by the charging port begin to blink

Devin vandepoele - 답글

My controller port doesn’t work can some help??

Monti - 답글

my xbox one controller suddenly shut off with about half batteries and it will not turn back on even after i unplugged the headset and replaced the batteries. the xbox icon will not even light up anymore even though there are functioning batteries in the controller. idk what to do

Drew Jensen - 답글

My controller wouldn't connect and even my remote wouldn't work. So I turned off the xBox, unplugged it for 10 seconds, plugged it back in and when I turned it back on everything was working again. Hope this helps someone else.

tgreen - 답글

thank youu so muchh

Alfie Doyle -

just brought a bran new x box one... nothing but hassle so far.. buttons sticking and butttons not working so u cant do any thing to reset the setting....

stace lewis - 답글

Just power cycle you Xbox. Turn it on. Pull the power plug out of the back. Wait a couple of seconds plug it back in start it up and re sync your controller when you can. It just fixed my problem

darkstateofmind - 답글

IF TURNING YOUR XBOX OFF AND ON DOES NOT WORK AND THE XBOX WONT FLASH TO SYNC..I think plugging other devices into the Xbox to charge , like phones, earphones, speakers, etc . Then allowing the controller to time out will cause an error when turning it back on sometimes and it will not connect until the USB Chord is DISCONNECTED.

Benjamin Davis - 답글

My Xbox one controller won’t turn on every time I put my finger to turn it on it flash once then turn of it doesn’t turn on the Xbox or nothing just one flash then off

Joey Lechuga - 답글

Have you checked the batteries

Sam -

My controller refuses to sync with my console. I’ve checked the batteries, if there were wireless devices that could interfere, and if the button was broken. None of that is the problem, yet any time I try to sync it, it just keeps flashing. None of this is helping me. I have no idea what the problem is, but it’s making me really ticked. It worked just last week, then I had friends over to play and now it’s not working. To clarify, one connected his controller (wired) to my console, my controller was perfectly fine during and after, but then a couple days ago I went to turn on my console and the controller wouldn’t turn it on. It just kept blinking. So I tried re-syncing it and it refuses to sync. I’ve tried two dozen times now. It just wont sync!

Kyla Davis - 답글

any fix yet? Mine just started acting up

Nolan Bodah -

My controller, not the actual console, lights up but won’t stop blinking and it can’t connect the the Xbox. Can someone help?

LeBron durant - 답글

My sync button on the Xbox doesn't work I was in match then the Xbox kicked me out of the game and signed me out ever since then none of my controllers work on the Xbox and when I press sync on the Xbox its doesn't blink.

Dylan - 답글

I use the Xbox elite controller with 2 venom rechargeable battery back, one of the battery packs are fine but when I use the other, even though it is fully charged my controller randomly turns off every couple of minutes, completely randomly. Sometime it will be fine for 20 minutes sometimes it will turn off after 3 minutes. It starts of with my controller aggressively vibrating and then the lights on the home button flash, but when I unplug the battery back and turn it back on it’s works again.

deborahnaylor - 답글

My controller won't connect at all to my xbox. I've unplugged my headset, changed batteries and tried to sync it but afyerwards it dosent stop flashing and dosent do anything on my Xbox

Sam - 답글

My Xbox One controller will not connect to my Xbox one, if I try connecting it to the Xbox, it keeps flashing but nothing happens. I tried everything, but I think it has to do with me leaving it in the charger or something for a few days. The controller works, but it will not connect to the Xbox one. It for sure has nothing to do with batteries, or being broken. Please email me at if you found out how to fix it. Please, and thank you.

Andrew Nokhodchi - 답글

My controller is connected to the Xbox via usb cable and still refuses to sync with the Xbox. The Xbox button on the controller just keeps blinking and blinking. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Gus - 답글

Bought new controller and I tried to sync it to my xbox one and it it looks like it connects but it won’t navigate (Basically nothing happens when I touch the buttons) and I tried turning my Xbox one off and bak on and sync again and it won’t work idk if it’s the new remote or the Xbox one

Michael - 답글

My controller won't connect now. It did about an hour ago, but now, nothing

Eric Nunez - 답글

I'm wondering if anybody can help me out. My controller is acting up. When I'm on any menu I have to repeatedly hit the a button for it to work. Never does that in a game. When I try to type anything in a message or the store I can click the first button and then it highlights the auto words and I can't bring it back down everytime I push it down back to the letters and snaps back up. And for some reason everytime I try to load GTA my controller won't work and my screen just spins around my guy. I'm uninstalling the game and reinstalling it now seeing if that will fix that problem but the other ones are becoming a real pain

Nic - 답글

I cannot sync my controller to the Xbox one, the controller is in the sync mode forever going

Darks9 J. - 답글

It won't sync when I AMD five inches

Darks9 J. - 답글

I can't control my controller navigation system through bumpers,triggers and both analog sticks what do I do plz.

Stan - 답글

I can't control my controller navigation system at all I can't move without it speeding up and going to places I don't want to, the buttons,bumpers and analog sticks don't work. Plz tell me what to

Stan - 답글

Went to update my controller and the controller died midway through the update and now won’t turn on. I tried plugging it back up and finishing the update but it won’t turn on to continue.

Has anyone had this problem and is there a resolution?

Monty Gomez - 답글

I’m having a very strange problem with my controller. I would put in some fresh batteries, but once I press the home button to turn it on, the light would be very dim, and it wouldn’t connect to anything, wouldn’t work, and wouldn’t technically power up all the way. When I tried using a USB cable, it wouldn’t power up anyway. Does anyone have an idea as to what’s going on?

Geometry Dash XxLuis59xX - 답글

To fix a controller that turns on the console but keeps blinking after that. Connect it to the console with usb cable, turn it on, restart the console from the xbox home menu/settings. While it is restarting unplug the controller and it should work now. Worked for me, I had the same issue with 2 different controllers in different consoles.

José R. Gutiérrez Q. - 답글

My controller will be working then it just falls-out of sync and won't re-sync. From reading the questions/comments, this is by far the #1 problem, and not a single one of your “tips” resolves this. Fix this now and post a troubleshooting tip that actually works. This console is almost unplayable, for 2018 this is completely unacceptable, especially at the price you charge (and continuously charge via Xbox Live membership). I am a day away from swiching over to PC and never buying your crashing lagging junk again.

Bryan Ruether - 답글

Contoller wont stay synced, won't resync after loosing sync. This makes the xbox one completely unplayable. None of your ‘tips' resolves this. This is completely unacceptable for today's standards, and you still have the nerve to charge your customers for a ‘live' membership. Resolve this now or you'll be losing yet another lifetime MS user.

Bryan Ruether - 답글

Lately my home button on both my controllers are not working with the xbox so I am not able to go home from a game

Joshua O. - 답글

Both my controllers’ home buttons are not working so I can’t go home from a game, instead when I push it the screen just gets dark and then when I push it again it goes back light.

Joshua O. - 답글

Ok so my controller won't sync at all not even with a USB but others will it's not a battery issue as I moved it's pack into another controller

Ryan Clayton - 답글

My controller will not sync even with a USB cord but I've got another controller that has no issues I don't have any blue tooth or wifi devices anywhere close to it and it's not the

Ryan Clayton - 답글

Im having the problem where my controller will just blink at me then shut off like it has low batteries, but no matter what I do it will not connect to my Xbox, it won't work if I remove the batteries, if I plug into my Xbox or my mobile battery pack, even the sync buttons fail. It does this at random and idk how to fix. Pls help

Ninjago Lover - 답글

I’ve been trying to sync my can chill over to my Xbox to the instructions but still nothing happens. (Controller will not stop flashing and no updates needed)

Pixelparty999 - 답글

Had the same problem of controller not connecting. I held down the Console button till it shut off then unplugged it, plugged it back in and turned it on with my xbox control.

maikim fregoso - 답글

Hi I have two controllers left analogue sticks are not registering on either any ideas?

robert slater - 답글

What do I do if the controller and the Xbox One turn on, but the controller does not work (none of the buttons or sticks do anything). I am having this problem now, someone please help me…

Armand S. - 답글

Looks like a lot of people are having similar problems as I am….

Brand new batteries . Brand new USB cable. Plugged into the console, to the wall… nothing. Its a new controller (couple months), I used my wired controller with no problem. I checked that the pins weren't bent where the batteries go. It just won't turn on. I power cycled the console several times with no result. It's completely dead.

Peggy Harlan - 답글

Multiple inputs are registered on various buttons (or directions) when there should only be one input registered. I have 3 controllers and they all have the same multiple input bug but are effected in different ways and on different games. They work fine or the first couple weeks but eventually they all start acting up with increasing frequency and severity. Ive had my console for a year and a half and most of that time I've been dealing with these chaotic controls. And microsoft’s technical support is excruciatingly time consuming to deal with. The people for the most part are polite and professional but calls get dropped non stop, and chats disconnect. This means starting from scratch over and over. I've been trying to get some help from them since 7 in the morning and its noon now. I've made absolutely no progress in that time. Is there a solution? Or should i just heave my console out the window and rid myself of the headache?

fishnipples4life - 답글

Im having issues with my xbox one s controller, it was purchashed via a used system at eb games but worked fine, then after one night of having friends over suddenly I can not navigate my xbox via thumbstick or d-pad im thinking someone either spilled something on it or maybe did something else that would cause this issue, everything else works once I get into netflix or youtube its fine but on the home screens it will not navigate. Any suggestions before I attempt pulling everything apart to try to fix it or just buy a new one?

Star95 - 답글

My new Xbox one controller stopped working after draining my new batteries in an hour.then I put duracell batteries in & it started to smoke!help!I'm scared!

Jj Jones - 답글

My controller won't turn on at all. Like the home button doesn't light up and the xbox won't turn on either. It's not because it isn't synced, it just won't turn on.

subliminals hobie - 답글

My controller refuses to sync. I followed the instructions to sync it back up, and then it just keeps flashing but gradually slows down, to the point where my Xbox power button stops flashing

DinoKrunkleYT - 답글

My 'L' stick is not working properly. When I press it upwards or downwards, it keep going up or down in the screen. Need help please.

Hasnat Zahid - 답글

when i put new batteries in my controlers it wont cut on what do i do?

Savage_Eric 27 - 답글

Also sometimes it will sink and it will show that it's connected but none of my movements will transfer onto the TV as if I'm not even touching the controller

Michael whitney -

I have 3 controller and for some reason none will connect to the Xbox and it seems odd they all disconnected at the same time. I have tried plugging them in and updating, I have tried new batteries, I have done the hard reset and nothing seems to work?

Chris Klein - 답글

I'm having issues with my controller I can be playing a game and it will randomly unsync and just start randomly blinking I can have the controller plugged into the Xbox with a cord cell phone charger or anything and it's still blinks even on the cord it will turn off my controller still won't sync to the Xbox any help please

Michael whitney - 답글

Here is what worked for me when the light on my controller would just blink and never connect.

1. Boot up console.

2. Plug in usb cable to console and controller.

3. Restart console from menu.

4. Unplug controller after boot up.

Should resync after.

Japheth Meadows - 답글

So my Xbox one s controller won’t turn on when I press the button. But if I keep holding the button in it’ll work but if I take my finger back off it turns off . I don’t know what to do , can anyone help me with This problem?

Ana - 답글

For some reason, whenever I hold left trigger on my Xbox controller, the character in-game will always walk left. How do i fix this?

Toa Green - 답글

My x button won't work everything else works perfectly fine I don't understand it I have to rearrange all my buttons to go around that one but anyone have any ideas so I don't have to buy a new controller

Joey Roberts - 답글

Brand new (and tested in another device) batteries in a wireless XBox One controller for Windows (Minecraft pig edition) turns on then turns off, then on, then dims, then off.

Full story:

Was playing a game last night and it was working fine wirelessly. It connects through the USB bluetooth adapter. I got up to go make dinner and left my game running with the controller sitting on my desk. When I returned it was unresponsive and the keyboard controls were showing on the game I had open. I hit the power button and it did the same thing as mentioned above - the controller light turns on full brightness, then turns off momentarily before going back to full brightness and then dimming for a second or two before turning right off. I’ve swapped batteries and it does the same thing. It works just fine when I connect it via a USB cable but this is far from ideal when paying the extra money for a wireless controller. I’ve tried reconnecting it and as soon as it connects it turns off in the manner mentioned above.

Ander Holmwood - 답글

if on pc try turning off the device association service it seems to have worked for me

Jesus Coronado - 답글

im having problem wigh my snuf controller is glitching soo bad like it wont let me o anything on it and some people saying reset it and i dont know can someone help me please

Truckboy 22 - 답글

Mine xbox one controller just stop working and when I hold the bottom it blinks when I l Let It Go it wont stay on

Cole Labranche - 답글

I tried changing batteries and using an usb cord and the controller still will not turn on.

Andrew Martin - 답글

I have problems with my controller if I hold the home button it connects then disconnects and then will start blinking like it’s trying to sync and I will sync it but the second I let go it turns off can someone help me

Seventh Silexx - 답글

My contoller won't work with usb or using reconnection buttons. batteries are brand new. How do I fix this

Alex Javitz - 답글

my left controller stick keeps going down when i don’t want it to on it’s own. need help. what should i do? the stick doesn’t work at all

Funtime Foxy - 답글

So I was playing on my Xbox then suddenly my controller stopped working so I got my other controller and tried to connect it too my Xbox but it didn't work so I tried connecting it too my second Xbox and it worked could someone please help me

John cena - 답글

Absolutely ridiculous design fault. What’s wrong with actually wanting the product you pay for these days £50 for a new wireless controller for it to be used as a wired controller. Connects from 2cm away but disconnects instantly soon as removed from right next to Xbox button. Even with usb there is little hiccups in the connection and pops up reconnect controller for a second or 2 which is valuable time in a online game

Leexb1 - 답글

I also got told by a laptop repair shop they can fix it, it’s a Bluetooth chip inside the new S pads that needs replacing but would cost £60 a new controller is cheaper than this so got to be a cheaper option

Leexb1 -

my controller for my xbox one s won’t connect to my tv. the xbox button is blinking and won’t work. i have switched batteries more than once, and even connected it to a cord that plugs into it. i don’t know what happened to it because it started last night and now it just won’t work.

mikaela serfontein - 답글

mine will turn on and then start blinking and won´t connect

daegan elliott - 답글

it won’t connect when i put new batteries in it just stays off and blinks fast when i hold the power button but when I connect it to a usb it works just fine

CW TB Gaming - 답글

Same I have no idea what to

ItsAmeRamiz O.o -

So my controller won't sync to my Xbox One and I've been trying. I put new batteries in and still it doesn't work. I don't know what else to do

Noctis Deadline - 답글

How dose dis duff work?

Kaleb Sawyer - 답글

My Xbox1 wired controller will not hold down a button, only click. For instance, in red dead redemption 2 i need to hold A button for some things, but it won't hold when I press and hold it, it just clicks? How do i fix?

Curtis Clemons - 답글

I have a problem that my Xbox controller flashes really fast when I hold down the home button and as soon as I stop it turns off please help!

ItsAmeRamiz O.o - 답글

My controller won’t turn on my xbox. Controller turns on but not xbox. But when on home button works to turn off xbox. Baffled. I texted everything

Ciry - 답글

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