Problem with keyboard I can only write with the digit zero


i can only write, if i press zero (0) on my Macbook Keyboard. But there are no problems with an external keyboard.

Here is a short video:

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Try booting in safe mode ( hold the shift key down until you see the spinning sundial) to see if it's related to a 3rd party application install.

If the problem goes away you'll have to think about when this first occurred, and what to install or what preferences to change.

If the problem persists you could try a 3rd party key remapper app or replace the keyboard.

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I boot the MacBook with a Linux distribution "Knoppix". There are the same problems with the keyboard. I can only write without problems, if i press zero.

I think, the keyboard won't work correctly. I think about to change the keyboard. But I don't know, what kind of keyboard i need?

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What do you think is the problem? The keyboard or the logic board?

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Try booting into the AHT (Apple Hardware Test) and see if it spots the source. You may have to connect a USB keyboard & mouse... if that acts the same I'd be thinking it's logic board.

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I bought a new TopCase from ebay and replaced it. Everything works now perfect. Thank you ifixit for this awesome guide!

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