HDD Errors (Interface CRC error)


My notebook HDD is down,So I replaced the HDD with a new Hitachi Travelstart 500G HDD, and got the same errors.

In the SMART Utility log file I noticed that my HHD had a high number of interface CRC Errors?

How can i fix it ?

Am I at risk to loose data?


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CRC and input errors refer to Layer 1 issues could be a faulty port or cable, check them first, else its the drive. If it's the drive talk to your vendor about a refund (I wouldn't take a replacement). BTW Hitachi drives are so undependable they have earned the nickname "Deathstar" - now you know why.

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i have changed a new one cable,but the error is still.

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Deathstar , your mean's Hitachi driver?


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Trade name was DeskStar… tech's changed it to DEATHstar (so many failures).

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