Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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Having problems re-installing OS

hello world!

PowerBook + G4 +17 in Albania.

Have one big problem on to operation system,

At first he was in version 10.3 ....

But in many applications, "update your system to install".

(Example - skype, chrome, and other)

---> 1 Step = Download torrent 10.4 .... (CD 4) PowerBook system,

---> 2 Step = Initially I tried to start from (1 USB - but did not give any result in BOOT)

---> 3 Then, Burn 4 CD,

1 (boot-first) + Error or another version should begin.

2 (BOOT not start to enter this CD2)

3 (BOOT not start to enter this CD3)

4 (BOOT not start to enter this CD4)

---> 4 Step = After several days, the 4 CD outlines a DVD.iso

and finally went on smoothly, work from DVD.iso

---> 5 Step = Reboot and press "C" button, select Boot From DVD....

In the above process was to 89% ... loading, but the DVD was not in the paper.

after about an hour of ( Turn off - Power button )

The situation now is that there is no system left

If someone has an idea about this problem, to comment below.

or contact

Thank You All

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Klodjan - You should create your own question instead of placing it here. Don't forget to supply as must information on your system as you can.

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Late Powerbooks only boot from OSX 10.4.6

And to boot from a USB stick you should press command+option+O+F at startup (before the chime).

Then check which is the boot drive with printenv boot-device

Then type setenv boot-device ud:0,\\:tbxi where '0' is the number of the USB drive (check it on Utility Disk - command+i)

Finaly check if it changed with printenv boot-device again

Then type mac-boot and it should boot from the USB.

But remember, only Tiger 10.4.6 will boot, none other (believe me, I tried...)

Also, consider replacing the HDD for a 7200rpm HDD or even a SSD - it will completely change your Powerbook!!

Good luck!!

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