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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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What would be a good DIY alternative for the iOpener?

I repair iPads all the time, and something like that would be useful. However unfortunately the shipping to where I live and the wait time would just kill it.

Does anyone know what is inside of the bag? I suspect it is made out of cotton with some sort of rice-type material inside.

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Not so easy to make your own here. You'll need to do some experiments with what you have access to.

What you need is something that can be heated in a Microwave oven yet not burn up the oven. Then you need to find something that hold the heat for a while and does not make a mess or stain on your iPad.

Frankly, by the time you figure this out (if you can replicate it with what you have access to). It would be easier to just get one or two. Sorry ;-{

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I feel your pain here ;-{ - Just a thought, does your health care supply stores offer heated pads you heat in the micro? I think they are filled with some sort of sandy stuff in a cloth bag. Maybe you can use it or re-fashion it to work for you. Good Luck!

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I watched a 'howcast' on how to make your own heating pad (http://www.howcast.com/videos/212549-How...). Like some of the above comments, rice and cotton cloth were the primary ingredients. My problem with the iOpener is that you can only heat 1 side at a time. From an engineering standpoint, a device that would cover the perimeter of the device would be the most effective.

So I took these few basic principles and went to work.

Step 1: Steal wife's sewing machine

Step 2: Put on hat and dark sunglasses and go buy some cotton fabric (the plainer the better)

Step 3: I personally took precise measurements for this, but you could just make a 90" x 4" rectangle and fold it hotdog style

Step 4: Sew 2 of the 3 sides together

Step 5: Get your hands on some "deer corn" (but rice works too)

Step 6: Fill you sewed tube with the deer corn and sew shut

Step 7: you're done. go grab a beer and tell your wife to clean up your mess.

For those without a sewing machine:

Materials - pair of tube socks, deer corn

Step 1: fill tube sock with deer corn

Step 2: tie tube sock shut

Step 3: repeat steps 1 & 2

Step 4: you'll never get to step 4 unless you skip step 3

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Some 10 years later I needed an iOpener 9pm and your tip saved my evening!

Lentils are a good replacement for deer corn and use socks without holes!

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I've always used a heat gun on its lowest setting. I prefer being able to apply heat to a specific are when I want to without having to heat something in the microwave. I find it works particularly well for cracked iPad screens.

Just my preference, but it also may be easier for you to get your hands on a heat gun than to experiment with iOpener DIY alternatives.

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A heatgun is your best option as you don't need to wait for it to heat up like the iopener.

It can take upto 30 minutes taking apart a really cracked iPad screen and I wouldn't have the patience sticking it in the microwave all the time

I have used a heat gun and done over 100 screen replacements. Seems to work fine for me. Just limit it to low heat and don't hold it to close to the screen - like 3 inches away from surface works great. I keep moving it in a back and forth motion, in a 3-4 inch area across, for about 10 seconds. Then start guitar picking or whatever tool of preference you like to get the opening of the screen started. Once you get it started its a piece of cake to run off the rest of the screen as you would keep repeating the steps to the other areas.

wow, do people really use the iOpener instead of a heat gun?

I've heard of people putting an iPad upside down on something like a low heat griddle or bread warmer. If I had to guess what is in something like an iOpener it would be a grain---pearl barley or farro, something like that.

How dangerous would it be to use a Hot Air soldering station. I have a baku702b, but the lowest temperature setting it has is 150 centigrade

i used an xtronic hot air soldering station for several years, so what you have should work fine https://xtronicusa.com/component/ecwid/A...

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I used a hair dryer on my dads ipad and it was fine, just don't hold it in the same position for too long to be safe.

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A hairdryer might work

I use my wife's Vidal Sasoon hair dryer; 3 temperature setting & 3 blow setting; works ever time (great for shattered screens).

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The heat blanket video was very encouraging - I am going to try using a hot water bottle, I think it will apply plenty of heat to the device and will last the 15min required to soften the glue. Let's see how I go! :)

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my cent http://tipnut.com/make-your-own-microwav...

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I would go with rice in a sock myself. I think my ipad has a bad dock connector. I will order the new dock connector and spunger from ifixit. I will attempt to use the rice filled sock to heat glue and use guitar picks instead of those sold by ifixit. I have plenty of those oversize "kids" guitar picks that seem to be a little thicker then the ones typically used.

I had a bad dock from sweat getting on the pins (it was causing the phone to think the dock was always connected, so sound wouldn't output from the phone speakers. I disassembled the dock connector and cleaned it with electronics cleaner. The dock worked fine after that

can you not use a "Wheat-Warmer" ?

please look at this:


and those are better priced on Internet..

can this work???

This would work as long as it puts out enough heat to soften the seal.

put rice in a sock, then microwave for two minutes and thats it

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Hand warmers I've used them before. You can buy disposable ones from a pharmacy but they also do reusable gel ones too.


It's not an advert it's the first one I seen

But they will work. Just use a bit of cotton or other fabric to place the heat pad into before application to phone

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Haven't tried it yet but seems like it would be perfect.


Microwavable Gel pack used in medicine is basically what they are selling, here's a cheaper one but may take a bit longer to nuke to get up to temp https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AZ72MAE/?th...

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plug in heating pad for your back. Like you would find at any pharmacy store. High setting works perfect. Put the device screen facing up on a flat surface. Lay the heat pad on top of it and then weight it down a bit with a book or two. Gets the heat evenly distributed and perfect temperature without risk of overheating any spots

Or if you dont feel like buying one of those then this will work-

Wet a wash cloth or hand towel with water and loosely wring out just a medium amount so its still heavy but not too drippy

Fold till it fits inside 1 gallon bag zipped shut

Actually make sure to not fully zip the bags shut till after you microwave it for about a minute.

I like to put it inside a thin t-shirt or pillowcase.

That will retain the heat just as long as any of the other pads suggested . And it wont smell weird like some of the grain bags do.

plug-in heating pad is my fave tho and it never burns you or your delicate electronics

Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief, Standard Size UltraHeat, 3 Heat Settings with Moist Heat, Light Blue, 12-Inch x 15-Inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00075M1T6/ref...

Update (09/04/2018)

um a wet hand towel stuffed inside a ziplock bag and nuked for 2min ought to do it.
just dont zip it shut till after you nuke it or it will 'splode

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What heat gun do you all recommend? I need to replace the battery on my Note 20 Ultra - mine and my wife’s - and I need to take the back glass off to get it done. I have an electric heating pad so I can sure try that.

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I have a heat gun but I'm too afraid it will damage the screen or phone. I tried on a Samsung Note 20 ultra.. I could never get the adhesive to loosen and ended up breaking the screen. It felt plenty warm to me.

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